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Chapter 38

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 38: Terrorist

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    Gu Xiqiao naturally knew who Yin Shaoyuan was, but didn't give him much attention as she quickly scanned the situation. The man was holding the girl with one arm and seemed to have fended off the bodyguards that tried to stop him with his free arm.

    With a single glance, she knew that their ribs were broken from his attacks.

    This person wasn't the average Joe, being able to deal so much damage with a single arm.

    "Why are you here?" Yin Shaoyuan quickly made it over to her direction with a serious expression. "We don't know what this guy wants, and he probably has something up his sleeve… Hey, you're from the Xiao family, right? Take her away with you, don't get involved in this."

    He saw Xiao Yun after he noticed Gu Xiqiao, and he remembered who she was because he was acquaintances with Xiao Sheng.

    This man was a great threat, and even they didn't know where he came from or what his objectives were. He didn't want Gu Xiqiao to aggravate him even further and wanted Xiao Yun to retreat with her in case she wanted to stick around out of curiosity. In his eyes, Xiao Yun that grew up in upper society would be more mature about it than the average girl.

    As a member of the Xiao family, Xiao Yun naturally knew who Yin Shaoyuan was.

    The Xiao family could be counted as a noble family in N City, but it couldn't be compared to the Yin family. The master of the Yin family had once been the commanding officer of the N City Military District that had been part of the war of independence. As a result, many of his descendants were affiliated with the military, and the children of the Yin family could be said to be the ones that had the highest social position of all.

    That being said, the Yin family was still quite mysterious and it was hard to even meet up with them. The last time Xiao Yun met this person, it was on a banquet three years ago that was held in celebration for Yin Shaoyuan getting into B University. She only saw Yin Shaoyuan that was surrounded by many youngsters from afar as she followed behind her brother, and he remembered her?

    More surprising was the fact that Gu Xiqiao knew Yin Shaoyuan, and the two were evidently more than just acquaintances. How did they get to know each other?

    Looking at Yin Shaoyuan who couldn't do a thing about Gu Xiqiao, she rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

    Yin Shaoyuan tugged at his necktie in irritation as he contemplated on how to deal with this situation. He knew that he wasn't a match for the man, and had already called the police to deal with it, but perhaps he could only get the help of the Special Forces—This man didn't seem like a regular person.

    "Gu Xiqiao, don't get us into more trouble!" Upon seeing the two girls ignore him completely, Yin Shaoyuan's patience burned out. With a single gesture to the guards, they immediately held up their guns and pointed it at the instigator.

    These were special guns that Yin Shaoyuan had given to only five of the most elite guards, and even Yin Shaoyuan himself hadn't expected the weapons to be used someday.

    Upon seeing the guards take out their guns, a polite-looking young man that had been trying to negotiate immediately shouted out: "Young Master Yin! My daughter is still being held hostage!"

    "Your daughter?" Yin Shaoyuan glanced at him, his eyes filled with fury as his tone became ice cold. "Do you see that? That man has a remote control, and if I don't apprehend him immediately, the entire building will be blown to rubble, and countless lives will be lost!"

    "So you're going to sacrifice her?" The young man felt despair at Yin Shaoyuan's words, looking back at the young girl that was being held hostage with tears welling up in his eyes.

    His hands curled tightly into fists as he tried to calm himself down but to no avail. No matter how well he had spoken at the negotiating table in the past, he couldn't think of any way to stop the terrorist in front of him that didn't even have the patience to listen to him.

    At this moment, Yin Shaoyuan didn't have much of a choice either. The choice between countless lives and a single one wasn't hard, but he suddenly felt a pang of guilt as he looked into the young girl's clear gaze.

    She was only an innocent child.

    Another pair of clear eyes appeared in his mind, and Yin Shaoyuan turned back around to fix Gu Xiqiao with a solemn expression. "Leave now, or I can't guarantee that you won't get hurt!"

    He had tested out these weapons before, and all he could do was to have the people that weren't involved step back to reduce the casualties. This was the last time he would warn her, and it wasn't his fault if she got hurt.

    Upon hearing this, Xiao Yun's expression changed to one of fright. She had great vision, and had already seen the remote control in the hands of the terrorist, tugging at Gu Xiqiao's shoulder and urging her to leave, "Er Qiao, let's go!"

    "No, it's alright." Gu Xiqiao smiled softly.

    Xiao Yun could only feel her arm go numb, her fingers letting go of Gu Xiqiao uncontrollably.

    "What? You!" Yin Shaoyuan hadn't been able to say anything before Gu Xiqiao disappeared in a flash, reappearing next to the terrorist like a spirit. The terrorist himself was stunned at the young girl that appeared next to him, unable to react in such a short time.

    Gu Xiqiao only held down the terrorist's wrist lightly, and the latter felt as if there was a thousand-pound weight on his arm, and struggled to get out of Gu Xiqiao's grip.

    Upon seeing this, Yin Shaoyuan waved at the guards to put down their weapons.

    "System, recover his sanity please." Upon closer scrutiny, Gu Xiqiao knew that this man had lost control over himself, and even he didn't know what he was doing.

    [Ding! Two points have been deducted, the objective has regained clarity.]

    Upon hearing the system's voice, she tried to talk with the terrorist with a calm tone, "I know you must have been through a lot, but this girl is innocent. She was brought here to the mall by her father from the hospital today…Do you know why she was in the hospital in the first place?"

    The terrorist seemed to have regained some semblance of sanity, and upon seeing Gu Xiqiao's calm and clear gaze, he replied softly. "Why?"

    "Because she has leukemia." Gu Xiqiao reached out and pat the young girl's head gently, her voice light. "She only has her father, and this might, unfortunately, be the last moments of her life, so…Please, will you let her go?"

    The terrorist stood there for a while before his grip on the young girl loosened, and he staggered onto the floor.

    No one had reacted in time, and only the young girl's father quickly ran over and carried the girl to safety.

    "How did you go over there?" Yin Shaoyuan finally came back to his senses and fixed Gu Xiqiao with an astonished gaze, asking the question that everyone had on their minds. "I didn't even see it properly."

    ‘I just did." Gu Xiqiao replied nonchalantly as if she didn't do anything all that impressive.

    She didn't say anything, and Yin Shaoyuan had started to fill in the gaps himself. He knew that there was a secret society that was hidden from regular humans, and he had suspected that this terrorist wasn't a regular human either.

    He wasn't all that talented himself, so he was only a Beginner which was completely average, but Gu Xiqiao seemed much younger than him. There wouldn't be many people that would be able to do this, and she could probably be compared to those geniuses from the capital!

    To Yin Shaoyuan, it was already a great feat that Gu Xiqiao became as strong as she did at the young age of eighteen, and was already talented enough to be called a genius. He himself had only gotten to the level that he was at after twenty years of practice under a tutor!

    Unbeknownst to him, she got to this level in a few months, and not eighteen years!