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Chapter 15

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 15: Discuss Life Choices

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    The news of Wu Hongwen going to the parallel class to see a girl had already spread through First City High like wildfire, and naturally, Gu Xijin had gotten wind of it too. During lunch break, she walked over to Wu Hongwen with her tray of food. "I heard you gave a girl in the parallel class a love letter this morning?"

    One of Wu Hongwen's friends saw the prettiest girl in class coming over and immediately opened up space for her to sit.

    "It was nothing." Wu Hongwen looked down and ate his food quietly, evidently not wanting to dwell on this topic before he suddenly raised his head. "That letter of Gu Xiqiao's, did she say anything when she asked you to hand it to me?"

    2Gu Xijin's smile froze on her face, not expecting this matter to be brought up suddenly. "It has already been two weeks, I don't remember."

    Seeing that she replied so ambiguously, Wu Hongwen glanced at her before finishing his food and leaving.

    Seeing him leave, Gu Xijin's hand that was hiding under the table gripped tightly, her nails digging into her palms.

    Why didn't anything work on this guy? She had already gotten everyone in the rocket class to fall in love with her, but none of her schemes worked on Wu Hongwen, how infuriating!

    4Gu Xiqiao ate lunch together with Xiao Yun. Xiao Yun had always been cold and aloof, not mingling much with the other students in their class while Gu Xiqiao was practically an invisible person, and practically everyone's jaws dropped in shock when they saw the unlikely duo eat and even go to the toilet together.

    There were two hours of lunch break, and classes resumed at two in the afternoon. Gu Xiqiao had just returned to her seat and taken out her papers before one of the boys told her that Old Ban (the class teacher) was looking for her.

    "Careful. Old Ban probably caught news of what happened this morning." Xiao Yun looked up from her revision books and reminded them.

    Gu Xiqiao nodded and pressed her papers down with her books. "I understand."

    Because it was still early, there weren't any teachers in the teacher's office.

    Old Ban put down the red pen in his hand and told her to close the door and sit on the chair opposite of him, before taking a leisurely sip of tea and asking, "You're the female protagonist of the news from this morning?"

    Gu Xiqiao blinked innocently. "Did anything happen this morning? I was too busy studying that I didn't notice it…"

    "Pff-!" Old Ban almost choked on his mouthful of tea and almost spit it out, the action making Gu Xiqiao look at him in concern.

    "Don't act coy, Student Gu. The class teacher of the rocket class even came to me earlier for this! I can't micromanage you young people, but there's only one month left until your exams. Don't think that thirty-one days is a long time, the days go by faster than you can blink! I won't control you, children, after you finish your exams." Old Ban rolled his eyes, making her know that he didn't believe in the bull she had spouted.

    Gu Xiqiao looked at him solemnly, the very image of a good student as she listened to him attentively. Upon seeing her attitude, Old Ban sighed softly, losing any intention of chewing her out any further.

    He sat up straight and looked back at her seriously. "Do you know inversely proportional functions?"

    "Of course." She smiled.

    The inversely proportional functions graph were two curves centered on the origin point, and no matter how infinitely close the curves got to the x-axis and y-axis, they would never intercept.

    Hearing the answer he wanted, he nodded and waved her away. "Fine, go back to class Student Gu."

    Seeing her leaving silhouette, Old Ban sighed softly as he had another sip of tea. He didn't have to care so much if it were anyone else, but Gu Xiqiao was different. She was smart and talented with a logical way of thinking, and other than English her grades were the cream of the crop that could even be compared with that robot from the rocket class!

    Even if her English grades were zero, with her talent in Mathematics, B University would gladly accept her even if she didn't meet their requirements. Why would such a girl be in the parallel class?

    Old Ban was quite confused, but he was never one to give up on any of his students. He knew who Wu Hongwen was—One of the higher-ups in the school board mentioned him on a meeting and told the teachers not to cross him. Hence, now that something like this happened, the disciplinary teacher would definitely choose to pick on Gu Xiqiao instead of him.

    He wouldn't let anyone bully his students!

    When Gu Xiqiao returned to her class, the gazes of everyone in class fell onto her. She didn't mind, however, and went back to her seat with a calm expression.

    "Did he give you any trouble?" Xiao Yun looked over and whispered.

    Xiao Yun had always been an aloof person, so Gu Xiqiao reassured her that everything was okay upon getting the rare treatment of being cared for by the coldest person in the class. Looking at her side profile, she knew that this girl was much less aloof and hard to mingle with as she seemed to be.

    Thinking of this, Gu Xiqiao started thinking about the former's Chinese grades. "System, there are so many people with bad grades in our school, why did you pick out Xiao Yun?"

    [Beauty Qiao, the system picks the missions issued to you seriously, according to the degree of desires of the subject of the mission. The mission objective Xiao Yun has a great desire to become better at Chinese, and has already reached four stars! This is why her mission was picked out of everyone."]

    "What were those items that you talked about?"

    [You've finally thought it through!]

    The system spirit was quite excited, and a virtual shop appeared in front of Gu Xiqiao with the words [Level Zero System Shop] written on the side. There were racks of items sold, attached with the names and uses of the items on them.

    [I have picked several items for you to choose: Focusing Pills, Memory Enhancing Pellets, Permanent Memory Enhancement, Nanotech Database, and other items, please pick one.]

    Gu Xiqiao scrolled through the prices…12 points, 9 points, 15 points, and nothing cheaper.


    "Let's discuss this later." She nodded to herself with a serious expression.

    [...] ‘Mistress is being cheap again!'

    2After school let out later in the afternoon, Gu Xiqiao saw Wu Hongwen waiting at the entrance of the classroom again. The boys in class made joking expressions and whistled at him before leaving.

    Meanwhile, Gu Xiqiao completely ignored him, walking around him and continuing her way out.

    Wu Hongwen blocked her easily with his long limbs.

    "Do you have any items that can make him run when he sees me?" Gu Xiqiao frowned. She had just saved him on a whim, but why did it feel like she had saved a nuisance?

    [Yes, but you would need to spend three points.] The system spirit rolled its eyes, already guessing Gu Xiqiao's reaction.

    Gu Xiqiao pursed her lips and acted as if she never asked the question in the first place, and looked at Wu Hongwen with an icy expression. Seeing her expression, Wu Hongwen didn't know how to react, neither how to explain, and so he started blushing in embarrassment.

    "Let me through."

    He scratched at the back of his head. "Hey, let me…"

    "I said, let. me. through."

    The one that saved Gu Xiqiao from this situation was Old Ban, who had come to the class as quickly as he could upon getting a report from a student, seeing Wu Hongwen at the entrance of his class.

    "Gu Xiqiao, you go home first." Old Ban pushed the glasses up on the bridge of his nose, before smiling at Wu Hongwen. "Ah, if it isn't Student Wu from the rocket class! Let's go have some tea and discuss your life choices…"

    5Wu Hongwen hadn't expected Old Ban to come. He had asked some of his friends to keep a lookout for him, who reported to the teacher? He only blinked in shock, before reacting and going along with Old Ban, looking back at Gu Xiqiao. "Don't worry, I won't let you get in any trouble!"

    And so, the both of them walked away.

    Gu Xiqiao's lips twitched slightly. Was she supposed to be thankful for that?

    When Gu Xiqiao made her way to the entrance, the Gu family car had been long gone.

    Gu Xiqiao wanted to buy a teleportation item from the system, but she stopped on the thought that she would have to spend points.