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Chapter 58

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 58: System Upgrade

    "You're here for the national finals…" Gu Xijin smiled at her as if the two of them never had any bad blood with each other.

    Gu Xiqiao ignored her completely and took out her phone to check the time, thinking that Gu Xijin was being strange for some reason, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

    Gu Xijin seemed to not mind that Gu Xiqiao ignored her, and continued to ramble on, "Why can you still come here? You should have come with me to America, mother has already found us a good school, you're coming right? Little sis?"

    She looked at Gu Xiqiao, the haze in her eyes becoming clearer as she spoke.

    Now, she couldn't even go out in public because of all the mocking gazes that she would get, and these gazes further twisted her psyche. As she was being looked at with those judging eyes, she kept telling herself that this all should have been Gu Xiqiao's fate, not hers!

    But the person that was supposed to have been dealing with these problems now had come to take the exams as if nothing had happened!

    Gu Xijin's gaze became colder and darker, but her mouth was still twisted in a smile. "Little sis, come to America with me please? The education system there is better by ours by leaps and bounds, you'll definitely love it!"

    "Gu Xijin…Are you alright in the head?" Gu Xiqiao glanced at her in disdain.

    The moment Gu Xiqiao said this, it seemed to have broken the gentle facade that Gu Xijin was putting on and her expression twisted fully into one of hatred. "What do you have to be so arrogant about? You're just a piece of trash from a backwater place that no one knows about, and no matter how you hide it you can't hide your lowly blood! If it weren't for Grandfather, would you have your achievements today?"

    "I somehow remember you saying something similar in the past…Something about me being expelled and losing all my reputation, right?" Gu Xiqiao smiled, and a glow radiated from her as she did. "Look at yourself! You're the one that can't attend the exams, and you're the one that lost all of your prestige. Gu Xijin!"

    After she spoke, she turned around and left.

    Gu Xijin glared at Gu Xiqiao's silhouette, her teeth biting so hard into her lower lip that it bled, but that seemed to be the last of her problems at the moment.

    She knew that what Gu Xiqiao had said was true, but it exactly because of it that she hated her even more.

    Ever since the entire fiasco happened, she dropped down from being a well-known beauty and a genius into a pile of mud and proved all of her arrogance and pride to be of naught as all the people she knew threw disdainful gazes onto her.

    Meanwhile, that b*tch got all the attention and the spotlight instead of her!

    What she couldn't accept the most was how Xia Zijun had never contacted her again after the entire event happened, and while she knew that Xia Zijun was one that kept his word and wouldn't go back on their engagement, the Xia family was extremely dissatisfied with her, and even Xia Zilan hadn't contacted her for a while now!

    Her grandfather was about to send her to America, and while she knew that he had been developing talented young people, she was definitely going to inherit the Gu family. The only way she could change her fate was by holding power in her own hands so that she wouldn't be controlled by other people.

    Once she inherited the family and the enterprise, she would have the ability to look down on everyone!

    Gu Xijin stood there for a while before a creepy smile made it onto her face, sending chills up the spines of the people that walked around her. Meanwhile, she walked aimlessly and unfeelingly, as if she were a ghost.

    Gu Xiqiao walked to the car, and Jiang Shuxuan had already opened the door. He saw Gu Xijin too, but he didn't ask any further and changed the topic. "Shaoyuan's inviting you to eat in celebration, do you want to?"

    "…" Gu Xiqiao hadn't expected Jiang Shuxuan to talk about that all of a sudden. "Nope, I want to go back home and rest. Tell him to come over tomorrow, I'll cook for us."

    "You?" The traffic lights turned red, and Jiang Shuxuan stopped the car, his gaze painted with shock.

    He didn't want Gu Xiqiao to go eat with Yin Shaoyuan in those indecent places that he always brought people to, but she said that she would cook?

    Without a word, he glanced over dubiously at the pair of hands that didn't have any callouses…Could she even tell salt and sugar apart?

    "Yeah, and I'll call two of my classmates too." The more Gu Xiqiao spoke, she felt that it was a good idea. She hadn't stepped in the kitchen ever since she was reborn, so she hoped her skills hadn't gone rusty.

    Jiang Shuxuan raised his chin slightly. "You really know how to cook?"

    "Hey, don't underestimate me!" Gu Xiqiao straightened her back and furrowed her brows slightly, her tone painted with pride. "It's fine, I'll remind them to hold it in even if it's disgusting."

    Gu Xiqiao glanced at him again, her black orbs shimmering. "…Don't talk while you drive."

    "Alright, alright." Jiang Shuxuan replied, his tone filled with mirth.

    Gu Xiqiao had to make do on her own promises, so she started to plan on what she was going to cook the next day.

    The system spirit flitted around in the air and as Gu Xiqiao wrote down the last word, it spoke, "Beauty Qiao, you finished your exams today huh…"

    "And? What about it?" Gu Xiqiao that had finished her daily missions and her cooking plans exited the virtual space, before walking over to the art studio corner.

    "And…Uhm…Did you forget?" The system sniffled as if it were about to cry.

    Gu Xiqiao got everything prepared before she smiled and took out her phone. "Right right, upgrade you yes? I remember."

    Then, she contacted Wu Hongwen and Xiao Yun.

    Xiao Yun accepted the invitation without much thought and asked her about the address.

    When it came to Wu Hongwen, he started grumbling as soon as the call went through, "I wanted to call you right after I came out of the exam hall, but I was dragged to a family dinner and my cousin kept on showing off and bragging that I didn't even have a chance to react. Thank goodness you saved me… F*ck, my dad's coming, talk later!"

    Then, he hung up and sent her a message after a minute.

    "I forgot to ask you the address!"

    Gu Xiqiao sent him the address, and at the same time a mechanical voice rang out in her head. [A hundred points have been deducted from your balance to upgrade the system, and during the time the system is upgrading you will not be able to enter the virtual space. All missions have been put on hold.]

    Then, the system spirit's voice rang out again. [I'll need three days to upgrade, Beauty Qiao! You won't be able to use the virtual space and the system shop while I'm gone, so protect yourself and wait for me to come back, and you'll be able to have a ten space inventory!]

    After that, Gu Xiqiao's connection to the system was forcibly cut off and judging from the mechanical voice that rang out, it seemed that the system wasn't as simple as it looked.