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Chapter 211 - Someone Was Behind It!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 211: Someone Was Behind It!

    Su Cha had wanted to teach Yu Siqing a lesson because she had always aimed at her. But now, she wanted to kill her.

    She was sure that she had never met Yu Siqing before and certain they had no grudge against each other.

    But Yu Siqing had been aiming at her since the audition.

    Su Cha had thought that she might envy her for her beauty and talent, but she became aware that Yu Siqing was in fact a wicked person.

    The fat middle-aged man lying face down on Yu Siqing was not a kind soul. Yu Siqing was trying to drag Su Cha into danger by saying those words.

    If Su Cha had no background or influence, she would hardly get away from them.

    Her ending might be worse than that of her first life.

    After Yu Siqing mentioned Su Cha, the man panted and said, “What? Su Cha? A student? Is she pretty?”

    “She’s beyond pretty….”

    Yu Siqing laughed enchantingly and tried her best to praise Su Cha’s beauty.

    “Let me tell you. She’s just 18 and just got number two in our division contest. She’s very good-looking and looked very uniquely attractive. You would like her the minute…”

    While she spoke, the man who was speeding up on her suddenly wore out. Yu Siqing rolled her eyes. That’s just two minutes tops.

    The man gasped while lying face down on Yu Siqing’s body. He became interested, “Good. Show me a picture, will you? You are always petty. Why do you become so generous today? You’ve introduced a new girl to me. Don’t you worry that she will win my favor….”

    Yu Siqing grinned coquettishly, “I’m just thinking for you. Next month, the hostess of our prime show will take the pregnancy leave. Someone must replace her….Ah!!!!”

    Yu Siqing screamed before she finished her words and pushed the fat man off her body.

    She looked horrified at the French window behind the man.

    The fat man was thrown to the floor and took a cushion to cover his body. He asked unhappily and worriedly, “What’s wrong with you!”

    Yu Siqing stared at the French window.

    The large and beige blue French window was tightly closed. But the curtains had been flinging slightly.

    Yu Siqing remembered that the transparent glass door was locked. How could the curtains fling? How could there be wind?

    She was always alerted. Now she found it very disturbing.

    More importantly, she thought she had seen a white flash between the curtains for an instant.

    Someone must have been there.

    But she was on the 17th floor!

    And someone was just on her balcony. Wasn’t it terrifying?

    So she had shrieked with horror.

    “What was going on?”

    The middle-aged man became nervous. Luckily he had ejected before she screamed, otherwise, he would’ve become impotent.

    Yu Siqing was terrified. She opened her eyes widely and pointed at the French window, “I think there was someone behind the curtains….”

    “We are on the 17th floor. Don’t be ridiculous!”

    The man got up as he spoke and walked to the French window. He was also a little scared.

    Then he pulled the curtain cautiously.

    There was nothing behind it. He was immediately relieved.