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Chapter 72 - Best Technology In History

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 72: Best Technology In History

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    “Having a colleague like that wouldn’t be bad.” A man with glasses said as he started fantasizing, “She’s such a rare beauty.”

    “But come to think of it, she’s a little young. You guys don’t think that she and the general manager…” The woman who was typing on the keyboard looked up as she said, giving a ‘you know’ look to everyone.

    “Dang, didn’t you see the cautious looks the general manager was giving her? I think she’s some VIP. Weren’t there rumors that our company is involved with the Yin family? Could it be someone from the Yin family then?” Another person threw in his thoughts.

    “Did you really just say that? You think our company can have a relation to the Yin family?” The same woman replied with a gobsmacked expression on her face.

    To their eyes, the Yin family was an unreachable existence. In N City, their existence was similar to that of being the emperor of the nation. Once, someone had caught sight of Yin Manor, but they didn’t have the chance to snap a picture before the person was chased away by the special police force.

    ‘With such a family that has extravagant security detail, to suggest that they have anything to do with this small start up company, is your brain just for show?’

    “How can you just dismiss it as nonsense! Do you know in the opening a few days ago, the Yin family not only sent congratulatory flowers, but even Young Master Yin also came in person. Otherwise, do you think that the Commerce and Industry Bureau chief would be keeping an eye on us?” Another woman huffed.

    “Young Master Yin? The prince?!” Several women’s attentions were distracted in another direction at the mention of him. ” I heard that he changes girlfriends faster than he changes clothes. A few days ago, there was some scandal about him and some celebrity women, sadly the newspaper didn’t dare to publish anything about it though.”

    “Even if you search online, the results you’d get would be things like relevant laws, regulations, and policies, and results cannot be displayed. It’s really a bummer.”

    “Ha! You still bothered to search? But that’s true, people like him are just too far away from us…”

    “Why are you guys chattering and gossiping during work hours? Do you want your bonus to be deducted?” Wang Bo had been on his way to the general manager’s office after receiving the news, and took his time to educate the employees that he was passing by at the same time.

    Most of the people here were under Wang Bo, had high capabilities, and were very respectful toward Wang Bo. As soon as the words left his mouth, all chatter stopped and silence descended over them.


    Inside the office, Gu Xiqiao was looking at a performance report. Her reading speed was fast, as she flipped through the pages quickly. She read one in a matter of seconds, and picked up the nearest business proposal to read next.

    After she had flipped all of them, she gave them some thought before pointing out the minor errors to Mu Zong, as well as corrected a few more obvious ones.

    Mu Zong was taking note of all the important points. In the beginning when he saw the way she was flipping through the pages, he had thought that she was just giving a cursory glance through it. He didn’t expect that she would be able to read them all in detail, and also propose plans. These plans were drafted by all of them who had been cracking their heads for two days, and yet she could come up with some with just a glance?

    Mu Zong couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at Gu Xiqiao, where did this monster come from?

    He wouldn’t know how strong Gu Xiqiao’s mentality was, to the point that the Chinese idiom of ‘ten lines at a glance’, which meant ‘to read rapidly’ was literally describing her.

    As soon as Wang Bo came in, he asked if Gu Xiqiao had brought any new software for her research, to which she nodded her head, “This is the high-tech software that I gave to Bluestar Entertainment, you can make a copy to tinker around with it. Mu Zong, you can reach out to the manager from Bluestar Entertainment.”

    [Beauty Qiao, to be honest, with the technology you have on earth right now, it’s possible that you wouldn’t be able to research any of these in the next twenty years. The three hundred points you spent were really worth it!] The system had a slightly pained expression when it said that. Three hundred points for three software sounded expensive, but it would be able to bring the greatest benefit to an emerging industry. For the sake of Gu Xiqiao’s future, it endured for her…

    Mu Zong wouldn’t know how valuable the software that Gu Xiqiao held in her hands was, but he could tell that the value was not low based on the price of the other companies bidding on it. When he heard that she had given it to Bluestar Entertainment for free, Mu Zong felt a little pain in his heart, that just nearly ten million out the window.

    He recalled the opening day of the company, when Yin Shaoyuan had personally delivered a flower baster. This kind of friendship, exchanging a few software was nothing, right?

    But why did he still feel that they were the ones who had lost out!

