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Chapter 49

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 49: Pressure

    Had she bought Dacheng Communications?

    Mu Zong's head went blank from shock, feeling dizzy as he tried to process the information that Gu Xiqiao told him. Even though Dacheng was just a medium scale enterprise, but it had already started to build itself up as a renowned company in N City… Was it bought by her just like that?

    Wang Bo was stunned by this revelation too, and while he hadn't the slightest idea how this sort of thing worked, he was certain that it wasn't as easy as Gu Xiqiao made it sound.

    Seeing their reaction, Gu Xiqiao knocked at the table and told them the reason why she came to them, "Make it so that the Gu Enterprise knows about this software, I don't care how. I'll give you the phone number for a manager with the surname Xu, he's someone we can use to our advantage."

    This manager was quite well respected in Gu Enterprise but had always had been vying for the spot at the top of Gu Enterprise. In the past life, Gu Zuhui was quite troubled by this man, but Gu Xiqiao had ultimately dealt with him along with all of the problems the Gu family had faced.

    If the software were sent to this man, he would use it to his advantage, and by extension cause the Gu family quite a lot of trouble.

    She had never thought of causing the Gu family any trouble because Gu Zuhui was her biological father, but since he didn't seem to think so, then all the bets were off the table!

    If she so wished, she would even be able to help another person onto the position of the head of the Gu family!

    Of course, she didn't want to ruin the entire Gu family. She couldn't well destroy the efforts of many generations of the Gu family with a good conscience, and cause many families that worked in the company to go without a job. Now that she had been reborn, she started to have more hopes for her life.

    The Gu family barely caused a ripple in her plans!

    The three of them talked for a little more before Gu Xiqiao glanced at her phone, realizing that it was already close to dinnertime. Although she wasn't on a curfew, Mrs. Zhang would wait for her if she went back late, and Jiang Shuxuan would probably do so too.

    "Let me send you home, it's inconvenient for a girl to go home this late," Mu Zong volunteered.

    Gu Xiqiao didn't refuse, and Mu Zong sent her back to the mansion that was quite nearby. Mu Zong parked the car and waited for Gu Xiqiao to enter the gates before Wang Bo finally broke out of his stupor. "How much money would she need to buy a mansion here? No wonder she could give you all that money!"

    "Do you know the Gu family?" Mu Zong started up the car and drove away.

    "I don't live under a rock, you know…" Wang Bo trailed off, before a spark connected in his brain. "She's from the Gu family?"

    Mu Zong didn't reply, only driving towards the hospital without a word. When they arrived, he finally breathed a sigh, before speaking, "Something happened to Gu Enterprise lately, you can go check out the news… All I can say is that I feel stressed."

    The Gu family was renowned in N City, and he only had an understanding of it due to the recent events that were broadcast on the news.

    So Gu Xiqiao was the illegitimate daughter of the Gu family? What if the Gu family tried to get into trouble with them too?

    "Say…Do you think that rich kid from earlier today can measure up to the Gu family?" Wang Bo searched up the news on her phone, before speaking up.

    Mu Zong shook his head, not sure what to think. "No idea. I've heard of the Gu family before, but I've never heard of that young man from today…"

    What the two of them didn't know was that while the Gu Family was indeed considered a decent family in N City, but couldn't even compare to the Yin family in the slightest. The only reason why they didn't know about the Yin family was that it was far too much out of their league.

    As the national finals came closer, all of the students in First City High started developing a sense of urgency and stress that inevitably came with the exams, and even the students in Gu Xiqiao's class were anxious.

    These days, Gu Xiqiao always made her classmates run laps around the school fields, making them relax and unwind after a day of hard work before they all went their separate ways, some of them leaving behind to accompany Gu Xiqiao.

    While everyone was running, Wu Hongwen's gaze was attracted to Gu Xiqiao, and in those moments he felt as if he didn't care about anything else.

    He had always thought that he had decent grades, but his grades were still quite far away from Gu Xiqiao. At this rate, could he get into the same university as her? He had been quite stressed lately because of the impending exams, and it felt as if there was an invisible weight on his chest.

    "If I knew that it came down to this, I would have been more hardworking." He sighed regretfully.

    Xiao Yun scoffed. "You wouldn't be able to do it even if you had ten years."

    Wu Hongwen was understandably quite offended by this, but the other students that heard this all expressed their approval and were regretting not studying well in the past two years.

    Gu Xiqiao pushed a strand of hair to the back of her ear. "You can't bring back the past, so you should grasp the present and not let the past define your future."

    After a few moments of collective silence, one of the boys in the class acted as if he was going to puke. "I've already been fed enough chicken soup of the soul from the teachers…"

    Another boy immediately clasped a hand over his mouth, grinning cheekily. "Don't puke, you have to drink all of Beauty Gu's chicken soup even if it's spoiled!"

    "Stop that!" Wu Hongwen shoved both of them playfully, before looking at Gu Xiqiao with a smile. "We know, but these days are coming to an end."

    There was only a week left until the national exams would come around.

    The students were quite perplexed by the complex emotions that they felt—They were both excited yet scared, and regretful and confused about how they should go about the future. Did their final year of high school end just like that?

    And so, everyone was plunged into deep thought, before they all separated at the school gates.

    The trio walked to the milk tea shop as they always did, and Xiao Yun bought them all drinks before Gu Xiqiao could.

    While they were waiting for the drinks to be served, Xiao Yun took out her phone and asked Gu Xiqiao, "I had someone create a securities account for me and I deposited all of my pocket money into it, do you have any recommendations on what I should do?"

    She noticed that Gu Xiqiao would check on stocks whenever she had free time, and it seemed that she knew what she was doing.

    "What, has your brother reduced your pocket money?" Wu Hongwen joked.

    Xiao Yun ignored him completely, taking the milk tea from the counter and handing it to Gu Xiqiao.

    Gu Xiqiao stuck a straw into the cup, sipping a mouthful before looking at her. "I'll go make a list of stocks that hold potential for you when I get home, so you better remember to bring your phone tomorrow."

    She thought about a few stocks that would go up in value after the stocks of an electronics company would go down, and these would be good for Xiao Yun to accumulate some experience.

    Wu Hongwen frowned and crossed his arms. "I'll make an account when I get back home too!"

    "Yes, yes, I didn't forget you." Gu Xiqiao glanced at him, and Wu Hongwen squinted slightly at her tone which seemed as if it were a teacher that was placating a child.

    After the three of them got their drinks, they walked out of the shop before a red open-hood race car stopped next to them.

    Gu Xiqiao looked over, seeing a young man in a clean, checkered shirt that had three of its buttons unbuttoned, showing his neck and collarbones. Taking off his sunglasses, he smirked at Gu Xiqiao, eliciting squeals from some of the girls that were passing by.

    "Come on, Gu Xiqiao."