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Chapter 266 - What Xu Weilai Likes Most Is… (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 266: What Xu Weilai Likes Most Is… (2)

    Gu Yu paused midway and pursed his lips before continuing, "I sincerely would like to see you!"


    Xiao Chun was caught by surprise. She had known Gu Yu for a long time and knew he lacked for nothing. He was always able to get anything he wanted on his own. Therefore, people who wanted to ingratiate themselves with or bribe him often didn't know where to start.

    Today, he was asking her for something? What in this world did he want but couldn't get, and yet was within her grasp?

    She couldn't help but smile and pat her chest as she declared confidently, "Brother Yu, just say the word! If it's within my power, I'll do it!"

    "Very well."

    The corners of Gu Yu's lips turn upwards slightly. He lifted his wine glass and raised it toward hers, making a clinking sound.

    Bringing the glass to his lips, he took a sip. This was good wine, indeed. The first taste was slightly tart, but it slowly mellowed into a buttery finish. Gu Yu placed the wine glass down and gazed deeply at Xiao Chun. With a small smile, he said slowly and clearly, "I would like to know everything that Xu Weilai likes."

    Everything that Xu Weilai likes…

    When the words hit her ears, Xiao Chun swallowed the wine in her mouth without even tasting it. The aftertaste that lingered was acrid and bitter without an ounce of sweetness.

    Xiao Chun coughed twice as her face reddened slightly. Placing her wine glass down, she quickly reached for the table napkin to dab her lips. With a dull voice, she repeated Gu Yu's words, "What Xu Weilai likes…"

    So, this was why Gu Yu accepted the meal…

    Although Xiao Chun knew that Gu Yu hadn't agreed to eat with her for the sole purpose of accepting her apology, she had never expected that Xu Weilai would be his reason for coming either.

    He had bluntly stated what he wanted.

    Gu Yu replied without any hesitation, "Yes, this is the sincerity I was asking you for…"

    The sincerity he was asking for…

    The powerful and peerless Gu Yu had deigned to have a meal with a lowly being like her, all for the sake of finding out what Xu Weilai liked…

    She'd had just realized that no matter how much he wanted Xu Weilai's heart, he still couldn't get it.

    Xiao Chun clenched her fists as an uncontrollable ache appeared behind her eyes. She quickly suppressed it and took a deep breath quietly. When she looked up at Gu Yu again, the smile on her face had been restored.

    "So that's what it is! I was wondering what it would be, Brother Yu! That's such an easy question! Are you sure you want to let me off so easily?"

    "Out with it," Gu Yu replied casually.

    Xiao Chun raised her wine glass and took a sip before leaning back against the chair. She said, "Well, there are many things that Weilai likes. Bags, flowy skirts, high-heel shoes… She has rather girly tastes and likes everything pink. Oh, right! She especially likes those little clay figurines. She finds them cute and…"

    As Xiao Chun recited the list, Gu Yu shot Assistant Lin a look. Immediately understanding why he was here with them, Assistant Lin took out a pen and paper. He began to take notes of all of Xu Weilai's preferences as if he were taking minutes at a meeting.

    "She likes to laugh and play, and she revels in excitement. She likes wine too. The wine we're drinking now is the same one we drank in the past. Since she liked it so much, I bought the whole batch. Oh right! She hates watching movies alone, so remember to never let her go to the movies alone."

    Xiao Chun took another sip of wine, and a very tiny tear, almost indiscernible, appeared at the corner of her eye. "And what Xu Weilai likes the most is…"