    Mu Zong struggled with his own internally as he asked his assistant to arrange the contact with Bluestar Entertainment’s executives.

    As for Wang Bo, he took the software that Gu Xiqiao had handed him to make a copy. As soon as he turned on his computer, a line appeared on the desktop dialogue.

    [Did you make this software?

    From: X]

    Wang Bo blinked in surprise, rubbing his eyes after to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. The one who had sent the message was a pinnacle figure in the hacking world. Even if you were in the same circle, you couldn’t even glance at the dragon’s tail that was residing up in the mountain, you could only look at the mountain in the distance. And now, this great god was talking to him in a casual tone, Wang Bo felt like he was on cloud nine. Even while typing his reply, he whimpered.

    [Are you really God X? God X, I’ve admired you for a very long time!]


    On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, a boy who had black hair and black coal eyes watched the line of letters appear on his screen, together with a few new software, and his eyes lit up in eagerness.

    After a long while, he slowly lifted his head, his eyes were bloodshot from staring at the screen for long hours. As expected, these software were not something he could crack, no matter how much he tried.

    If it was the past him, he absolutely wouldn’t believe that there were software out there that he couldn’t crack. However, now, the reality was right in front of him, and it made him tremble with excitement and surprise. Maybe it was time to return…

    In the upper circles of N City, the majority of them knew who Bluestar Entertainment belonged to. Even though it was said that someone who involved in military and politics was not allowed to involve themselves in business, when Yin Shaoyuan opened an entertainment company, it wasn’t like anyone dared to say anything about it. The old men from the Yin family were indulging him also, so who were they as outsiders to try dictating anything?

    Yin Shaoyuan had always been hands-off regarding this company, and his talent in business was not especially high. He had also been in the Imperial Capital for the more recent years, and hadn’t been paying much attention to Bluestar Entertainment.

    Fortunately, the management in charge of Bluestar Entertainment was more than able to run the company smoothly. Although Yin Shaoyuan was crazy, because he had a lot of money, others would also give him face. Otherwise, it would be difficult for such a company without anything unique about it to survive.

    The senior management had finally caught Yin Shaoyuan once in the company, immediately bringing him for a meeting in the meeting room. Perhaps Yin Shaoyuan realized that he couldn’t go on like this, and he had deferred to the people who were sitting in the room, and had earnestly sat down in the meeting for the discussion. Once the management people saw him doing so, they were also a little relieved.

    Don’t think that they were being presumptuous, if this young master didn’t want to come to the meeting, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything anyway.

    This time they requested for Yin Shaoyuan’s presence because of the newest company ‘Nine Heavens Network’ that had been taking the city by a storm. This emerging company had recently launched several softwares and sent it to the auction house. After the evaluation of the auction site, each software had been auctioned for an amazing price of four million.

    The news spread and caused an uproar everywhere, and Nine Heavens Network company rose to a new height due to that.

    Now Bluestar Entertainment’s worry was that their competitor had successfully auctioned a software, but the details were tightly sealed and they still had no idea what kind of software it was. But in recent days, their media coverage had resulted in quite a rise in popularity for them, and had overshadowed Bluestar Entertainment’s own, and this was causing Bluestar Entertainment to be anxious.

    After several discussions, Yin Shaoyuan seemed to have some sort of relationship with Nine Heavens Network company. So they wanted to ask him if he could inquire whether they were willing to sell them another software.

    Knowing that this was the reason these people had requested for him, Yin Shaoyuan didn’t really believe them. He even felt that his management was cracking a joke at him. “In your opinion, is Nine Heavens Network Group really that great? Even better than the military specific miniature camera that I bought from America at such a high price?”

    “That’s right.” The executive’s expression was solemn as he replied, “However, that Mu Zong from Nine Heavens is a slippery guy. I tried contacting him a few times, and he just messed around with me, not giving any serious thought at all. Then we thought of you, sir, we can’t be overwhelmed like this by that guy!”

    Yin Shaoyuan leaned back in his chair, his eyes curving up as he lazily played with his phone, seemingly not listening to the words that were being said.

    A person like him would naturally not understand the power of technology that was similar to Microsoft.

    Seeing the way he reacted, the executives started to feel even more anxious. Fortunately, the phone rang at the exact moment, and the executive looked at the person calling, his face lighting up as he hurriedly picked it up.