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Chapter 65 - Level Up

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 65: Level Up

    [Ding! The system has upgraded successfully, congratulations! You have obtained an inventory with ten spaces!]

    [Ding! The host has accomplished a hidden mission! You have obtained 1000 points!]

    [Ding! The host has accomplished a random mission! You have obtained 10 points!]

    [Ding! The host has successfully leveled up to the Chi Induction stage of ancient martial arts! You have been awarded 100 points!]


    The system notifications came endlessly after the system finally finished upgrading after three days, and the system spirit woke up after the system recovered to its usual functions, and as soon as it did it was greeted with the incessant notification sounds. [Qiao Qiao! What did you do in these three days? What happened for the points to jump like this!]

    Gu Xiqiao stopped flipping over the documents and blinked at all the notifications. It had slipped her mind that the system would finish upgrading on that day, but what was the deal with all the notifications?

    And secret missions, too?

    [Beauty Qiao, the system might have been shut down while I was being upgraded, but you would still be rewarded for the missions you accomplished during that time…But what did you do? You even leveled up on your ancient martial arts!]

    "I didn't do much." Gu Xiqiao looked back down and started looking through the documents again, but she was still thinking about the night that she was kidnapped.

    Did she level up on her ancient martial arts? She silently checked on the chi and the energy she had and noticed that it was two times more than it had been before. It was true that she was gifted, but she had only stepped into Beginner ten days ago…How did she level up so quickly?

    Gu Xiqiao looked at the papers that had evidence that could destroy the Gu family ten times over, but all she thought of were the points and her ancient martial arts level.

    In any case, she was even more surprised than the system was.

    Finally, the system made the only rational conclusion: [Beauty Qiao, you got lucky!]

    Gu Xiqiao: "…"

    There seemed to be no other explanation for it, was there?

    Gu Xiqiao entered the virtual space and did her daily missions again as she pondered over what had happened exactly. She had just gotten more than a thousand points from all the system rewards, and she was still reveling over suddenly becoming a whale.

    After finishing her daily missions, she suddenly remembered the inventory that the system had gifted her, and she opened it with a single thought, learning that the inventory was exactly like one of a game. There were ten spaces in total and each space could only be used to fill one item, but she could store up to 999 of the same item in a single space.

    For example, she could put up to 999 eggs a single inventory space, but if she used a box to hold 999 eggs, she could store 999 boxes with eggs in them in a single inventory space.

    Gu Xiqiao was immediately interested in this new function, and the first thing that she did upon exiting the virtual space was keep everything in the room that she could into the inventory before talking them out again, but her mental power was used up quickly as she did.

    [Beauty Qiao, you need to be careful! You need to use mental power when you place items into the inventory and take them out, and the larger the item is, the more mental power it would need!]

    The system spirit's body had become clearer and more realistic after the system upgrade.

    After doing everything, Gu Xiqiao prepared to go to sleep.

    The phone vibrated, and she took it out to see that it was an invitation by Xiao Yun to go eat at` Xiao Manor the next day.

    While the Nine Heavens Group would have its grand opening tomorrow, Gu Xiqiao had gone through too much in her past life to be interested in such a small event, so she handed the entire project to Mu Zong, and thinking of this she replied Xiao Yun affirmatively.

    Xiao Manor was particularly lively on that day, a complete contrast from how silent it was usually because Grandpa Xiao had never been one to like that sort of atmosphere, the young master had never been one to invite his friends over, and the young lady of the family had always been aloof, but something was different about that day.

    The young lady of the Xiao family had a rare smile on her face, and the workaholic young master seemed a little relaxed, while the master of the manor seemed particularly amiable…

    The maid that was in charge of pouring tea was newly hired, and she looked over at the unfamiliar boy and the girl at the stone table in the garden, and just from their silhouettes, she could tell that they were definitely good looking. She started standing on tiptoe to have a better look at them before a strict middle-aged woman spoke behind her, "Xiao Li, get to work!"

    Xiao Li's expression became pale from fright before she turned around and headed towards the kitchen. Right as she was about to leave, the girl at the stone table turned her head and their eyes met, and the clear eyes seemed as if they could stare into her very soul.

    Xiao Li didn't dare to keep looking and immediately hurried towards the kitchen.

    Gu Xiqiao finished preparing a pot of tea and poured one cup for Grandpa Xiao, before asking, "Grandpa Xiao, how have you been lately?"

    "I jogged for an hour this morning, you tell me!" Grandpa Xiao chuckled. He had been following the medicine plan that Gu Xiqiao had prescribed him for a few days, and he had started to visibly become healthier that even his old friend was surprised by how healthy he looked when they met that morning.

    He was certainly satisfied with this friend of Xiao Yun's and practically treated Gu Xiqiao as his granddaughter. If it weren't for Xiao Yun blocking him, he would have probably accepted the girl into Xiao Manor and started treating her like a treasure.

    "You know about tea too?" Wu Hongwen felt as if there was some sort of magic at work as he looked at her hands working on the tea under the sunlight, and he couldn't even avert his gaze.

    "I've been practicing ways to show off all my life, you see." Gu Xiqiao smiled and poured a cup for Wu Hongwen, before talking to Grandpa Xiao again. "Have you been having trouble sleeping lately?"

    It was normal for an old man to have inadequate sleep so even Grandpa Xiao himself didn't really mind it because his health had become better, but as he looked at the girl and remembered how magical she was, he couldn't help but ask, "Did you…See any problems?"

    Gu Xiqiao smiled and changed the subject, and Grandpa Xiao didn't pursue the topic anymore, instead starting to ask them about how they did on the national finals.

    It was already an extremely rare event that Xiao Yun would invite her friends to Xiao Manor, so her brother was quite serious about receiving the two as well as possible, while Xiao Yun herself stood there in the kitchen as she watched the chefs and helpers work on their meal.

    She knew that they weren't as good as cooking as Gu Xiqiao was, but all she could do was to make sure that they cooked the best they could so she continued to keep an eagle's eye on them, but it seemed as if it had the opposite effect.

    After everything was done, Xiao Yun looked at the dishes that looked quite delicious and called the people in the garden to get to the dining hall to eat.

    Wu Hongwen skipped over behind Xiao Yun and asked, "Xiao Yun, are you avoiding me? Do you have any complaints about me?"

    "You're just buy-one-free-one, the door is right there." Xiao Yun glanced at him.

    "Hey grandpa, look at Xiao Yun! She wants to drive me away!" Wu Hongwen immediately went over to Grandpa Xiao and complained, and the older man made a serious expression at Xiao Yun before chuckling good-naturedly.

    He was glad that his granddaughter had such good friends.

    "We hired a new chef lately who's good with making simple dishes that taste delicious and fresh, you guys try it!" Xiao Yun steered Gu Xiqiao to the table as she explained.

    Gu Xiqiao glanced at the dishes on the dinner table—Fried pork, celery stir-fry, goose wings with onion and oyster sauce, cucumber with steamed eggs, chestnut with sweet-sour pork and beef stew with tomato and yam, and it truly looked like quite the feast.

    Gu Xiqiao's clear eyes squinted coldly, and a smirk made its way onto her face.

    How smart, even she was almost fooled.