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Chapter 24

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 24: Memory Enhancement

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    Back at the mansion, Mrs. Zhang started chattering as soon as she finished preparing dinner. "Miss. Gu, the medicine list you gave me is really useful! The pain in my legs has become better in the past few days, and I can even go buy things at the market without feeling any aches or pain!"

    Mrs. Zhang felt that it was truly amazing how well it worked. She couldn't fix this problem of hers after getting treatment from all those large scale hospitals, and Gu Xiqiao fixed it with a simple medicine list?

    Gu Xiqiao put down her bowl onto the table. "It's good that it's working. Also, you can just call me my name."

    She wasn't any noble lady in the first place.

    The young girl was smiling softly, her expression shrouded with a halo of light under the ceiling lights and her clear gaze sparkling like s starry galaxy. Mrs. Zhang couldn't refuse such a good girl and nodded in agreement. "Alright then, how does your family address you? I'll call you in the same way!"

    Gu Xiqiao's grip on her chopsticks tightened slightly. "Qiao Qiao, just call me Qiao Qiao."

    4Mrs. Zhang walked around happily and muttered the name to herself before she clapped her hands together. "Ah, silly me! I was so happy that I forgot the soup that I made for you, Qiao Qiao, I'll go get it!"

    Seeing her so happy at a simple name, it lifted Gu Xiqiao's originally low spirits. She was a little put off by the soup that smelled like Chinese medicine, but she drank two bowls under Mrs. Zhang's earnest gaze.

    After her meal, Gu Xiqiao went upstairs to her room, standing there slightly stunned at what she saw when she opened the door. A corner of the room was converted into a simple art studio that was separated by a few pieces of frosted glass and was complete with canvases, easels and everything she would possibly need. Two potted plants were even placed at a corner of the room to lighten things up.

    "This is one of the things that Master Jiang had ordered me to do before he left. It's not decorated as well as I would have liked because there wasn't a lot of time…" Mrs. Zhang's voice called out behind her.

    "Thank you, I really like it!"

    Gu Xiqiao walked into the room, and because the room itself was quite large, the new addition to the room didn't affect it or make it seem narrower nor stifling. Instead, it gave the room a distinct artistic air.

    [Beauty Qiao, it's time to start learning~]

    Seeing that its mistress had been spacing out for almost an hour, the system spirit reminded her.

    Gu Xiqiao didn't reply, going into the virtual space quietly and stood there in front of the wooden table with calligraphy materials on top of it for a long time, before reaching for the brush and writing a single "静" (Silence).

    1[Ding! Your calligraphy has leveled up to Intermediate level! 50 points have been rewarded, may you continue working hard!] A system notification rung out at this moment.

    "Intermediate? What does that mean?" Gu Xiqiao stopped writing, curious about this notification that popped out suddenly. Looking down at what she wrote, it was true that her words seemed to look prettier, with generally better structure and technique behind it.

    [Oh I almost forgot, wait for me, Beauty Qiao!]

    Another screen appeared in front of Gu Xiqiao with her information in detail, as well as the explanations for the different levels of daily skills. The levels were separated as such: Starter Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level, Elite Level, Master Level, Grandmaster Level and finally God Level.

    [On this planet, most people have skills in the range of Starter Level, while a small amount is in the range of Intermediate Level, and a fraction has skills in Advanced Level. Of course, there are people with skills above that level, but I can't detect them because the current system level is still low. That boy you met at the art room last time was Starter Level in painting, so you're better than him!]

    1All of her missions that had to do with skill level had requested her to reach Master Level, so it seemed quite challenging.

    Meanwhile, as for ancient martial arts, it was leveled from Beginner, Chi Induction, Bone Refinement, Tendon Forging, Fleet Foot, Tongmai, Xiantian, Houtian, and finally Enlightenment.

    [I think that Jiang Shuxuan is probably above Fleet Foot, but that's only a simple guess because the system isn't high leveled enough. The system deducts that there aren't many people that are past the Bone Refinement level, but you still haven't even reached Beginner Level! Good luck, Beauty Qiao~]

    The weekend went by in a flash, and Gu Xiqiao had been in the virtual space for a long time already. After spending all that time brushing up on her oil painting, she had already picked her technique back up.

