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Chapter 210 - You Can’t Be Disappointed

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 210: You Can’t Be Disappointed

    “Aya, you are so annoying~”

    Yu Siqing came out of her car in the dim underground garage. She was speaking with someone on the phone. There was an enchanting smile on her face and her voice was extremely coquettish.

    Ordinary men would fail to resist her.

    The man’s voice was inaudible, but Yu Siqing laughed even more bashfully, “Alright~ I’m at the garage downstairs now. Don’t rush me. I’m taking the elevator and coming to you.”

    Then she hung up and rolled her eyes, “Dirty old man.”

    Because of her heavy makeup, she looked like a female ghost when she rolled her eyes.

    But as she walked in the garage and made “Ding Ding Ding” noise with her high heels, Yu Siqing could not help recalling Su Cha’s words after the contest this afternoon. She was terrified by Su Cha’s expression and walked faster into the elevator.

    She did not know that a ghost shadow was climbing the outer wall of this building.

    Su Cha stood at the railings next to the balcony and counted the floors.

    She was on the 11th floor and there were still five floors above her.

    She looked down and saw the unclear ground in the dark. A person who got acrophobia would definitely be scared to death.

    Yu Siqing lived in the separate building of a high-end housing estate, which had extremely strict security. But people could still sneak in via unusual methods.

    Su Cha jumped off from a high tree outside the housing estate.

    Normal people did not have the strength to climb over it or the balls to jump off it into the housing estate, but Su Cha could do it easily with the help of her exercise. Once she regained her inner power, she could even fly over it.

    All households were of rich and important people. But most of them had not moved in for the time being. The apartments had a balcony to the north with railings. No one would dare to go there except Su Cha.

    Most people who lived here would not go outside in the evenings because of its strict rules. Plus the protection of the night, no one had seen Su Cha climbing on the wall.

    Su Cha had got Yu Siqing’s address from Bai Kun. She could manage Yu Siqing by herself, but she needed someone to find out her address.

    Su Cha landed gently on the balcony of the 17th floor. She could hear people’s voices vaguely and was certain that Yu Siqing was here.

    “Why are you so hurry~ Aya, slow down~ Did your old wife ask when you went out today?”

    Su Cha squeezed her eyes after she heard Yu Siqng’s flirtatious grumble. She had made a plan but now she had bumped into something totally different.

    She opened the door of the balcony narrowly and peeped through the curtains. She saw two people caressing in the living room.

    What a nasty scene!

    The man lying face down on top of Yu Siqing was a fat middle-aged man.

    Su Cha found it nauseating and took out her phone.

    She never expected that Yu Siqing could give her such a good opportunity, so she changed her former plans.

    The two people were busy with each other and did not notice Su Cha who was hiding behind the curtains. While she recorded the video, she was enraged by Yu Siqing’s words—

    “Don’t you like young students? The show I worked in today~ There was~ There was a girl called Su Cha. You can’t be disappointed~!”