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Chapter 54

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 54: The Nine Heavens Network

    All of the Gu family's actions were under Gu Xiqiao's grasp, but she didn't want to get involved with them any further. As for those plans to see Jiang Shuxuan…Were they worthy?

    Gu Xiqiao flipped leisurely through the documents before handing them back to Mu Zong, who she had been discussing company matters with.

    Mu Zong was thoroughly impressed by this new boss of his, and now his first course of action, whenever he got into any trouble, was to look for her after she first showed him her abilities by giving him a perfect management plan. All of her advice and suggestions were quite useful, and he could predict that if the plans and risk management ideas were applied in their new company, it would have a bright future!

    "Most of the SMEs that we presented our software and plans to accept our services, and promised to advertise us without any fee. Wang Bo and I decided to start our business on the twelfth, what do you think?"

    The date was settled after Mu Zong got a fortune teller to choose one for them.

    Gu Xiqiao nodded and didn't give any further advice, completely letting Mu Zong do as he wished. Taking out a USB, she handed it to him. "There's a search engine in here, along with the game that was stolen from you by Dacheng. I tweaked some parts of it, and from today onwards our official website is going to be called Nine Heavens Network."

    The name of the company was called Nine Heavens Group, named after an ancient scripture along the lines of ‘The origin of the nine heavens is far beyond perception, while the breadth of the eight pillars is far beyond measurement', while according to the Qimen Dunjia, Nine Heavens had the meaning of being ‘The father of all and the origin of all-metal'.

    Ever since she was reborn, she started developing an interest in finding names with meaning, including those from ancient scriptures, and had a special meaning behind them, as a name would affect the fortune of an entire company.

    She didn't explain much to Mu Zong and only gave him some advice here and there, which further strengthened her image as a person that was not of this world. Every day, his expectations would have to become higher and higher to accommodate, and he didn't know how this young girl that was only in high school could have more experience than him?

    Gu Xiqiao had reminded him that she only wanted to be the boss in name and leave all the work to him, so he told everyone that the company was supported by a mysterious figure, giving Nine Heavens Group an air of mystery in the eyes of their clients.

    Everyone was guessing that there was someone of extraordinary status and ability controlling the Nine Heavens Group behind the scenes.

    That being said, the Nine Heavens Group had just started, and the company needed talented individuals to work for them.

    In the engineering department, there was Wang Bo and a few friends of his from the hacker forum from all over the country and were all confident in their abilities to the degree of slight arrogance. When they saw the software that Gu Xiqiao provided, they were all extremely interested and convinced to join Nine Heavens Group by Wang Bo. Mu Zong hadn't told this to Gu Xiqiao yet, as he wanted to only report when they finally had the proof that she didn't make the wrong choice in investing in him.

    What he didn't know was that Gu Xiqiao developed the Gu Enterprise into one of the top fifty enterprises in the entire world in her past life, so it might have been a tad bit difficult for him to reach a degree where it would cause her any surprise in the slightest.

    After they finished their discussion, Mu Zong returned to the hospital to take care of his daughter after his offer to send Gu Xiqiao home was refused.

    Gu Xiqiao stood in the middle of the plaza, walking the crowd and the passersby that fit the atmosphere of the neon lights and the hustle and bustle of the city's night scene. Everything was both simultaneously familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time, and she felt a strange emotion rise in her heart.

    It was a nameless emotion that was a mix of anxiety, confusion, and others that were hard to describe in simple words.

    Two days later would be the time she took her national finals for the second time.

    Jiang Shuxuan parked his car across the road and rolled down the window, taking out a cigarette and lighting it before he looked at the girl that stood in the middle of the plaza deep in thought.

    It was strange, the way she stood out like a candle in the dark even though there was a group of people dancing right next to her, and her aura was unmistakable, making her stick out like a sore thumb.

    If one looked closely enough, it would be easy to see that many of the gazes of the passersby would be attracted to her subconsciously, and some even back and forth around her.

    As a boy walked past her for the fifth time, Jiang Shuxuan snuffed out the cigarette and called her number.

    From a black car parked outside the mansion area in the city center, sounds of conversation could be heard. "Old Gu, you didn't even prepare a gift and didn't notify them beforehand, we won't be able to go in…"

    "Xia Deyou! Don't think that you can order me around just because my father likes you, would you be able to have your achievements today if it weren't for us, the Gu family?" Gu Zuhui scoffed and glared at Xia Deyou for even having the audacity to giving him solid advice. "Is there any place that I can't go to in the entirety of N City?"

    Xia Deyou only smiled awkwardly without commenting about how the two of them were being blocked out from the mansion area, and they couldn't even get close to that mansion!

    Meanwhile, Gu Zuhui was fuming at the fact that even a little bodyguard dared to block him, the great Gu Zuhui! What was the big deal anyway, weren't the people that lived here just a bunch of rich people that didn't know what to do with their money?

    He didn't know that the Yin family was the owner of the mansion area, and that the mansions in there couldn't even be bough even if he wanted to. More than half of these mansions were ones left for acquaintances of Yin Shaoyuan's from Jing Capital had they ever decided to visit, and the best mansion was Jiang Shuxuan's. In a way, this was the best living area in all of N City, and even the guards were chosen from retired special ops team members from the army. In conclusion, it wasn't somewhere that Gu Zuhui could enter on a whim!

    "Wait, look!" Xia Deyou rolled down his window and pointed in the direction of the mansion. "Isn't that Ms. Gu?"

    A white Bugatti was parked in front of the gates, and two figures walked out from it—One tall and lean and the other elegant and dainty, and the two of them walked into the mansion.

    Gu Zuhui blinked dumbly as he tried to process the information, before he opened the car door and walked out, shouting, "Gu Xiqiao, you unfilial daughter! Stand right there!"

    "Who goes there! You aren't allowed to come in here!" The guards stopped Gu Zuhui with a gun in hands before he could do anything, and so Gu Zuhui and Xia Deyou were forced to step back fifty meters.

    "Old Gu, that was your second daughter wasn't it?" Xia Deyou was the smarter of the two, as he quickly understood the connection between the two people that got down from the car. "Then would the one that she was with be…"

    He didn't finish his sentence, but his expression was painted with shock. "Old Gu, this daughter of yours definitely isn't a regular high school student! You have to tell Master Gu to come and accept her back into the family quickly, or else we won't have any chance!"

    "Her? She's just a piece of garbage!" Gu Zuhui huffed and walked back onto the car, telling the driver to take them back and ignoring Xia Deyou's advice completely.

    Xia Deyou knew this and tried to convince him more lest Gu Zuhui acted stupid again, and if it weren't for the fact that he depended greatly on the Gu Family, he wouldn't even want to use his time to deal with this fool!

    In response, Gu Zuhui only waved his hand impatiently. "Alright alright, I'll tell my father about it."

    Seeing his reaction, Xia Deyou became even more worried. As the saying went, one needn't be afraid of a godlike enemy, but an ally like a pig!