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Chapter 209 - She Has More Important Things to Do

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 209: She Has More Important Things to Do

    Su Cha just curled up her lips.

    Almost all had left. They came to the backstage and saw Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian.

    Yu Siqing was also there.

    She was freshening up her makeup and did not change her look at the sight of Su Cha. She snorted, “What a lucky dog!”

    Many workers heard her and looked over to Su Cha and her. They were going to gossip.

    Le Anqi thought that Su Cha would respect Yu Siqing as a judge and swallow it as she once told her to do so.

    But to her surprise, Su Cha smiled and said, “I might be a lucky dog. But Teacher Yu has used up all her luck.”

    Her words were cold and cruel and soon spread around the studio.

    The temperature started to drop. Le Anqi shuddered at the side of Su Cha.

    Yu Siqing could not believe her ears. Her face with heavy make-up looked terrible, “What do you mean, Su Cha?”

    Su Cha was still smiling, “I think Teacher Yu could figure it out.”

    She called her Teacher Yu as if she respected her. But when she looked at her with her dark eyes, its depth scared people off.

    Yu Siqing got her goose pimples all over and did not want to speak with Su Cha out of fear. But she did not want to lose face either, so she stared at Su Cha and walked away from her.

    She carried a fragrance with her, which was a strong perfume. Le Anqi did not save her face and choked and coughed hard.

    Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian saw it and laughed as they walked to them, “Congratulations, the best scholar Su! You would be the division champion if it weren’t…”

    Quan Jia did not see much nor brought up what had just happened. She patted on Su Cha’s shoulders, “You are lucky but you are also talented. I believed in you. Teacher Xu and I both believed that you can be among the national Top Ten. Don’t let us down.”

    Su Cha nodded. She was neither proud nor humble, “I’ll do my best. Thank you for believing in me.”

    Quan Jia looked at Xu Cunjian and laughed.

    How interesting! Other contestants would say that they were not good enough to become the national Top Ten. But Su Cha did not say so and her words showed her confidence.

    They did say many polite words. Quan Jia did not mention Yu Siqing. She just took out her phone and showed it to Su Cha, “Let me add you on WeChat? Your voice is very rare. I knew a vocal teacher in the Imperial Capital. After you go there, she can teach you more techniques.”

    Quan Jia really wanted to help her as she had spoken so clearly.

    In the entertainment industry, the more people you knew, the more resources you would get. Su Cha accepted it and thanked her seriously, “Thank you, Teacher Quan, I wish I could not let you down.”

    “You are really the very best student as you speak so scholarly….”

    Quan Jia could not stop laughing. Xu Cunjian also added Su Cha on WeChat. Le Anqi felt happy for Su Cha. Although Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian were not very famous, they had good reputations after spending all years in the entertainment industry. They could be very helpful to Su Cha.

    After the chat, Le Anqi and Su Cha went to have dinner. Le Anqi wanted to take her to celebrate, but Su Cha refused her.

    She had more important things to do today. After it, she could feel free to leave for the Imperial Capital.