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Chapter 23

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 23: A Standard Genius

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    "Yes, little missy, let Mrs. Nurse here help! Don't get into any trouble…"Some people advised her, while some even tried to pull her away.

    Gu Xiqiao didn't bother debating with them, making the system create a space isolation to shut them out.

    2She was young, so it was understandable that they were dubious, but couldn't they hear her out? According to the old man's current condition, if the nurse performed CPR on him, he would probably die!

    Next to the old man, Gu Xiqiao started sticking silver needles fluidly into the Huan Tiao and Tai Chong acupuncture points on his lower limbs and the Shen Shu and Da Chang Shu acupuncture points on his hips. A commotion broke out in the crowd, and they stopped their actions to stop Gu Xiqiao upon seeing her calm and self-assured movements.

    If it weren't for the fact that it was an emergency and the old man couldn't wait until an ambulance came, she wouldn't have chosen to butt heads with the nurse anyway.

    His situation was quite severe and his body was quite weak, not even able to breathe properly, and if he had to wait for the ambulance or get the wrong treatment from the nurse, he would probably be beyond saving…

    The ambulance came in twenty minutes, and the young nurse came back to her senses, her expression turning foul after she saw the needles pricked into the old man. "I told you that I was a nurse, who do you think you are, Hua Tuo1? If anything happens to Master Xiao, I'll have you take responsibility!"

    2"Wang, what's wrong?" A stretcher came down from the ambulance, followed by a doctor in a white coat.

    The nurse sent a cold glare in Gu Xiqiao's direction, before complaining to the doctor. "Director, this person was performing acupuncture on Master Xiao on a whim!"

    "Alright, bring her back to the hospital with us so that we can explain to his family when they come." The doctor didn't have time to take care of other matters, sending the old man onto the ambulance after a short examination.

    Gu Xiqiao only smiled without explaining more, pulling out the needles on the old man's body and following them onto the ambulance. The old man was sent to the ER, while Gu Xiqiao waited outside patiently. She knew that the old man was probably safe already, but she still couldn't leave because of the nurse keeping an eye on her.

    She probably wanted her to take responsibility if anything bad happened to the old man.

    Gu Xiqiao wasn't frustrated either, sitting outside nonchalantly as she flipped through the painting album that she took out from her bag.

    Her expression was calm as if everything that was happening had anything to do with her, and seeing this the nurse scoffed at her. "Just you wait, Young Master Xiao is going to let you have your just desserts! Don't play hero, young lady, you don't know what you're messing with!"

    1The old man hadn't come out yet, and a young man in a suit rushed in with a solemn expression. He was moving as fast as he could and his lips were pressed into a thin line, and this suited elite attracted the gazes of everyone nearby.

    "Young Master Xiao!" That nurse that was called Wang immediately went over to him and started chattering, looking over in Gu Xiqiao's direction occasionally.

    [Ding! Mission complete! You have obtained 50 points!] A system notification rang out suddenly.

    As she obtained the points, Gu Xiqiao huffed in relief.

    The young man's brow furrowed upon hearing the nurse's explanation, but he didn't blame Gu Xiqiao and thanked her instead, which surprised her quite a lot.

    The light on the ER sign blinked out, and a doctor with white hair came out of the operation room. He pulled down his medical use mask and turned over to the suited young man. "Mr. Xiao, your grandfather is out of danger, and his current situation is quite good. Ah, it's thanks to this young lady's first aid, or else Master Xiao would be in danger."

    The nurse that had been jeering at Gu Xiqiao finally reacted, flushing brightly as the doctor explained the old man's condition. If the old man really had symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage instead of a heart attack, then she was the one in the wrong. Thinking of how she even complained and slandered this young girl, she couldn't help but burrow into a hole and not come out. Thankfully, everyone here was focused on Gu Xiqiao, and not her.

    4When Xiao Sheng heard about someone had performed first aid without permission, and upon seeing that it was just a young girl had done so, his heart had gone cold. Once he heard what the doctor said, he turned over and bowed repeatedly to Gu Xiqiao, thanking her profusely as he did.

    Even though the person he was thanking was a girl who wasn't even out of school yet, his attitude was still earnest and polite.

    He must have been taught good manners growing up. "As long as he's safe. Ah, but don't let the elderly go out by themselves, it's not safe."

    After saying this, she turned around and left in the direction of the lift, and seeing her actions, she didn't have any thought of leaving behind a name or asking for any repayment.

    Xiao Sheng hadn't reacted fully, while the bespectacled assistant next to him quickly followed behind Gu Xiqiao, taking out a name card with golden font printed on it in her direction. "Miss, please wait! You haven't left behind a way for us to contact you yet, please take our boss' name card!"

    Gu Xiqiao didn't even look back, and only waved her hand in the air dismissively, not planning to accept the name card.

    Suddenly, the door to the lift opened and a young girl came out of it in a rush, the two girls almost bumping into each other. That girl looked up and was about to apologize before her words were stuck in her throat upon seeing who the other girl was.

    Gu Xiqiao was a little surprised too. "Xiao Yun?"

    Xiao Yun panted softly, her expression anxious as she looked at Gu Xiqiao. "Yeah, I'm here to see someone."

    Seeing that she wasn't in the mood to chat, Gu Xiqiao didn't ask anymore, smiling softly and walking into the lift.

    "You know her?" Xiao Sheng walked over.

    Xiao Yun stood there for a while to regain her breath before looking towards Xiao Sheng. "That's my classmate. How is Grandfather? Where is he?"

    1Xiao Sheng patted her back calmly. "It's fine, I already checked on him, and Gramps is doing quite well. Oh, thank goodness you know that girl from earlier, what's her name…? Don't look at me like that, she's the one that saved him."

    Xiao Sheng glanced at her to see her reaction, before continuing, "So we need to thank that classmate of yours. If she has nothing scheduled next week, invite her to our house okay?"

    From his expression, Xiao Yun didn't think that he was joking, and he looked over at the direction of the lift in awe.

    After all of this went down, it was already quite late, so Gu Xiqiao took a cab to get back to the mansion.

    On the road, she was focused on reading finance pages, and there were a few stocks had caught her eye. That being said, trading wasn't open during the weekends, so she had to wait until Monday to get started. She didn't have a lot of money on hand, so all the stocks she chose were small scale industries with decent development potential, out of the thousands of stocks available on the market.

    Back in the day, she had bought a lot of books on finance to make money and had later researched more about it in the virtual space.

    Gu Xiqiao was a standard genius that could develop the second rate Gu family into an international business, and she had a keen eye for stocks and trades. With only a few glances at the market price ratio, she could foresee the future development of the stock.