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Chapter 265 - Forgive Me, Will You? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 265: Forgive Me, Will You? (1)

    The simple reply made Xiao Chun stare at her phone with a double-take. She rubbed her eyes to ensure she'd seen it correctly and wasn't imagining things. When she was certain, she couldn't restrain herself from jumping out of her chair and dancing around in joy.

    Now that she thought about it, she realized that she had never eaten a meal alone with Gu Yu before. Regardless of whether it had been in the past or later on, it had always been three persons.

    After calming her emotions, she called the Gu Garden Country Club to book a private room and sent the time and address to Gu Yu. No longer in the mood to continue working, she knocked off early and went home. She took a shower, washed her hair, applied her makeup, and wore her favorite dress before picking up her purse and driving her sports car to the entrance of the country club.

    Before she alighted from the car, she took out a pocket mirror from her purse and reapplied her lipstick. Only when she was sure that she looked perfect did she open the car door, alight, and enter the country club.

    Xiao Chun arrived 10 minutes in advance. She sat in the private room thinking about how she wanted to express her gratitude to Gu Yu, and conversation topics for later. She knew Gu Yu had a cold personality and wanted to prepare the topics in advance in order to avoid any awkward lulls in the conversation.

    Fortunately, being sociable was her forte, and she was confident the meal would be very enjoyable.

    At eight o'clock sharp, the door of the private room was pushed open, and a tall figure slowly entered Xiao Chun's sight. Her smile gradually widened, and she was about to greet Gu Yu when she noticed there was someone else behind him.

    It was Assistant Lin…

    It was clearly a private dinner. Yet, Gu Yu had brought Assistant Lin along. Was it still going to be three people, after all?

    Xiao Chun's smile froze on her face, but she quickly recovered her composure and got up. "Hello, Brother Yu. You're here," she called out. "Please have a seat."

    Gu Yu glanced at her and nodded casually. He pulled out a random chair from across her and sat down.

    Assistant Lin was a little surprised. When it was time to knock off, the Boss had asked him to accompany him for a dinner appointment. He had originally thought it would be a business meeting. He never expected to be meeting Miss Xiao.

    Wait a minute! Now that office hours were over, Miss Xiao wasn't likely to be there in her capacity as a manager.

    Mr. Gu and Miss Xiao had a relationship like siblings, and it would have been perfectly normal for them to have a meal together. Why had the Boss called him along? It made everything seem so formal! Could it be that to Mr. Gu, having dinner with his sister counted as work as well?

    Sigh, then again, when had he ever been able to read Mr. Gu's thoughts?

    "Hello, Miss Xiao," Assistant Lin greeted politely before pulling out the chair beside Gu Yu and taking his seat.

    Xiao Chun simply pretended that Assistant Lin wasn't present. She looked at Gu Yu, and said, "Brother Yu, what would you like to eat? This meal is on me as an apology to you. Please don't stand on ceremony."

    Gu Yu's tone was idle when he replied, "Whatever."

    "If that's the case, leave the ordering to me."

    Xiao Chun called a waiter over, and without even looking at the menu, fluently recited a few dishes from memory before topping it off with a bottle of red wine.

    Assistant Lin sat by the side listening, and shock appeared in his eyes.

    If he hadn't heard wrongly, all the dishes that Xiao Chun had just ordered were Gu Yu's favorite food! He had never witnessed Xiao Chun and Gu Yu being friendly with each other, and had never imagined that she would know him so well!

    When the food and the wine were served, Xiao Chun raised her wineglass at Gu Yu and said, "Brother Gu, I was drunk the other day and ran my mouth. I would like to apologize. Forgive me, will you?"

    Gu Yu held the wine glass between his fingers and swirled it, but he didn't raise it. Instead, he looked up and said, "I can forgive you, but…"