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Chapter 474 - The Ling Clan Princess – Yue Ling’er

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 474: The Ling Clan Princess – Yue Ling’er

    Yun Jiuge couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Ye Yu’s question. She asked, “Do you want them to die, or do you not want them to die?”

    “The Miao people in this valley still depend on them for a living. We should spare their lives!” Ye Yu shouted.

    He genuinely had no romantic feelings for Wu Lan and her sister, but he sympathized that it was not easy for the two women to support an entire Sect.

    “Rest assured, the sisters are fine. I’ve already asked them about Empress Mountain. The Nascent Soul Cultivator in the Divine Temple is only resentful because the Five Poison Sect stole something from her. As long as Wu Lan gives it back, everything will be fine,” Yun Jiuge said concisely.

    “It’s that simple?” Ye Yu asked, stunned.

    “Yes, it’s that simple,” Yun Jiuge replied. As for the matter between Yue Ling’er and her, she didn’t have to tell them.

    “What did the Five Poison Sect cheat them of?” Yin Shili who was meditating next to him couldn’t help but interject.

    “It was probably a teardrop!” Yun Jiuge replied.

    “What teardrop is so powerful?” Ye Yu asked, feeling incredulous.

    The Five Poison Sect was the most powerful sect in Shiwan Grand Mountains. How could it have caused trouble over such a little thing?

    “There are many treasures involving teardrops. I’ve heard that teardrops from mermaids can become pearls, teardrops from the Flames Clan can become flint. But the most precious of all are teardrops from the Ling Clan.

    Legend says that teardrops from the Ling Clan comprise of the purest Spiritual Power and that after enshrining it, cultivators have a greater chance of realizing the laws of the heavens and earth. It’s an extremely precious treasure. Are you referring to this?” Yin Shili said and looked at Yun Jiuge suspiciously.

    “Sect Leader is indeed well-informed. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about,” Yun Jiuge replied with a melancholic expression.

    She remembered that Ling’er once told her that if one day, she ever cried a blood tear, it would be because of her.

    Now that her physical body was gone and she couldn’t have brought along a Soul Magical Bottomless Bag, that had to be the treasure.

    However, it was impossible that she would have given this to the Religious Leader of Five Poison Sect. At most, she would have lent it to him for a short period of time.

    It was likely that Five Poison Sect got cursed because the Religious Leader had tried to steal this treasure.

    “This kind of treasure can really make one go crazy. I’m afraid that Wu Lan will not easily hand it over,” Yin Shili said. If he was in her position, he also wouldn’t bear to part with it.

    “If she doesn’t, then I’ll kill her!” Yun Jiuge said. She had only given Wu Lan a chance to consider on account of the time when Wu Lan gave A’dai to her.

    If Wu Lan still put on a pretense and refused to hand it over, then she would have no choice but to take action and steal it back. At the same time, she wouldn’t help remove the curse of Five Poison Sect either.

    “Oh, the hardest thing to do in the world is to choose!” Yin Shili said, slightly gloating.

    “Don’t worry about this. How are you recovering? If Wu Lan becomes desperate and tries takes you hostage, I won’t be able to protect you,” Yun Jiuge said. No matter what choice Wu Lan made tomorrow, Yun Jiuge would still have to go to Empress Mountain to find Yue Ling’er and the safety of Yin Shili and Ye Yu would be a problem.

    “Miss, don’t worry about me. I’ll just find a place to hide and make sure that no one can find it,” Ye Yu said. Although he was only in the Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage, he had followed Jun Yichen and the others for so long and had mastered many secret techniques. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to rescue Wu Lan and her sister from Five Poison Sect.

    “Don’t worry about me either,” Yin Shili transmitted to Yun Jiuge. “Only my Heart of the Heavens and the Earth is weak. My physical body is fine. At most, I’ll seal my Spiritual Heart, resume my identity as a Yin Corpse, and go with you.”

    “You just seal your Spiritual Heart then, and I’ll put you in the Cultivating Corpse Bag,” Yun Jiuge replied. She thought that this was a good idea.

    “Yes, but you’ve to send this kid away first,” Yin Shili said. His Living Corpse identity was his biggest secret, and could never be revealed.

    “Okay!” Yun Jiuge said. She called Ye Yu to her side and said, “We can’t stay here anymore. Go out to find a place to stay.”

    Ye Yu somehow felt that this excuse sounded familiar.

    “Go!” Yun Jiuge said. That’s right, she was using Luo Tian and Jun Yichen’s excuse and oblivious to how much trauma it would cause Ye Yu.

    “I’ll go now,” Ye Yu said. Even though he knew it was a ploy, he could only obey her.

    Taking Ye Yunzhi along, he quietly left the third floor and disappeared into the shadows.

    “Okay, they’re gone. Please get in quickly!” Yun Jiuge said to Yin Shili.

    Yin Shili closed his eyes, and his heart stopped beating. The color on his face faded completely, and he instantly became a corpse.

    Yun Jiuge put Yin Shili in the Cultivating Corpse Bag, and then sat cross-legged on the ground to meditate.

    “I’m going out for a while,” Zi Shang said as he suddenly got up.

    “Okay, don’t wander too far,” Yun Jiuge said without batting an eyelid. She already knew where Zi Shang would be going.

    His figure swayed slightly and disappeared.

    In a room in the middle of the valley, Wu Lan looked at the enshrined blood tear.

    After the Five Poison Sect became cursed, she risked her life to save this treasure.

    In just three months, she rose to Golden Core Cultivation Level from Advanced Foundation Establishment Cultivation Level.

    She believed that as long as she had this treasure, it would not be a problem for her to enter the Nascent Soul Cultivation Level.

    She felt terrible having to hand it over.

    But if she didn’t, that woman in the Divine Temple would never let her get away with it, much less Yun Jiuge.

    She knew that she had only managed to escape until now because of the Diversionary Spell her father had cast over Five Poison Sect.

    Wu Lan knew that she could not keep it, but she was still unwilling to give it up.

    A fierce light flashed in her eyes, and she finally walked out of the room. She instructed Wu Ya, “Send out my order asking all the religious followers to surround the Ice Stone Building.”

    “Elder sister, what are you going to do?” Wu Ya asked.

    “Yun Jiuge and that Golden Core Cultivator from the Yin Corpse Sect has a way to deal with the cursing power and devouring power. We must force her to give it to us,” Wu Lan replied. She instantly made up her mind. As long as she had a way to deal with the cursing power and devouring power, she could destroy the woman in the Divine Temple even without Yun Jiuge’s help.

    “Okay, I’ll do so immediately,” Wu Ya answered and nodded vigorously. She immediately summoned all the religious followers to surround the Ice Stone Building.

    Yun Jiuge stood on the third floor of the Ice Stone Building and watched indifferently as Wu Ya brainwashed her religious followers, “Followers, as long as you take down that woman, we can break the curse.”

    These followers were excited and did not know that Wu Ya had just sent them to their deaths.

    However, the most treacherous of all was Wu Lan, who was hiding at the back. She would come out to fight only if Wu Ya failed.

    “So, do you want to kill them all?” Zi Shang asked. He quietly appeared beside Yun Jiuge.

    He was in a bad mood now and wanted to kill all these low-life.