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Chapter 33

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 33: Delusion

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    The subject of the painting was Gu Xiqiao's adoptive mother that Gu Xijin had never even met before, and the Gu family would have learned the truth even if they acted on the slightest bit of belief in Gu Xiqiao and investigated properly. From this event, it was clear to see how Gu Xiqiao was treated by them.

    5As Mrs. Zhang continued to talk, she started to choke up in sadness. That girl was pretty yet frail, and mature and understanding beyond her years that it made her heart hurt. After taking care of her for the past few days, Mrs. Zhang knew that this frail-looking girl was stronger and more stubborn than anyone else.

    Such a stubborn child agreed to apologize for this farce when she knew she was innocent?

    How disappointed and in despair would she have been to accept this absurdity? How biased was her father to let a single child face the reprimands of the society by herself?

    Jiang Shuxuan had been holding a cup of tea in his hand that was still unfinished when Mrs. Zhang called, and as he listened to her, his expression became cold. With a crack, thin cracks spread through the cup in his hand, and the young man that followed him was almost frozen by his aura as he came in to send Jiang Shuxuan a stack of documents. He set down the documents on the desk, his hands trembling uncontrollably. What was wrong? Who wanted to die so much that they pissed Jiang Shuxuan off?

    "Young Master Jiang, these documents…" He bowed towards Jiang Shuxuan, breaking out in a cold sweat in fear. This young master that he had served growing up only got angry very rarely, and when that happened not even Master would be able to be deal with him. Who was the one that provoked him?

    Jiang Shuxuan placed the cracked teacup on the table. "Leave this here and go get me the earliest ticket to N City."

    After he said so, he took his jacket and walked out as he dialed a number, which was accepted after a single ring.

    "Looking for me, Brother Jiang?" Her tone wasn't any different from usual and was even somewhat light.

    Jiang Shuxuan didn't mention the matter that was going on and talked in a slightly slow and gentle tone. "Mrs. Zhang told me that you aren't coming back?"

    "Yeah, I haven't gone back to Gu Manor in a while after all, so my dog misses me! It's hugging my leg and not letting go." Gu Xiqiao picked up a change of clothes to take a shower, while Gu Xijin's dog latched onto her leg and refused to let go, letting her drag it around.

    "That's good, sleep early tonight okay? Don't paint until it's too late."

    Gu Xiqiao squeezed out toothpaste with a single hand. "The painting is going to be done by the time you get back, I'll show you then okay?"

    "Alright, until we meet again." Jiang Shuxuan hung up and looked out the car window, the neon lights casting reflections in his eyes.

    She didn't even bring it up.

    She should be at the age where she should be able to rely on her elders, but she didn't want to say anything to not cause trouble to anyone when she had all the right in the world to do so.

    The next morning, a servant sent up a new dress for Gu Xiqiao early in the morning.

    This was arranged by Su Wan'er because she couldn't let Gu Xiqiao wear too shabby clothes on this day where all the eyes of the media were focused on her. She had to keep up the image that she was a great mother, and it wasn't a good thing to let this illegitimate daughter wear rags.

    This dress was custom made, elegant and extravagant with a few diamonds encrusted on it. That bring said, its design was too mature and wasn't fitting for someone of her age, so Gu Xiqiao only looked at it before throwing it onto the floor, not planning to change into it.

    In the end, she decided to go downstairs wearing a pale blue dress.

    Su Wan'er furrowed her brows slightly as she looked at the dress that Gu Xiqiao wore, but didn't say anything. The design of this design could be considered top-notch, so it wouldn't bring shame to her, but…

    Even if the girl didn't have any makeup on, her elegant and delicate features were still clear to see, while her long black hair was tied up in a simple ponytail. At the moment, she was lowering her head, and the ponytail rested on her shoulder, and upon seeing this scene one could feel as if she was in her own peaceful and isolated world.

    Gu Xiqiao was too pretty and had a pure and outstanding aura that made it hard to believe that she was brought up in a rural background. Su Wan'er felt annoyed as she looked at her, so she looked away quickly, sighing a breath of relief at the thought of not having to deal with her anymore in the future.

    Gu Xijin only glanced at her passingly before looking down at her phone, reading a message from Xia Zijun.

    -Jin, your younger sister doesn't seem like a person that would do something like this. She's still in high school, and this sort of press conference would impact her negatively, please convince Uncle otherwise?

    -Brother Zijun, the painting was found at her desk. I didn't want to cause a ruckus, and if it were any other painting I would have let her have it, she's my little sis after all, but this is a painting that I planned to use to join the art exhibition. The principal of the art academy even said that I could get an international award with this painting, so I can't give it to her no matter what! This is a matter of honesty, and I can't spoil her too much you see? I've said everything that I could, but she never listened to me, so I can't even teach her that this is the wrong thing to do!

    5Gu Xijin waited for a long time, but there was no reply from Xia Zijun. She glared at her phone, her jealousy almost visibly manifesting itself around her.

    She had felt guilty for stealing Gu Xiqiao's painting in the beginning and didn't even dare to come face to face with her at first, but after a whole night of her telling herself that it did belong to her, she successfully convinced herself that the painting was hers in the first place!

    2Gu Xiqiao wanted to steal her painting? How delusional!

    10She switched open the television and turned over to the channel where Gu Xiqiao's apology would be broadcast live.

    Then, she laid back on the couch somewhat lazily, not having any seconds thought of the outcome of the press conference. Gu Xiqiao was just a small fish in an ocean that was out of her depth! She depended on the Gu family to live, and the only people that she knew were the trash from the Parallel Class, so how could she struggle?

    Meanwhile, Gu Xiqiao was sitting on the car that was driving towards the venue of the press conference, and Gu Zuhui ordered from his seat in front of her, "After this, I'll let my assistant join you in getting interviewed, so you just have to follow what he says. Just apologize earnestly, and leave the rest to him."

    Gu Xiqiao only closed her eyes without replying to him. "System, is everything ready?"

    [Yes, Beauty Qiao! All of the evidence is in my databank, and all you need to do is say the word, and it'll all be released onto the internet!] The system spirit sat in the void with a panel in front of it that was packed densely with code.

    "Very good." Gu Xiqiao opened her eyes and looked out the window, her eyelids hooded to hide the coldness in her eyes.

    Gu Zuhui became even angrier as he saw this reaction of hers, and cursed her adoptive mother for failing to raise this girl properly, but didn't say anything.

    3The car entered the venue through the VIP passage, completely avoiding the one that was blocked by news reporters.

    The press conference started officially at nine o'clock, and it was only half-past eight at the time, so she went to the toilet, while the assistant waited outside for her in fear that she would flee. As Gu Xiqiao wiped her hands with a tissue, she looked at her pale reflection in the mirror and smirked mockingly. Not only was she not going to flee, but she was going to let Gu Xijin get what she deserved!

    2Suddenly, the phone in her bag rang, and she took it out, before getting stunned by the caller.

    Jiang Shuxuan?