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Chapter 46

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 46: Betrayal

    "Go take a shower and come down to eat." Seeing the duo come in, he put down his book.

    His expression was as calm as always, and he didn't even ask any questions as if things were perfectly normal. Gu Xiqiao glanced over to the kitchen and realized that the lights were still on, and a sense of guilt and warmth flowed through her body, warming her body up from the cold.

    "Put down the dog." Jiang Shuxuan glanced at the dog, and Gu Xiqiao put down Haha as instructed.

    The puppy wanted to waddle behind her with its short stubby legs, but sat down in place after being glared at by Jiang Shuxuan, not daring to move as it looked around.

    Yin Shaoyuan was quite amused by Haha so he carried it up and rubbed it as he talked with Jiang Shuxuan.

    Haha was quite smart so it didn't struggle at all, and only let the man do as he pleased.

    Mrs. Zhang had already finished preparing food for her when Gu Xiqiao finished showering, and Yin Shaoyuan had already made himself at home, sitting down by the table with Haha and waiting for the meal to be served. As Gu Xiqiao came downstairs, he glanced over before his hands that were petting Haha stopped.

    The girl was wearing a white hoodie with its sleeves rolled up to her elbows, while her half wet hair was pushed to the back of her head, revealing her clean forehead. Because she had just had a shower, her cheeks were slightly flushed.

    Yin Shaoyuan rubbed his cheeks thoughtfully before he stopped his thoughts from going astray by repeating the words ‘Bro Jiang is going to kill me' in his head multiple times.

    Speaking of which, how could he endure himself when he was faced with such a beauty?

    "Qiao Qiao, this dog of yours is quite obedient. What's its name?" Mrs. Zhang wiped her hands after placing a bowl of soup in front of Gu Xiqiao, before taking the dog from Yin Shaoyuan.

    Gu Xiqiao finished the strange-tasting medicinal soup before replying calmly, "Haha."

    "Haha… You didn't give a lot of thought to its name, did you?" Yin Shaoyuan commented, before laughing. "Won't people think that you're calling a demon?"

    "Are you picking a fight with me?" Gu Xiqiao put down her bowl and raised her chin at him provocatively, tauntingly raising her eyebrows.

    Yin Shaoyuan took the bait and immediately glared at her. "I can beat you with a hand behind my back!"

    "You, go wash the dishes." Jiang Shuxuan put down the book in his hands, his lithe fingers brushing the yellowed pages. "You, go to sleep."

    The subject of the first order was Yin Shaoyuan, while the subject of the second was Gu Xiqiao.

    After Gu Xiqiao went upstairs, Yin Shaoyuan whined and complained, "Why didn't you let me fight her, you're too biased!"

    "Fighting with a kid?" Jiang Shuxuan glanced at him coldly. "If you two were to fight, ten of you wouldn't even be enough to beat her."

    Jiang Shuxuan wasn't lying—Gu Xiqiao always had a mysterious quality to her that even he couldn't see through, and even though she was only in the lowest level of ancient martial arts, she would even be able to stand her ground against him if she let out all of her tremendous mental power at once.

    "Huh, is she that strong?" Yin Shaoyuan was stunned by this statement of Jiang Shuxuan's, and even though he had always believed in Jiang Shuxuan, but Gu Xiqiao was just a regular girl. Other than looking pretty, how was she strong?

    Jiang Shuxuan didn't pay him any mind anymore, turning around and walking up the stairs. "Remember to close the door after you when you go."

    Even though she slept late, Gu Xiqiao still woke up early in the morning and practised the Five Animal Play, quickly waking herself up from her groggy state and feeling instantly refreshed as she walked back to the mansion.

    Seeing this state of hers, Jiang Shuxuan nodded slightly in satisfaction before driving her to school as always after they had breakfast.

    On the way to First City High, his expression was as calm as always. "Why didn't you call me last night?"

    Gu Xiqiao couldn't tell what the man was thinking judging from his expression and rubbed her nose sheepishly. "It was already ten o'clock when I came out, so I took a little stroll because I wasn't feeling so good…"

    "How did you get out of there?" Jiang Shuxuan pursed his lips.

    According to Yin Shaoyuan, he had found her at one o'clock, meaning that she had been walking around aimlessly for more than three hours by then.

    "I pried open the locks on their gate." Gu Xiqiao could have jumped out of the gates directly, but she felt vindictive enough to destroy the locks on the gate for no reason. "They probably never thought of sending me any food, so they probably don't even know I'm gone."

    Jiang Shuxuan didn't speak anymore, his expression stern as he listened to her speak, making her feel exceptionally pressured.

    Fortunately, the school was right around the corner, and she got down the car and waved at him before leaving for the school gates where Xiao Yun and Wu Hongwen were waiting for her while chatting.

    As she walked towards them, she started thinking of whether she should get the Gu family into a little bit of trouble.

    The Gu family was large in N City, and there weren't many people that could get them into trouble, but she had too much dirt on them, so it was extremely easy to do so.

    The reason why she didn't do so back then was because of her grandfather that she felt indebted to and also because of her position, but now that even he had no intention of letting her go, wasn't it just common courtesy to give them a ?

    It was about time to contact Mu Zong.

    When Gu Xiqiao called Mu Zong, he was in a hotel.

    He had been busy with Wang Bo in creating a company, and even though it went smoothly at first, they got into some trouble near the end.

    Mu Zong had a nemesis called Liu Weiqing who was his partner in building up his company in the past, but when Mu Zong needed him the most, Liu Weiqing had brought all of their research and joined the ranks of their rival company—Dacheng Communications.

    This was the final straw that broke the camel's back, dealing the final blow that had caused the company to go bankrupt overnight. Liu Weiqing was capable, and his objectives were clearly to crawl higher on the social ladder and use their former company as a stepping stone to get into Dacheng Communications.

    According to some rumors, the daughter of the boss of Dacheng Communications was a second-rate star that got onto the good graces of a well known rich boy in N City, and apparently, his background was so great that the stocks of the company had shot up when the investors caught wind that he was involved!

    In conclusion, Liu Weiqing had betrayed Mu Zong and joined Dacheng Communications because he was convinced that Mu Zong's company had no future with Dacheng blocking his way.