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Chapter 71 - Emerging Company

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 71: Emerging Company

    "Mrs. Zhang's family had some issues, so she has gone back temporarily. If you need anything, you can just give me a call. That's all, go on ahead." Jiang Shuxuan said, letting her go while looking at her pale smooth face. The torn expression on her face made him unable to resist the urge to rub her head.

    By the sofa, the middle-aged man couldn't help but ask Yin Shaoyuan, "Boy, who's the pretty girl?"

    Yin Shaoyuan had been talking to Wu Hongwen, getting an update on what had transpired when he was interrupted. He didn't dare say anything about it though, and just explained with a disgruntled expression, "Dad, are you getting demented in your old age? Didn't you send someone to inquire about the Gu family's second daughter because you sympathized previously, now that you're seeing her in person, you don't recognize her?"

    "Oh, so that's her." Yin Jinian said, then he glanced at Jiang Shuxuan, "Well, if you have the time, tell Shuxuan that the kid from Gu family is not easy, and she's just not worth your time. Not up to either of your standards, not even for fooling around."

    ‘Are you really my birth father! Do you not know that Jiang Shuxuan has such sharp hearing, he can even hear the sound of feathers falling to the ground ten meters away?'

    Yin Shaoyuan's face held a dumbfounded expression, risking a glance at Jiang Shuxuan's direction. Sure enough, his black eyes were sharp, cold and as hard as a rock. His face was also tensed, his body rigid.

    The sins of the father fall to the son and both are guilty—he was a goner…

    Once Gu Xiqiao returned to her room, she looked at the drawing board, trying to calm the shock in her heart for a long while. She had the advantage of a cheating artifact system, which she could have the time of a year in a day. Even with that, she had been able to level up by chance. Jiang Shuxuan was not the same—he was a real cultivator who trained himself, and he was already at Xiantian level. How much talent did this genius have?

    Even the system was surprised at the revelation as it had never seen such a talented person before.

    [Wait a minute, Beauty Qiao! The profound chi in your body that was out of control has been stabilized!] The system suddenly exclaimed.

    She didn't notice just now, but once Gu Xiqiao heard the words from the system, she immediately concentrated her mind on the flow through the meridians. She then realized that the turbulent energy caused by the upgrades previously had disappeared. If the flow in her meridians was described as a raging river previously, it had now settled down into a gentle stream.

    [I thought that you would need to spend at least a month in virtual space to sort out all that turbulent chi, but it looks like it's not needed now. Beauty Qiao, I have a suspicion that Big Jiang assisted you just now! But for someone to be able to help sort out another's chi flow, that's just incredible and impossible!] The system said, rubbing its chin in puzzlement and confusion.

    Everyone's profound energy was not the same, because everyone walks different paths, so for Jiang Shuxuan… was another level of impossible that Gu Xiqiao and the system were unable to describe using words.

    "Is this the strength of a descendent from an ancient martial arts family…" Gu Xiqiao muttered as she pressed two pale fingers to her temple, her thin peach-colored lips pursing slightly. Smoothing out her delicate face into a serious expression, she said, "Help me set up, I'll do the daily missions first."

    Standing in the virtual space, she willed for a table to appear in front of her, together with pens, ink, inkstones, and paper on it. Practice was the best way to hone a person's mind, and the system watched as Gu Xiqiao wrote on the first piece of paper, her calligraphy bold and flamboyant to the point it was almost haphazard, which was not her usual style. It was not until the second piece of paper that her calligraphy returned to normal.

    Seeing that she was feeling better, the system left her on her own to do her own things with a peace of mind.

    Gu Xiqiao was still too far away in terms of abilities from a person from an ancient martial family, so she still wasn't suitable to touch this circle.

    Downstairs, the issues with Yin Jinian had already been discussed and he had left with Yin Shaoyuan. Of course, Yin Shaoyuan didn't forget to take Wu Hongwen with him.

    As soon as they were out of the gate, Yin Shaoyuan hooked an arm around Wu Hongwen's neck, narrowing his eyes as he asked, "Why did you go out this afternoon?"

    Wu Hongwen had been chatting about it even before he stepped foot through the door, so of course they had overheard him. Maybe Jiang Shuxuan wasn't that concerned about it, but Yin Shaoyuan couldn't ignore it. She was his sister after all, wasn't she?

