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Chapter 52

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 52: Regret

    Xia Zilan's head was hung low, and her gaze dripped with venom as she looked down at the floor. She had never been so humiliated in her entire life, and the mocking gazes all around her were like knives that stuck into her heart.

    Even though her arms were still numb from the impact, but she still got up shakily with a smile as if nothing had happened. "Why come here if you're just going to read an album, why don't we play billiards?"

    Gu Xiqiao's fingers paused and her eyebrows raised slightly, before looking up at Xia Zilan in interest. "Sure, but are you sure you won't chicken out?"

    Seeing this turn of events, Yin Shaoyuan sat up straight in interest as he looked on. He already knew that Xia Zilan wasn't a match for Gu Xiqiao in the least, so he let her do as she wanted, and not even Jiang Shuxuan would have to step up to deal with her.

    Those people that knew that Gu Xiqiao was probably close to Jiang Shuxuan all looked at Xia Zilan in pity as if they were looking at a dead person. She had no idea what she was getting herself into, did she?

    All of them collectively made mental notes to tell their families to not get involved with the Xia family and the Gu family in the future, lest they get on the bad side of Jiang Shuxuan.

    "Of course we need a bet! I'll wager two percent of Bluestar Entertainment's equities, how about it?" Yin Shaoyuan immediately got in on the fun, wagering the equities of the entertainment company that was under his name. This company was quite well known in the industry, and besides that it was worth quite a lot just from the simple merit that it was owned by Yin Shaoyuan, so it was quite the precious wager.

    Xia Zilan didn't understand why Yin Shaoyuan wanted to get involved with this illegitimate daughter, but she still tried to calm herself down as she glanced at Yin Shaoyuan, before speaking. "I wager five million."

    Five million couldn't be compared with the 2% that Yin Shaoyuan wagered, but it was already all of her liquidated funds as the Xia family wasn't all that rich in comparison to the other families in the city…But she was sure that it was much more than what Gu Xiqiao could wager!

    Xia Zilan glanced over at Gu Xiqiao in disdain, a slightly condescending smile on her face as she wanted to see how she would embarrass herself.

    Gu Xiqiao took out a card and placed it onto the table, before speaking calmly, "Twenty…"

    Xia Zilan was about to scoff before the other girl continued, "Million."

    This card was the black card that the manager of the bank gave Gu Xiqiao, and everyone knew that Gu Xiqiao wasn't bluffing judging from how it was a black card. How could Gu Xiqiao take out so much money so easily, was the Gu family so generous towards an illegitimate daughter? Even Ah Jin didn't have so much money!

    At this moment, Xia Zilan slowly realized the mocking gazes of everyone towards her!

    Xia Zilan's fingers were trembling with rage and embarrassment, and she finally got herself to calm down before leaning down and striking a clean hit and standing back up, looking back at Gu Xiqiao.

    Gu Xiqiao took a billiard cue and bent down, her posture refined and elegant as she aimed at one of the billiards in concentration, attracting the attention of everyone in the room.

    Her eyes narrowed in concentration before she struck, netting one billiard after a few collisions.

    With a single motion, she proved that she wasn't just a pretty face.

    As everyone was waiting with bated breath for her to strike again, she stopped and stood back up, playing with her billiard cue for no reason. As Xia Zilan was about to urge her to continue, she suddenly moved, spinning the pole with a flourish and aiming it towards a waitress that was walking past with a cart of food.

    That waitress stumbled and dropped to her knees, and as she looked over to the young girl in fright, she realized that she couldn't move!

    Gu Xiqiao walked over daintily and picked up the billiard cue, before kicking the waitress two times and causing a well-hidden gun to drop out from her breast.

    After she finished dealing with the waitress, she walked back to the billiard table as if nothing had happened and rubbed the tip of the cue with a small pad. Meanwhile, everyone else in the room looked at the waitress in horror, realizing that they were only moments away from facing death.

    After that, Gu Xiqiao won the game by a landslide.

    The onlookers clapped and cheered upon witnessing everything, and if it weren't because Yin Shaoyuan were there, some of the more hot-blooded youths even wanted to throw Gu Xiqiao into the air in celebration because she saved their lives!

    Jiang Shuxuan had been standing by the doorway since the game started, but he hid his presence so well that even Gu Xiqiao couldn't sense him. Seeing that the game was finished, he walked in and glanced passingly at the waitress that was still lying prone on the floor, before looking away and continuing towards Gu Xiqiao.

    No one realized that after Jiang Shuxuan walked by, a tuft of black mist escaped from the waitress's head.

    Xia Zilan that was about to leave in embarrassment looked at Jiang Shuxuan in surprise, her eyes brightening like a cat that had found its prey. "Mr. Jiang!"

    In her eyes, Jiang Shuxuan was more important than anyone there. While she didn't know who Jiang Shuxuan was, exactly, she knew that Yin Shaoyuan that was high and mighty acted like a lackey to him, so it was clear what that meant!

    Jiang Shuxuan's expression was icy as he ignored Xia Zilan completely, only walking towards Gu Xiqiao and taking her bag and bank card. Seeing this, Yin Shaoyuan immediately panicked and wanted to stop him from leaving. "We haven't even gotten started yet, why don't you stick around for a little longer?"

    "No need, I'll just let you deal with the rest." Jiang Shuxuan reached over and pressed his palm onto Gu Xiqiao's head affectionately. "This kid is going to have her exams soon, so I gotta bring her back to study."

    Study? Who would believe that?!

    Yin Shaoyuan had been showing attention to Gu Xiqiao lately, and it was apparent that this person was extremely intelligent, even getting better scores that Luo Wenlang. This young man was one of the more talented individuals that he had set his sights on to recruit as his subordinate lately, so he knew what a feat it was that Gu Xiqiao got the upper hand against him.

    In conclusion, it was quite clear that bringing Gu Xiqiao back to study was just an excuse!

    Even though he knew this and still didn't want the two to leave, he didn't have the guts to stop Jiang Shuxuan any further, sighing softly and letting them leave.

    The rest of the occupants of the room didn't even dare to breathe too deeply, and Jiang Shuxuan only glanced at them passingly before leaving the room.

    Seeing him leave, Xia Zilan quickly followed them out the door. "Mr. Jiang?!"

    Jiang Shuxuan stopped, and before Xia Zilan could muster up a smile, he spoke: "Remove the Xia Family from the list of candidates."

    Whether a family could last was directly dependent on the competence of every generation and how well it taught its successors, and judging from Xia Zilan alone, it was easy to see that the family wasn't all that great either.

    Of course, another reason was that Xia Zilan purely pissed him off.

    As the two figures disappeared, Xia Zilan finally came back to her senses and realized what was happening. She knew that from that day onward, she would become the butt of all the jokes of the upper society in N City!

    More distressing was the fact that Gu Xiqiao wasn't Yin Shaoyuan's new pet, but Jiang Shuxuan's! No wonder…No wonder she would be able to cause so much trouble for the Gu family and even take out twenty million as if it were nothing!

    Not realizing the flaw in her assumptions, her cheeks became devoid of color as she regretted her actions and words that had caused all of her hard work to be wasted!