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Chapter 7

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 7: Xia Zijun

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    "Why would I be angry about that?" Gu Xiqiao stood up and started walking away.

    She had already taken her revenge for what Gu Xijin had done to her in her last life a long time ago, and even though the Gu Xijin of this world didn't like her in this life either, she hadn't done anything that bad to her yet.

    3Now, she was giving her a second chance.

    3It was the first time Gu Xijin didn't see envy nor admiration in Gu Xiqiao's gaze, and so she didn't know how to act.

    "Does Little Sis not like me?" She turned around and looked at the servant that came out of the kitchen.

    In her impression, Gu Xiqiao was just a self-conscious and weak girl that didn't even dare to raise her head, since when did she have the courage to lock eyes with her? Remembering Gu Xiqiao's bright gaze and delicate features, Gu Xijin felt a weight on her chest.

    As the once only daughter of the Gu family, Gu Xijin had a sense of superiority. Back then, she didn't even think of Gu Xiqiao as a threat—Because how could a pile of mud compete with the moon? Somehow, Gu Xiqiao gave her a threatening feeling today, and she saw some servants peek at Gu Xiqiao from the corner of her eye.

    Her degree of good looks was rare, even in N City.

    Gu Xijin felt like she ate a fly. Why did such a pretty face grow on this little vixen!

    1"Miss Xijin, don't get any closer with that star of disaster. Madam is waiting for you outside." One servant immediately came forward and helped Gu Xijin to the garden, but not before glaring at Gu Xiqiao who was starting to walk upstairs. How could this lowly illegitimate daughter be spoken in the same breath as their young missy?

    2Of course, this conversation didn't affect Gu Xiqiao in the slightest.

    She walked upstairs and locked her room to make sure no one would barge in suddenly.

    Her room was actually one of the guest rooms of the Gu family and didn't even have a proper set of furniture compared to Gu Xijin's princess room. Of course, Gu Xiqiao had never really desired these material things in the first place.

    After spacing out on the bed for a bit, she opened the box which contained a white mobile phone. After staring at it for a while, she realized it was a renowned brand, and the memory cards had already been installed. Other than a few game applications, a few finance applications were also installed thoughtfully, and Gu Xiqiao didn't know what to say.

    In the contacts page, there was a number with the name ‘Jiang Shuxuan'.

    She was quick at memorizing, and she could memorize something like a phone number in a few seconds, but today, she stared at the number for a long, long time.

    After she finished examining her phone, she went to her desk and started to flip open her textbook.

    The book she opened was a math textbook, and the trigonometric and conic diagrams on the pages were both familiar and unfamiliar to her. Math in high school wasn't easy in the first place, and even though Gu Xiqiao was quite smart, but most of her past life was used to oil painting and battling in commerce she didn't really spend her time studying.

    Of course, she had studied these before and was quite smart, and if there was enough time she could relearn the curriculum quickly.

    Once the system spirit analyzed these thoughts of Gu Xiqiao, and immediately started promoting its ‘products'. [Beauty Qiao, what you need right now is the virtual space! You can stretch one second into a day, are you sure you don't want to use it? Not to brag, but if you use it, you will be able to become a goddess in a flash!]

    "...Are you sure you're not bragging? Thank you for reminding me, but I don't need it at the moment." She had just exited the virtual space a few days ago, and she didn't want to go back to that boring life again just yet.

    No one knew how much it meant to her to be able to breathe fresh air and to be able to see bright and brilliant colors.

    Gu Xiqiao took out a pen and nibbled on the edge of the pen, writing out formulas and using them according to the mock questions she had. In an afternoon, she couldn't solve one particularly hard question, but her blurry memories became even clearer.

    The books and scrolls in the virtual space were mostly ancient and old, and so it didn't have any information on high-school math and science.

    High school math was too far away from her, and Gu Xiqiao massaged her temples tiredly from the toll.

    When dinner time came around, Gu Xijin came up and knocked on the door. "Little Sis, it's time to eat!"

    Her voice made a chill run up Gu Xiqiao's spine, and her instinctive chilly expression faded after a while.

    Gu Xijin had never called her to eat with the family before because she had no stance to sit down at the table that represented unity as a representation of the destruction of their family. She would only be called down sometimes if their grandfather came to visit.

    To her memory, her grandfather didn't come home today.

    When she got downstairs, Gu Xiqiao finally knew why Gu Xijin called her for dinner—Xia Zijun was right there, sitting next to Su Wan'er.

    The handsome young man was wearing a T-shirt and smiling gently. His features were elegant like the morning sunshine and attracted the attention of everyone in the room without even trying.

    2Gu Xijin had always been arrogant, and whatever she had, she would always find a roundabout way to show it off in front of everyone until their gazes became envious and jealous. In her past life, she used what Gu Xiqiao gave her to attract the attention and love of everyone around her.

    Of course, what didn't belong to her would never belong to her.

    Gu Xijin sat down next to Xia Zijun and looked over to Gu Xiqiao. "Little Sis, why are you standing there for? Come sit!"

    Hearing Gu Xijin's voice, Xia Zijun glanced over in her direction, seeing a thin silhouette in a floral dress.

    His hands that were holding a pair of chopsticks couldn't help but pause as he observed her. As the daughter of a porn star, Gu Xiqiao's looks could be considered perfect, and upon closer inspection, she was even more delicate and pretty than Gu Xijin. Even her temperament and aura were leagues greater than Gu Xijin as if she had gone through a lot of ups and downs that had polished her to a shine.

    2Xia Zijun knew that this girl had been brought back from the countryside by Grandpa Gu, and such a girl could be compared to Gu Xijin that had been raised with a golden spoon?

    This made Xia Zijun glance at her a few more times.

    Gu Xiqiao sat at the end of the dinner table, and with so many people having dinner, she was sitting by her lonesome without saying a word.

    [The system has detected that Xia Zijun's affection towards you is 20. Do you want to add him as a friend?] The system spirit's voice suddenly popped up in her mind.

    2Gu Xiqiao had never really liked Xia Zijun, so she refused, "No thanks."

    Gu Zuhui sat at the head of the table, and even if Su Wan'er had anything that she wasn't satisfied with, she couldn't get mad because visitors were here. She didn't even have any intention of letting this illegitimate daughter come down for dinner. Why would she? Did she want to gross herself out?

    She was unwilling to blame Gu Xijin, so she only patted her head and shot a withering glare at Gu Xiqiao.

    Gu Xiqiao only lowered her gaze slightly, trying to hide her disdain.

    She couldn't understand Su Wan'er's logic of pushing all the blame on other people, while Gu Zuhui was still cheating on her with those girls outside too!

    Gu Xijin only stuck out her tongue towards Su Wan'er mischievously, before turning around and whispering to one of the servants.

    That servant took the plate of ribs placed by Gu Xijin and walked over to Gu Xiqiao, practically throwing it onto the table in front of her with a resounding clang. The servants all didn't really like this illegitimate daughter—How dare she be so gloomy when Madam and Miss took her in, was she trying to make those outsiders say that she was being treated unfairly?

    3The servant had no idea why Miss Xijin was treating this illegitimate daughter with ulterior motives so well.