    The warm breath on Wu Hongwen's neck made him struggle over how uncomfortable it felt, but his struggles were completely ignored by Yin Shaoyuan. Wu Hongwen was not able to resist, and he also didn't dare to offend him, so he could only obediently retell what had occurred in the afternoon.

    "Is that so…" Yin Shaoyuan said as he rubbed his chin in thought. He nodded his head in satisfaction after a while. "Amazing. Not bad indeed, she's exactly like our family."

    Wu Hongwen nodded his head even as he rolled his eyes, ‘How big can your ego go!'

    Naturally, the few people here were unaware that the Academy of Fine Arts was in an uproar. The dean of the academy was pulling all the strings and using all his connections in order to find the girl of unknown origins. And for those who were directly involved like Shen Nianzhi, being artists would mean that it wouldn't be difficult for them to identify a person's appearance, but no matter how they tried, they couldn't seem to recall the girl's face—their memories in a hazy fog.

    The dean had been looking into the video surveillance all day and night, and even the entire Chinese painting world had been shaken by this event, but not a hide nor hair of the girl could be found.

    The address used by the Nine Heavens Network company was from the previous company that Mu Zong owned. The area was better, and it is located in a ten-floor commerce building right in the middle of the city area.

    At the moment, the company was still in its initial development stage, and the model scale was small. However, following this development trend, it would one day become a top of the line network company, and it wouldn't be impossible to get into the international rankings.

    After the opening, Nine Heavens Network company had been widely accepted by the public, as it was the first network company that was founded entirely by Chinese. Their products' capabilities and privacy were strong and not only accepted by the younger generations, even the older generations were happy to use the products.

    Nowadays, the first sentence uttered by youngsters when they met up was, "Do you know the Nine Heavens online game?"

    In addition to online games, the other software products they produced were also popular all over China. Everyone in the same circle was wondering how the Nine Heavens company could be so productive and yield such a high return, and not only that, the software they released was also great and not inferior compared to the technology developed by the other countries.

    When Gu Xiqiao reached the downstairs of the building, she gave a call to Mu Zong. Once Mu Zong received the call he hurried downstairs, seeing a girl in a pale yellow dress standing there. She was eye-catching, standing there with the sun shining on her pale skin from the back.

    When she saw Mu Zong coming in her direction, she smiled at him lightly. "Uncle Mu, you have to take care of Tong Tong every day, and also balance managing this company. You really have worked hard."

    "Not at all, this opportunity is exactly what I've been looking for." Mu Zong said, shaking himself out of the daze at the sight of her. Once he had gathered himself, he led her upstairs.

    How could this be said to be hard?

    Gu Xiqiao had the money, the plans, and also the brain. To be included in this huge slice of pie was already him being lucky, and sometimes he still couldn't believe his luck. Was this how simple his comeback easily came to him?

    He no longer needed to worry about not having enough money to treat his daughter's illness in the hospital, and he no longer had to worry about his business rivals trying to acquire the industry that he had established after so much hard work. Now, even those big shots that he used to only be able to admire from far would greet him respectfully as President Mu when they saw him.

    This was the life that he wanted, and he was willing to suffer through the hard work that came with it. This was because he knew that he wouldn't find a better-suited job for himself, and he would never be able to find another person who would believe in his capabilities like this.

    Even though the building for Nine Heavens Network company had ten floors, seven floors were actually not in use. It was still an emerging company after all, and they wouldn't be able to recruit so many people at a time, being that its capital and scale were limited for now.

    And after experiencing the betrayals, Mu Zong was even more careful now when recruiting people. Ordinary employees were still fine, but the process for recruiting management people was more strict and rigorous, with a lot of thoughts being put into considering the person, and he would still finally ask Gu Xiqiao for advice before coming to a decision.

    "Manager." The people inside greeted him with a smile when Mu Zong walked in.

    Mu Zong only inclined his head slightly in return—not introducing Gu Xiqiao to anyone. This was also at her request, as she wanted to remain behind the scenes.

    Once the two of them left, only did the employees started chatting with each other, "Hey, that person, do you think she's one of our colleagues?"