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Chapter 48

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 48: Acquisition

    Gu Xiqiao sauntered over slowly, glancing at Mu Zong that had been grabbed by the bodyguards. "Let him go."

    Her tone wasn't respectful in the least, and Yin Shaoyuan hadn't even had the chance to talk before another voice spoke up.

    "Are you blind or are you dumb? Don't you know there are some things that you can't stick your nose into?" A young man with closely cropped hair shouted as he stared Gu Xiqiao down with a sneer. He was quite taken by Gu Xiqiao's beauty at first too, but there seemed to be something wrong with her…

    Gu Xiqiao glanced over at him disinterestedly before her rosy lips curled. "Is this your house? I don't need your permission to stand here, so buzz off!"

    The female star had been clinging onto Yin Shaoyuan's arm, but the latter had shaken her arm off the moment Gu Xiqiao came onto the scene, causing warning bells to go off in her mind. "Zhou Hui, what are you waiting for? Take away this crazy woman too!"

    No one dared to defy Yin Shaoyuan's new favored pet, and Zhou Hui nodded and waved the bodyguards over. "Sorry about this, but you can only blame your bad luck!"

    Yin Shaoyuan wanted to stop them, but he suddenly remembered Jiang Shuxuan's statement that ten of him couldn't beat her…

    He wanted to see how true that statement was!

    That being said, he still prepared himself to help out Gu Xiqiao if she couldn't deal with the bodyguards. These were all professionals after all, and even as he made the choice to have them test her out, he was still a little unsure about it…

    Gu Xiqiao's brows furrowed slightly before she threw her phone into the air, her hands forming a seal before she moved through the bodyguards, tapping at their shoulders as she did and causing them to drop unconscious to the ground.

    Before the battle started, it had already ended!

    If it weren't for the fact that this scene unfolded in front of them, none of the onlookers would have believed that this sort of thing would happen in real life!

    Gu Xiqiao returned to her original position, before catching the phone that dropped down into her hand. "Having fun?"

    "What?" Yin Shaoyuan replied subconsciously, still shell-shocked from the scene that unfolded in front of him.

    Different from the regular person, he could feel the energy pulsing off of her endlessly, making chills run up his spine from the sheer degree of power emanating from her.

    "I asked if you were having fun. Should I make you some popcorn?" Gu Xiqiao asked, her gaze gleaming threateningly. "Or do you want to get some first-hand experience?"

    "No no, I wouldn't dare…" Yin Shaoyuan clasped her hands together apologetically. "Have you eaten? Well, it's quite late now too, why don't I send you back to the mansion?"

    "No need, just let him go." Gu Xiqiao pointed at Mu Zong.

    "If I knew you were acquainted, I wouldn't have the guts to do this to him!" Yin Shaoyuan smiled awkwardly. Ever since the series of events surrounding the Gu family went down, his perception of her had changed from how it was initially. According to his investigations, the Gu family didn't treat Gu Xiqiao well after they took her in, but that was normal for an illegitimate child, in any case.

    They had held a banquet on the day they took her back to Gu Manor, letting everyone know about her and turning her into the laughing stock of the town. According to his investigations, Gu Xiqiao had been reportedly gloomy and introverted, which was completely different from her temperament in the past few days.

    The crowd of onlookers increased as this exchange went on, and Gu Xiqiao didn't want to become a spectacle. "Sorry for intruding, goodbye."

    Then, she glanced at Mu Zong before waving goodbye to Yin Shaoyuan, before turning around and leaving.

    "Hey, are you leaving? I'll send you!" Yin Shaoyuan insisted.

    Gu Xiqiao didn't even turn around her head, only holding up an arm and waving it. "No need, rich kid!"

    Meanwhile, the woman's expression was frozen on her face as everything went down, and she could only let out a strangled, "Y-Young Master Yin…?"

    Hearing this, Yin Shaoyuan turned over and looked up and down at her with a smile, and in the past, she would have swooned into his arms, but today all she could feel was a chill run up her spine, finally realizing that something was off.

    Once Yin Shaoyuan started talking to Gu Xiqiao, she knew that things were getting out of hand. She hadn't been with Yin Shaoyuan for a long time, but she had seen her fair share of people in high places that had lowered their proud heads when talking with him, and in those moments Yin Shaoyuan had always acted as their superior and was a complete contrast from his docile demeanor when he had talked to Gu Xiqiao.

    The rich kids that were surrounding them were all on the top of the social pyramid in N City, and they naturally knew more than a second-rate star did. Not only was the Yin family the most influential family in N City, they even held great sway in the Imperial Capital. If any of them could get on the Yin family's good graces, they would be set for life, and they might even be able to patch them up with the National Base that all of the families were bidding for!

    But judging from the current situation, they might have screwed things up? High on the social spectrum as they were, it had always been extremely hard for them to see Yin Shaoyuan in the past as all the members of the Yin family were extremely mysterious, so they had wanted to use the chance to give Yin Shaoyuan a good impression but…

    Then, they collectively looked toward the woman in disdain. True love? What a joke!

    Everyone knew that it was the end for all of them and the woman, and now the only thing they could do was to find that girl so that they could be given a second chance.

    When they tried to check on the surveillance footage however, all of the images that contained her face were blurred out!

    Meanwhile, the woman gripped her bag tightly as her expression paled, staring at the direction where Yin Shaoyuan's car had disappeared.

    She hated her father for telling her to do something like that and felt as if she were plunged into an icy cellar when she knew that she had been abandoned by Yin Shaoyuan.

    With a trembling hand, she took out her phone and called her father, telling him everything that had happened.

    Meanwhile, the boss of Dacheng Communications was in a dilemma too, with many of the investors and stockholders retracting their support of the company. He hadn't thought that it was much of a problem because he still had his daughter and by extension Yin Shaoyuan's support, but his sense of security was immediately stripped away with a single phone call. Was that why all of the stockholders did so in the first place?

    The project they were working on at the moment was the large-scaled holographic network that Liu Weiqing had brought to the company, and the company had invested all of their time and money into it. Now that this happened, the company would become bankrupt!

    Liu Weiqing, it was all his fault!

    Taking out his phone, he tapped at it angrily before holding it up to his ear. "Liu Weiqing, do you know what you did? The company is going to go bankrupt, so you better be prepared to get a summons from the court!"

    Liu Weiqing's phone dropped onto the floor as he was frozen in shock. His fingers trembled as he breathed deeply, trying to calm himself down as he processed what was going on. He had finally been able to afford a luxurious house and a race car, and he wouldn't give up just like that!

    Now, all he can do was look for Mu Zong!

    "System, how long would you need to buy Dacheng Communications?" Gu Xiqiao led Wang Bo and Mu Zong to a random coffee shop.

    The system spirit that was playing games in the void put down its game consoles. As the strongest artificial intelligence, it could do many things without breaking a sweat. [Huh, they're broke! No worries about the cost then, I'll be able to do this in ten minutes tops!]

    In response to this statement, Gu Xiqiao could only exclaim internally about the usefulness of the system.

    "This is your registration data from the Industry and Commerce Bureau." Gu Xiqiao took out a stack of papers, before taking out a mini-monitor that the system gave her. "This is the software that I talked about before. Also, you don't need to deal with the procedures anymore and develop the company, I'll deal with everything else."

    Mu Zong and Wang Bo hadn't even had the chance to come back to their senses from their shock before Gu Xiqiao spoke again.

    "I bought Dacheng Communications, and you'll get the contract by tomorrow."