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Chapter 63

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 63: You Fell Asleep

    Behind her back, a figure appeared and caught her easily.

    Jiang Shuxuan lowered his head and looked down at Gu Xiqiao, noticing that there was a trail of blood by her lips that contrasted greatly with her sickly pale skin.

    Her cheeks had only barely started filling with color through the past few weeks of nutritious eating, and now it was as pale as a piece of paper and back to how frail and weak she looked back when he first met her.

    He reached down and wiped off the trail of blood gently before his eyes suddenly squinted, and he sent a piercing gaze at the clearing nearby. There wasn't anyone there, but he stretched his arm out and drew a strange pattern in the air, making it distort slightly.

    Eight figures appeared again on the clearing, and it was the eight people that were sent to a pocket in space by Gu Xiqiao!

    Seeing them, Jiang Shuxuan's gaze became colder. He wasn't as lenient as Gu Xiqiao was, and he couldn't even muster even the slightest bit of pity as he picked up a branch and snapped it in half.

    Then, he created an array around those men without any mercy, and in a single moment, their very essence of life started to be stripped away from them. These people didn't know about arrays in the first place, and they couldn't have escaped even if they were in a clear state of mind.

    Adding onto that was the fact that Jiang Shuxuan had created another array of killing within the bigger array, and the eye for that array was the thin tree branch that he had picked and snapped earlier.

    He looked at the eight people that were in the array, before looking back at Gu Xiqiao and raising his eyebrows slightly.

    "The protection of the heavenly dragon corresponds with the natural law, and under the heavenly merit and virtue, all evils shall not prosper…No wonder, no wonder." Jiang Shuxuan muttered as he looked at her, before chuckling softly.

    Seeing as she had great fortune and heavenly merit, even the regular demonic entity couldn't even come near her, lest these wisps of demonic chi that were in the forest.

    More surprising was the clear aura of an ancient martial artist that she had.

    Then the air rippled, and the two of them disappeared from the scene.

    Meanwhile, in the city, a middle-aged man in Taoist robes suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, and it didn't even seem as if it would have been strange for him to even cough up his organs, but he didn't seem to care about it at that moment.

    Instead, he was staring aghast at the northwest direction, the jade tools he used to cast his spells that were glowing faintly a moment ago all turned into ash and dust.


    The bright sun filtered through the curtains and shone onto the clean floor, and the petite figure in the bed fluttered her eyelashes and opened them to reveal a pair of clear eyes. Then, she got up defensively and looked around at the familiar room before she let her guard down again.

    Gu Xiqiao rubbed her temples before she grabbed her phone that was on the bedside drawer, and looking at the time, it was already eight in the morning. She had always woken up earlier than that, and who knows if the old man would wait for her to go practice martial arts in the morning.

    She only remembered the events of last night vaguely and didn't even know how she got back. She furrowed her brows slightly as she tried to remember how she passed out in the first place.

    The last thing she remembered was how she cast the array and passed out…

    She asked about what exactly happened while they were having breakfast, and Jiang Shuxuan flipped a page before looking at her calmly. "I got a call from your friend the day before yesterday, so I located your phone through GPS and found you on a hill. You were already passed out when I got there."

    The day before yesterday…? The edge of Gu Xiqiao's lips twitched slightly.

    How tired could she have been to have passed out for an entire day and an entire night without feeling anything at all?

    Gu Xiqiao called Xiao Yun right after she finished eating, and Xiao Yun was elated at finally receiving a call from her, but her voice was in such horrible condition that even Gu Xiqiao cringed. "Alright, stop talking and take some lozenges and rest, okay? You don't need to worry anymore about this."

    Xiao Yun already had enough to worry about back at home, so she couldn't let her worry more about this.

    Hearing that Xiao Yun hadn't replied yet, she huffed softly. "I already told you that what happened had nothing to do with you, Xiao Yun. If you weren't together with me that day you wouldn't have gotten involved! Just worry about those problems on your end first!"

    Xiao Yun replied this time but halfheartedly, and Gu Xiqiao hung up the call after she held her forehead, then accepted a call from Mu Zong telling her that everything was all prepared for the grand opening.

    Gu Xiqiao heard for a bit and nodded at how everything was going to plan so she didn't ask any further about those matters but instead asked him to do something for her.

    Hearing her request, Mu Zong was silent for a bit before he replied, "It wouldn't be easy, but I'll try my best."

    "Alright, then let's meet tonight." Gu Xiqiao hung up on the call before looking outside the window, putting down the mobile phone after quite a while along with a cold smile.

    She had gone through the Gu Enterprise's finances and accounts in her past life, so she had all the weaknesses of the Gu family in the palm of her hand. She had evidence of Gu Zuhui spending large amounts of money on bribery, and she knew where all the evidence could be found, and if she wanted to destroy the Gu Enterprise, she didn't even need to do it herself. She only had to give the slightest sliver of information and their competitors would destroy the Gu Enterprise overnight.

    Just like in their past lives, Gu Xijin truly was in a hurry to die, wasn't she?

    That evening, Gu Xiqiao was in a coffee shop, propping her head up as she looked at the passersby walk outside the window. What she didn't know was how in the eyes of the others in the cafe, she was a beautiful painting that had given the coffee shop a boom in business all of a sudden, much to the shop owner's glee.

    Mu Zong came and sat down while panting, and only caught his breath after he drank some water. "Sorry for being late, something went wrong with the company just now and I had to deal with it."

    "It's okay." Gu Xiqiao smiled at him amiably. "How prepared are you for tomorrow?"

    "We set the venue at the Culture Manor, and the well-known people that accepted our management application have responded to our invitations and the media is swarming to us like piranhas…The lure you threw out was too enticing, Miss Gu!" Mu Zong replied proudly.

    Gu Xiqiao only smiled and nodded, everything going according to her plans. She wasn't worried in the slightest that no one would flock to them now that she offered software that was much better than every other on the market.

    "By the way, Bluestar Entertainment sponsored us out of nowhere…I wanted to refuse at first, but then I got wind that it would be a bad idea to provoke the person behind the company, so I accepted it, but…" Mu Zong furrowed his brows slightly, not saying any further, but it was clear that he was worried that Bluestar was going to take over their little enterprise.


    Gu Xiqiao rubbed the warm mug a little before remembering that Bluestar Entertainment was under Yin Shaoyuan's name. "Don't worry, the person behind Bluestar wouldn't fancy our little company. Just do all you can, okay?"

    Then she remembered that she had six percent of Bluestar Entertainment's shares, so she looked back up at him and spoke, "Give Bluestar five percent of our company's shares."

    Mu Zong was taken off guard by this, but upon seeing how calm her expression was, he pondered over it for a bit before concluding that she probably knew the person behind Bluestar, and quite well at that.

    Mu Zong's expression became normal again, and he nodded in response.

    How generous she was to give someone five percent of their shares just like that!

    In any case, he didn't forget what was the most important matter and so he handed the file in his hand to Gu Xiqiao. "I did everything that you instructed me too, but not too much information could be found in such a short time…"

    Gu Xiqiao accepted the files and stuck them in her backpack, before smiling at Mu Zong. "It's enough."