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Chapter 47

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 47: True Love

    Dacheng Communications was in its prime because of the boss' daughter, and even the director of the Industry and Commerce Bureau wanted to get on his good side. As the trusted subordinate of Dacheng Communications' boss, nobody wanted to displease Liu Weiqing, so with a single sentence, Mu Zong's company registration was stopped by the director.

    Hearing the explanation of the man in front of him, Mu Zong's eyebrows were knit together tightly.

    "We're old classmates so I won't beat around the bush Old Mu, but I can't help you with this. Liu Weiqing doesn't seem like he's going to let you go anytime soon, so the only thing you can do now is to get help from that rich kid." The man was one of the higher-ups in the Industry and Commerce Bureau, so he knew what was going on behind the scenes. "But that wouldn't be easy to do either, judging from all those bodyguards that are around him all the time. At this point, you can only hope for him to break up with that star, or else you might have to go to another city…"

    "Why don't we try looking for that rich boy?" Wang Bo suggested.

    Mu Zong glanced at him and sighed. "Do you think that sort of person would bat an eyelash at this sort of thing? We'd have a better chance of convincing Liu Weiqing."

    Wang Bo slumped back on his chair and shrugged. "Then I've got nothing."

    For a moment, none of them spoke.

    Seeing their dilemma, the man smiled and tried to comfort them. "That rich kid is here at this hotel today, and you guys should try talking with him when he comes out. I don't think he's the type of person to be unreasonable."

    Hearing this, Wang Bo smiled too. "Sounds doable!"

    Mu Zong was more of a worrywart so he wasn't quite sure about the idea when they knew nothing about the rich kid in question.

    Seeing his caution, the man gave him a stack of documents. "Here, I checked up some data on him that I think you might be interested in."

    The document was quite detailed, and according to it, the rich kid was a down to earth and kind person, and probably wouldn't get angry at them even if they failed to convince him.

    Mu Zong looked at the document carefully, not completely believing in the words of the man in front of him even if they were old classmates. The person in question wasn't just your average Joe after all, so would it be that easy to get such detailed information?

    Wang Bo was more hot-headed, so he immediately grabbed Mu Zong's arm and ran down to block the rich boy as he came out of the hotel. Mu Zong thought about it for a bit and decided that he would deal with things as they came as it was the first mission that Gu Xiqiao entrusted him after all.

    But just to be safe, he still called up Gu Xiqiao, thinking that her background might not just be a regular high school student, judging from how she took out eight digits for him without batting an eyelid.

    Seeing the duo leave, the man took out his phone and dialed a number before putting on a sycophantic smile. "Manager Liu, I already did what you told me to do!"

    Across the city, Liu Weiqing hung up the call and lit up a cigar, smiling mockingly as he leaned back, closing his eyes and enjoying himself.

    Mu Zong? Who was he to oppose him, did he really think he was capable? Wang Bo? Just a clown with no brains just like Mu Zong!

    Mu Zong's expression was guilty as he hung up the call with Gu Xiqiao. He knew that the only reason why the registration of the company was intercepted was because of him, while the procedure would have been able to have been done in less than two days otherwise. He had all the documents and data at the ready, and it would have just been a matter of going through the motions at the Industry and Commerce Bureau had it not been for Liu Weiqing.

    "Was that person our boss?" Wang Bo asked curiously.

    Mu Zong nodded halfheartedly, not having the presence of mind to entertain him.

    "But I heard a female voice!" Wang Bo was shocked at the revelation, practically jumping in surprise.

    This reaction of his made Mu Zong squint at him. "What, are you looking down on women? Go get an eight-digit fund for me then!"

    "That's not what I… Anyway! Is she coming too?"

    "Yes, she's already on the way here actually so I want to get things dealt with before she arrives." Mu Zong was a little worried about not being able to deal with this problem and causing Gu Xiqiao trouble.

    Soon after, a bunch of people walked out of the hotel, centered around a young man in a white shirt who stood out from the black-suit clad bodyguards. He had a high nose bridge and deep-set eyes, and his hands were stuck in his pockets comfortably with a smile on his face, while a beautiful woman was clinging onto his arm with an arrogant expression.

    Mu Zong immediately knew that this was the person that he was looking for, but he didn't step forward just yet.

    "This guy doesn't seem like he's easy to talk to…" Wang Bo muttered to himself.

    Not only were there bodyguards surrounding him, but some infamous rich kids were also walking with him. These people that were high and mighty usually became as tame as pet kittens as they walked together with the young man in the middle.

    Such a person was down to earth and gentle? Mu Zong finally knew that his old classmate had given them the wrong information on purpose!

    If that was the case, there must have been an ulterior motive of getting them to come here!

    Out of the corner of her eye, the woman noticed the duo and stopped walking, before talking in a sickeningly-sweet tone. "Young Master Yin, this is the perverted fan that's stalking me! I never thought he would have the gall to appear in front of you, so you have to teach him a lesson!"

    Mu Zong was completely taken off guard by her accusations. He didn't even know what the name of this woman was, let alone be a perverted fan of hers?!

    That being said, he reacted quickly and signaled for Wang Bo to back away and not get involved, and the latter nodded and backed away into the crowd of onlookers before taking out his phone.

    Yin Shaoyuan glanced at Mu Zong before smiling lazily. "Alright, you can do whatever you want with him!"

    "Thank you, Young Master Yin!"

    Seeing this, the assistant next to them shook his head subtly as he looked at the woman. Yin Shaoyuan was always like this, indulging in the wishes of whoever had his fancy at the moment and giving them the impression that he was truly in love with them before heartlessly throwing them away like an old shoe once he got sick of them.

    As Yin Shaoyuan's car was driven over by the doorman, Mu Zong's brain was working in overdrive to think of a way to get out of trouble. If he were brought away like this, could he come out alive?

    At the same time, a taxi stopped in front of the hotel, and a young girl alighted from it.

    Suddenly, Yin Shaoyuan's lazy gaze paused for a moment and he stopped walking, letting out a smirk in amusement as he saw Gu Xiqiao make her way in the direction of the hotel and crossing his arms around his chest.

    "Young Master Yin, what is it?" The woman looked warily at the young lady that was making her way in their direction.

    Upon closer inspection, she realized that she had porcelain pale skin and delicate features, and was the pure type that was completely different to Yin Shaoyuan's preferred type, so she let out a breath of relief.

    Everyone that knew Yin Shaoyuan knew that he liked the busty and voluptuous, seductive type of woman, and this young lady didn't even do her research before coming to seduce him!

    Many women wanted to act as if they met Yin Shaoyuan on accident every day, but none of them caught his eye to the point where many people had suspected that Yin Shaoyuan finally settled on that female star.

    The arrogant and prideful rich kids that turned their noses up at her in the past all became akin to her lackeys as a result, and her fellow celebrities were all jealous of her. As a result, she developed a strange sense of unfounded pride.

    Her gaze turned from wary to prideful and disdainful in a moment, and at this moment she still thought that she was Yin Shaoyuan's one and only.