    Classes resumed back on Monday as usual, and Gu Xiqiao was making her way to her class as she normally did, but with a tag on that followed behind her.

    This tag on was no one other than Wu Hongwen who had been pestering Gu Xiqiao lately.

    When she arrived at school with a bus, she saw this young man standing at the school gates, the latter coming to her as soon as she saw her he started trailing behind her like a lost puppy. He seemed to have changed his demeanor from a warm-hearted boy with an artistic aura to a completely shameless boy.

    Gu Xiqiao didn't want to beat him up when there were so many people here, but thankfully she saw the girl that sat behind her in class and pulled her over to chat.

    Of course, it was more of this girl talking bashfully with Wu Hongwen.

    Wu Hongwen just let Gu Xiqiao do as she wished, trailing after her until she arrived at her class before walking away slowly.

    These actions thoroughly shocked everyone that had laid witness to it.

    The people that were given the title of the most handsome in First City High were not only handsome but also had good grades and were normally quite high in the social hierarchy of the school. It was completely inconceivable that such a usually unreachable person was acting like a lackey to Gu Xiqiao. He continued this for a whole week, gifting her different types of chocolates and milk every day without ever repeating, and the people that looked upon this were already numb.

    What was more puzzling was the fact that none of the teachers seemed to have any intention of interfering with this.

    Because of this, Gu Xiqiao became the topic of gossip of everyone in school, and her presence in the school had even overshadowed Gu Xijin's at one point.

    Arriving at her seat, she found that Xiao Yun was already sitting there in wait. Not only that, but the other girl had also been staring at her like a hawk from the second she stepped into the classroom, so much so that Gu Xiqiao had goosebumps. Even though Xiao Yun was quite pretty, it was still quite strange to be stared at like that.

    "My brother said you were the one that saved my grandfather." Xiao Yun looked back down to the papers on her desk and said softly.

    Gu Xiqiao thought about it for a while before remembering that such a thing had indeed happened and smiled softly. "It's alright, it's everyone's responsibility to care for the elderly after all."

    She took out her maths papers and waved them in the air.

    Xiao Yun immediately snatched the papers over and looked at Gu Xiqiao seriously. "The doctors said that if it weren't for you, grandfather would have…In conclusion, our family is indebted to you, and my brother even said that I don't have to come home if I didn't succeed inviting you to come back with me."

    3Xiao Yun herself didn't understand why this girl that was the same age as she was had the ability to save her grandfather in a way that even had those renowned professors and doctors buzzing over her, but she knew that she was thankful.

    Her serious tone made Gu Xiqiao think back to her past life, and according to her memory, Xiao Yun had failed to do well on her national finals because something happened to her family, causing her to give up her studies and get involved in the entertainment industry. She was probably impacted greatly because her grandfather died in her past life...

    "It's not hard to thank me, Xiao Yun." Gu Xiqiao took out a pen and a notebook and handed it to Xiao Yun under the latter's surprised gaze. "Here, memorize all the poems and verses in this notebook."

    This note was compiled by Gu Xiqiao in the virtual space and contained the poems and verses that might come out in the exams.

    She didn't have to accomplish all the missions issued by the system, and she could have chosen to refuse this difficult task, but now she wanted to help this girl out.

    "System, give her something to improve her memory."

    [Huh, when did you become so generous?] The system spirit used five points to exchange a Memory Enhancing Pellet from the system shop. [The Memory Enhancing Pellet is an ancient medicine that can only be bought freely from the system shop when it's Level 3, but I'm giving you special privilege! This pellet can enhance the mission objective's memory within the upcoming month, so how she does on the exams is still dependent on her!]

    The national finals were coming up in exactly a month, so it was just the right time to do so.

    Meanwhile, Xiao Yun looked at this deskmate of hers that acted as if she was listening to the teacher but had been fiddling with her phone for the entire class. Even though she did, she could answer perfectly whenever the teacher asked a question out of the blue.

    Was she a monster?