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Chapter 56

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 56: Banners

    On July the seventh, Yin Shaoyuan came to see Jiang Shuxuan early in the morning and also had breakfast at the mansion too.

    Jiang Shuxuan waited for Gu Xiqiao to get prepared while Yin Shaoyuan finished his meal in a rush, before looking at Jiang Shuxuan that hadn't even budged from his place with a shocked expression. "Bro, aren't you going to leave?"

    The National Base project was going to be carried out that day, and he had come here in the first place to go together with Jiang Shuxuan to the meeting spot. If Jiang Shuxuan weren't there, no one would dare to activate the plan, so his presence was quite crucial, but it was already less than half an hour away from the agreed meeting time of half-past eight…

    Yin Shaoyuan was actually quite anxious and urgent as the matter was extremely important, and he could only sit there as if he were sitting on a cushion of needles, but he didn't dare to rush Jiang Shuxuan.

    He was Young Master Jiang after all!

    Gu Xiqiao walked downstairs slowly with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and while she wasn't all that tall, her proportions were good and her legs were long, and Yin Shaoyuan's gaze couldn't help but be attracted to her figure.

    She had always had a calm and cool aura to her, but she seemed particularly alluring on that day.

    A split second later, he immediately moved his gaze away and internally berated himself for even thinking the slightest indecent thought about her, all while wondering how Jiang Shuxuan could control himself with such a beauty in his home.

    "Did you remember to bring everything?" Jiang Shuxuan snatched up his car keys from the table and glanced over at her transparent pencil case, smiling as he spotted the black fountain pen that he had gifted her the day prior.

    The pen represented a person's academic achievements and was commonly used to encourage one to work hard, and he thought there was no better gift for her at this time.

    The exam pass, her identification card, all her stationery, and a watch were all in the pencil case, and Gu Xiqiao waved it in front of her. "I've got everything, let's go."

    Jiang Shuxuan nodded and walked out the door together with her, and Yin Shaoyuan didn't even have the chance to ask what was happening.

    "Mrs. Zhang, what's the deal with them?" He didn't dare to ask Jiang Shuxuan, so he slipped into the kitchen and found Mrs. Zhang.

    Mrs. Zhang wiped all of the bowls and plates dry, before putting them disinfection cabinet and smiling. "Don't you know, Young Master Yin? Qiao Qiao is going to have her national finals today! Wait!" Mrs. Zhang suddenly slammed her palm onto the cabinet. "I forgot to give her the talisman that I got from the temple yesterday!"

    After saying that, Mrs. Zhang immediately scurried out the door and shouted for Gu Xiqiao to wait for her.

    Meanwhile, Yin Shaoyuan was left there speechless. The national finals?

    Realizing that the exams were on that day, Yin Shaoyuan berated himself internally for forgetting the date that Gu Xiqiao was going to have her finals. He had accepted her as his younger sister in name, and he forgot such a crucial moment in her life? He remembered how back when he had his finals and the way a bunch of his friends gave him their blessings and even hung a banner in front of First City High for him…

    Thinking of this, he took out his phone and dialed up a number, before musing to himself. No wonder Jiang Shuxuan was acting so strangely!

    Gu Xiqiao sat on the car with a yellow talisman that Mrs. Zhang stuffed into her hands before she got onto the car, along with a, "Qiao Qiao, don't be nervous and do the best you can, your I'll be waiting for you with lots of good food when you come back!"

    The car drove steadily, and they arrived at Third City High at half-past eight. There were many cars on the way, and many of the roads were decorated with banners—Some encouraging the students that were about to take their exams, others to warn drivers against sounding their car horns. Many of the roads nearby the exam sites were blocked from traffic, to not disrupt the students with any noise.

    At this time, there were butterflies in all the stomachs of the students that were about to have their exams, including Gu Xiqiao who had been affected by the overall atmosphere of it all.

    The next second, on the last road leading to Third City High…

    ‘May Gu Qiao Qiao do well on her exams!'

    Seeing the banner, Gu Xiqiao couldn't help but facepalm in embarrassment.

    God, who did such an idiotic thing?

    At the same time, the banners with the name Gu Qiao Qiao were hung up all over the city, and more surprising was the fact that none of the authorities did anything to take them down, attracting the attention of the press and making many people guess who this mysterious person was.

    After a while, they arrived at Third City High.

    "Go on, do your best." Jiang Shuxuan got off the car and ruffled her head, and at this moment there were already students waiting to enter the exam hall outside the gates of the school.

    Gu Xiqiao nodded and walked towards the crowd before she heard a voice calling her and turned back to see Yin Shaoyuan running over. He had a few drops of sweat on his forehead, and his hair was matted with sweat, attracting the attention of a few girls nearby.

    In contrast to Jiang Shuxuan's oppressing aura, Yin Shaoyuan seemed like a standard bad boy that was attractive to the regular high school girl.

    Gu Xiqiao was already in line to enter the exam hall so Yin Shaoyuan didn't go any closer and only waved at her encouragingly. "Good luck!"

    Gu Xiqiao smiled and looked back to the front, seeing the white walls illuminated by sunlight and letting the staff check her exam pass before letting her in.

    A bunch of parents stood there in front of the school gates silently in contrast to how they acted usually, and some even brought water and umbrellas to wait for their children to finish.

    This situation wasn't rare, and Jiang Shuxuan looked in interest at the families that converged in front of the gate.

    If it weren't for him, would Gu Xiqiao have had to take her exams all by herself?

    Jiang Shuxuan glanced over at Yin Shaoyuan who had made his way over to him and raised his chin slightly. "Let's go…And also, take down all of those banners."

    "I…I'll take them down." Yin Shaoyuan rubbed his nose sheepishly. He thought Jiang Shuxuan would have praised him for it!

    Didn't he think that it was cool?

    "No it's not cool, it's quite dumb." Jiang Shuxuan glanced at him and spoke as if he read his mind.


    They had to go through a metal detector before they entered the exam hall, Gu Xiqiao stood there and let the teacher use the detector on her calmly, thanking her choice to not wear a wired bra.

    Gu Xiqiao got through and found her own seat, and the metal detector kept going off when it scanned the shoes of the boy behind her, and the boy took off his shoes and let the teacher scan them by themselves, and the shoes still rang.

    The main examiner walked over. "Put on your shoes and come in!"

    "Roger that officer!"

    The other students smiled when they saw this scene, and Gu Xiqiao paused in twirling her pen and looked up at the boy that was walking in. The boy was in a short-sleeved school shirt and a pair of bleached pants, and he seemed…Quite familiar?