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Chapter 61

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 61: Kidnapped

    The two of them didn't go shopping as Yin Shaoyuan had expected but instead went to the bank to withdraw money. Gu Xiqiao had helped with her finances, so there was quite a sizeable amount of money already stored in the account, so when the accountant told Xiao Yun the sum of money in her account, her mind went blank in shock.

    She had never had so much money before!

    "Why are you in such a rush to get the money?" Gu Xiqiao asked after they got out of the bank.

    Xiao Yun touched her bag in disbelief as they walked. They didn't withdraw all the money into cash, and the rest was transferred into a card, and upon hearing Gu Xiqiao, she thought for a bit, before answering, "It's nothing much. I just want to help my brother because he's been lacking some funds lately."

    That distantly related uncle of theirs had been acting up once again, and quite greatly at that. She heard her grandfather and her brother talk about it in secret the night earlier when she went downstairs for water. She kept it a secret that she knew about it because she didn't want to waste their effort of wanting to not distract her from the national finals.

    But looking at their worried expressions, Xiao Yun couldn't stay calm any further, so as soon as they were done with the national finals, Xiao Yun dragged Gu Xiqiao with her to the securities company, then to the bank.

    Gu Xiqiao nodded in understanding, before patting her shoulder comfortingly. "Your brother can solve it without a problem."

    "I know!" Xiao Yun raised her chin proudly. "How can such a weakling think of laying a finger on the great Xiao family? He doesn't even know how much he's worth…Hey, hold my bag for me, I'll go buy some milk tea!"

    Gu Xiqiao stood there with the bag as the other girl disappeared in the crowd, before taking out her phone and fiddling with it.

    Mu Zong called right at that moment, telling her about the official opening of the company. Gu Xiqiao gave him all the rights to do anything he thought was fit, but he still gave her reports daily, as well as ask for her advice.

    "All the proceedings are being carried out faster than expected. I thought that it would have been too hurried for the grand opening on the twelfth, but judging by how quickly it's going, we could even start tomorrow without any problems."

    Mu Zong was quite surprised that the procedures that were usually so slow could have been carried out so quickly, and in the end, the only conclusion that he could draw was that it was due to Gu Xiqiao's influence.

    Speaking of which, it was really good to be on the receiving end of special privileges!

    Upon getting confirmation from Gu Xiqiao, Mu Zong immediately continued getting his tasks done. Even though the creation of the company was made convenient through special privileges, they still had to develop the company with their own hands, and he smiled as he looked at the employees that he had recruited into the company confidently.

    Gu Xiqiao hung up on the call and looked around, not seeing Xiao Yun yet in the crowd.

    How did she take such a long time to buy milk tea? It wouldn't take this long to queue up in line, no?

    As she looked at the time displayed on her phone, she realized that something wasn't right.

    It was right at the peak hour when people would get off work, so there were a lot of people and vehicles around. Gu Xiqiao closed her eyes and controlled her weak chi to expand her senses. The system was closed off from use due to it being in the middle of upgrading, or else she could have used it to pinpoint where Xiao Yun was.

    Her eyes fluttered open, and her glossy hair started floating without any wind, then she looked down and relaxed her fingers that were holding her bag.

    As more and more people joined the crowd, she walked slowly, as if she didn't care about anything at all.

    Suddenly, someone shouted, "Robbery!" from the crowd, and so the crowd started breaking out into a panic. Everyone pushed against each other and shoved, and Gu Xiqiao followed the flow of people.

    No one could see her dark orbs that were as cold as ice and snow.

    Gu Xiqiao slowly got out of the crowd and walked into an alleyway, and a silhouette flashed in front of her in the dark.

    She stood there and made a seal with her hands, and only stopped after she knew that no innocent bystanders were around her.

    This was a seal that was taught by the system to create an isolation space, but she only learned a weaker version of it that could redirect people from the area, instead of the system's version that could directly create a barrier.

    That being said, it was enough.

    That silhouette baited her there on purpose, but they didn't know that her mind was still clear and completely unaffected by their mental power.

    A van was parked at the other end of the alleyway, and while she couldn't see inside it, she knew that Xiao Yun was in there.

    Gu Xiqiao squinted slightly. She had planned to beat those people up and take Xiao Yun back, but she changed her plans when she saw the van.

    With her enhanced senses, she acutely sensed a dark haze around the van, and it was some form of energy that she had never come across before.

    Now, she wanted to know what this energy was!

    A bulky man in a white tank top slowly made his way close to her and knocked her out, before grabbing her and throwing her onto the can. After the door was closed, Gu Xiqiao opened her eyes in the darkness, breathing a sigh of relief upon seeing that Xiao Yun was unscathed.

    The people that kidnapped them probably thought that they were both just regular girls that couldn't fight back, so only two people were there, and the one that was on the passenger's seat was on a call, saying, "Boss, we did it! I saw them enter the bank together, so we caught the other one too at the same time, we're the ones that will have fun after all…Alright, alright, we'll be there in a jiffy!"

    The burly man hung up on the phone, before talking with the person on the driver's seat.

    As she heard them talk, the malice in Gu Xiqiao's eyes started becoming thicker and thicker, and judging from their conversation, she could already deduce why they were kidnapped like this.

    Someone had paid them to kidnap them and assault them, as well as taking videos of them as they did.

    As her fingernails dug into her palm, she pursed her lips as her aura became so cold that it didn't seem strange for frost to have materialized itself around her. As for who was the mastermind behind this incident, it was already quite clear to her at this point.

    The van stopped beside an abandoned house, and the burly man carried Gu Xiqiao in, and spoke to the man on watch as he did, "This chick is something else! Look at her figure, look at her skin…Phew, we really got lucky with this one!"

    They ignored them completely after they threw them into a dark room, and were so confident that they didn't even bother to tie them up.

    After they got out of the room, Gu Xiqiao opened her eyes and walked around the room. The time was already quite late at this point, and she could hear the noise of people playing cards outside, while the room was filled with a rotting, nose-piercing smell.

    Meanwhile, the police in N City were facing the greatest problem in their lives.

    Jiang Shuxuan tugged his tie loose and looked around at all the police in the room with a cold glare, making them look down and not dare to look at him in the eyes.

    Then, he looked down and waved for them to go away, and Yin Shaoyuan looked at him as if he wanted to say something.

    After everyone got out of the room, Jiang Shuxuan walked over to the window, before grabbing a sheet of paper and folding it into a paper crane. Then, he made a seal as he looked at the paper crane, and after a second the paper crane shuddered as if it had come to life, before flying slowly out the window.

    Then, Jiang Shuxuan looked at the black haze that had converged in the night sky, his expression cold and frosty.