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Chapter 291 - She Had Always Been Awesome~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 291: She Had Always Been Awesome~

    Ning Meng ignored him. Lu Jiahao felt as though he was talking to himself and turned back to the front again.

    Huo Beichen finally asked her, "Are you not angry?"

    Ning Meng raised her brow. "Let me ask you a question. When a dog bites you, would you bite back at it?"


    Since both of them did not bother to talk in a soft voice, Lu Jiahao heard all of it and abruptly turned back to retort, however, Ning Meng suddenly shouted in shock, "Ah!"

    Lu Jiahao quickly turned to look at the big screen and saw that God's team had come closer to Han Feng's team! God had lost a teammate in P City, so there were only three of them left while Han Feng still had a full team of four players. If they insisted on a fight, God's team would stand no chance. Lu Jiahao was caught up in the moment and joyfully shouted, "Kill them! Kill them all!"

    The game was only at the halfway point, and there were still twelve teams remaining. If they died now, it would be hard to get a good ranking. Ning Meng furrowed her brows, feeling rather nervous. She stared on and noticed that God and ET's Han Feng were starting to camp at the bridge. After a while, God had killed one of ET's players and Han Feng had also sniped dead one of CM's players.

    It was now a two versus three match, and God did not waste any time, storming ahead. The two of them looked like they had the strength of four players, and this scene made Han Feng freeze on the spot. Han Feng's team did not need to initiate a shooting match with them. If they went ahead to try and eliminate God's team, they would need to pay a hefty price for it. There were still ten teams remaining, and ET did not have many players left in their team. This action would surely backfire.

    After giving it much thought, Han Feng decided to retreat with his other two teammates and gave God the bridge. As Han Feng's team retreated, Lu Jiahao scolded, "It was a three versus two match! Why are they such cowards?!"

    Ning Meng smoothly replied, "That's right! They're d*mn weak indeed! Look at God! He's so strong!"

    Lu Jiahao was so angry he could hardly breathe. Under normal circumstances, he would not bother about this decision of ET's main trainer, however, Ning Meng was rubbing salt into his wounds so much so that he could only hold his breath in anger. He lost sight that Han Feng was a veteran and that his strategies were always tight.

    God led his remaining teammate into the final circle. Unfortunately, because they had lost their men in the process, they could only bag the fifth place. ET, under the leadership of Han Feng, snatched the top spot. When the match was over, CM won third in terms of the number of kills, IMO won second place, and ET won the first place.

    Lu Jiahao was about to insult Ning Meng but she had opened her mouth first.

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Veterans really do play differently. They know that they're weak. Our team led by God had their members killed by other groups of four, but your Han Feng was just reaping the scraps of rewards left behind by this fight!"

    When Lu Jiahao heard this, he impulsively stormed toward the backstage for the participants.

    It was rest time after the first round, and Lu Jiahao was venting his anger on Han Feng. Han Feng tried to explain but Lu Jiahao seemed to be turning a deaf ear on him.

    Ning Meng laughed and spoke to Huo Beichen. "Lord Chen, don't you think that I'm really bad? I did all this on purpose. God indeed has serious skills, but he had only joined the club for a month, so it would be hard to even bag the third place. However, if Han Feng's morale collapses, we still have a chance to snatch this spot~ Hahaha. Am I smart or what?"

    She raised her brow and looked at him with her big round eyes. When she was talking to him, she was expressive and filled with enthusiasm, and Huo Beichen could barely contain himself.

    He nodded. "Yeah, you're real smart alright."

    She had always been smart and awesome. Just like all those years ago‚Ķ