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Chapter 43

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 43: Old Friend

    The first person that Mu Zong thought of in rebuilding the company was an old friend of his that was also the head engineer of his company in the past.

    He was one of the few people that didn't run away with the secrets of the company, instead lending him a large sum of money to help with Mu Jiatong's medical bills.

    At a barbecue stand at the side of the road, Mu Zong drank a can of beer before biting a skewer. "Wang, have you found a new company to work for yet?"

    Wang Bo was a few years younger than Mu Zong and was a graduate of a renowned institution with great ability, and even if he didn't work for any company, he would be able to earn more than enough for himself with a few freelance jobs.

    Even though he was talented, he was lax and somewhat lazy at heart so he didn't even apply for any jobs at any company after he left Mu Zong's company.

    "Same old same old, I got paid for a freelance job just yesterday, so I'll be able to laze around for another half a month. What about you? If you don't have enough money, I have some to spare." Wang Bo suddenly remembered this matter and took out a bank card from his pocket, placing it on the table and pushing it over to Mu Zong. "I wanted to give this to you tomorrow when I would go to see Tong Tong, but here you are. The password is six ‘8's as always."

    Mu Zong stared at the bank card dumbly for a moment, before smiling and pushing it back to Wang Bo. "Bro, let me show you something."

    After he said so, he put down his skewers and took out some documents from his leather briefcase.

    Wang Bo took over the documents halfheartedly and flipped them open, squinting to read the words under the dim lighting. As he read the documents, the nonchalance on his face disappeared completely and was replaced with shock. "Where did you get this from?"

    He looked at Mu Zong with a fervent gaze, and even his fingers were trembling slightly in excitement.

    The contents of this document would be enough to change the world!

    "My new boss gave this to me!" Mu Zong smiled brightly, evidently very pleased as he stretched out eight fingers towards Wang Bo. "She even gave me an eight-digit fund!"

    Even back when their company was at its peak, their liquidated funds were only eight digits.

    "Hey hey hey, stop eating and show me the software mentioned in here!" Wang Bo immediately stood up and went over to tug at Mu Zong, wanting to leave and see the research outcomes immediately. The software that was described to be able to help with management and even analyze future risks, in particular, intrigued him greatly.

    Mu Zong waved at him calmly. "No rush, we have to get the new company registered first and get all the proper procedures done. Even though we're using our original building, it's a whole new company after all."

    Wang Bo nodded thoughtfully and sat back down, reaching for a bottle of beer as he tried to calm himself down. "How much confidence do you have of beating that nemesis of yours?"

    "Him?" Mu Zong scoffed. ‘If I can't even beat him with such great resources, then I might as well have lived in vain!"

    "Those people that betrayed you are probably rolling in regret right now." Wang Bo smiled lightheartedly. "Those people are still trying to recruit me into their ranks without giving up, but I've refused them all."

    "Thank you!" Mu Zong raised his cup towards Wang Bo.

    In the next few days, Wang Bo and Mu Zong were busy with the procedures of creating a new company, as well as recruiting talented individuals to join them, and Mu Zong was so busy that he only had the chance to visit his daughter at night. Ever since Gu Xiqiao visited Mu Jiatong at the hospital within these few days, the child had become healthier, and this motivated Mu Zong to work even harder for a better future.

    As the national finals came closer and closer, the third-year students collectively entered a period of tension, while Gu Xiqiao was as relaxed as always, and continued to practice calligraphy and ancient martial arts daily. Recently, she had improved some more in her ancient martial arts, and it seemed to have made her body lighter as if a weight was lifted from her shoulders.

    After Gu Xiqiao finished her morning exercise routine, Mrs. Zhang gave her a bowl of medicinal soup as always, and at this point, she had already gotten used to the taste of the strange soup.

    Jiang Shuxuan waited for her to join him at the table before he started eating, and in the middle of their meal, Yin Shaoyuan came in through the front door, whining as he did, "Mrs. Zhang, give me a bowl too, I'm hungry!"

    Mrs. Zhang looked out from the kitchen and nodded. "Alright!"

    Yin Shaoyuan walked to the table lazily and raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw Gu Xiqiao, pointing at her as If he couldn't believe what he was seeing. "F*ck, why is she here?!"

    Gu Xiqiao ignored him completely and finished her bowl of porridge quickly before getting up from her seat.

    Seeing that she was done with her breakfast, Jiang Shuxuan stood up too. "Go take your bag, I'll be waiting for you outside."

    Yin Shaoyuan was left at the table with a bewildered expression as Mrs. Zhang walked out with a set of tableware. "Bro Jiang is going to send her to school?"

    "Yes, yes." Mrs. Zhang replied, before taking a bottle of milk and running out the door. "Qiao Qiao, you haven't had your milk yet!"

    Yin Shaoyuan that had completely been ignored sat there in a daze, not sure what had happened. The high and mighty young master Jiang was playing chauffeur for this girl… And did she just ignore him completely? What was happening?

    Yin Shaoyuan rubbed his face before starting to eat out of the bowl slowly. If he told that to any of the people from Jing Capital, eight out of ten wouldn't believe him, while the remaining two would slap him in the face.

    Gu Xiqiao was conversing with Jiang Shuxuan in the car, mostly with her talking one one-sidedly to him as he listened on. Suddenly, her mobile phone rang, and after glancing at it she declined the call immediately. A few seconds later, the phone rang again, and Gu Xiqiao declined it again patiently.

    The traffic light turned red, and Jiang Shuxuan stopped the car. "Phone."

    Gu Xiqiao handed it to him, and he quickly blacklisted the number with a few taps before handing it back to her.

    "…" This number was the Gu family's phone number, and she had no idea how they found this number of hers. The matter of Gu Xijin had been a few days ago, but the Gu family hadn't done anything yet while Gu Xijin hadn't gone to school.

    Gu Xiqiao was quite confused at how they only decided to look for her all of a sudden.

    "Brother Jiang, I'll be with my classmates tonight, so you don't need to come to fetch me." She got down at the crossroads, then waved at Jiang Shuxuan.

    Jiang Shuxuan's pitch black orbs looked out the window, his gaze resting on Xiao Yun who was standing at the school gates before he nodded slightly, reminding her to stay safe before he drove away.

    The Gu family didn't give up even though they were blacklisted by Gu Xiqiao. After school let out that evening, Gu Xiqiao walked out the school gates together with Xiao Yun and Wu Hongwen after she led their classmates to run laps, the trio attracting the gazes of everyone as they walked.

    Outside the gates, Gu Xiqiao sighed softly as she saw the black car that was parked close by. They had come here in the end, huh…

    Bidding farewell to her friends, she walked over slowly to the black car.