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Chapter 280 - Feeling Defeated Yet?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 280: Feeling Defeated Yet?

    Li Yibo was surprised that Jian Qi was way more powerful than he thought and her tolerance level was extraordinary.

    In the process of their fight, they were both heavily wounded but the girl was still constantly attacking him as if she was not injured.

    It was as if she had become stronger.

    As if she was unlocking different skills in each level of a game and her powers were constantly increasing as well.

    And she did not seem exhausted at all. Her excitement was keeping up with her.

    A normal person’s stamina would die down after constant exertion and their reactions would be slower. But Jian Qi did not become weaker, instead she was even stronger.

    Jian Qi watched closely and gave Li Yibo a kick in his face. Li Yibo tried to dodge it but he could not, and he got a muddy footprint on his face.

    Li Yibo instantly became bloodthirsty. He gnashed his teeth in anger!

    He just told her not to attack his face!

    Everyone was laughing as they watched on.

    “Nice one, Big Sister Qi!”

    Jian Qi smiled at Li Yibo while there was blood on her lips.

    “Jian Qi, you’re so dead!”

    Li Yibo was furious. He threw his punches faster toward her.

    Jian Qi moved away, but Li Yibo predicted it and he immediately grabbed her from the other side and threw her over his shoulder. He then immediately gave her another kick while she was on the ground.

    Jian Qi shifted and dodged the kick. While Li Yibo was grabbing her arm, she held onto him and got up immediately. She then gave him a kick on the lower part of his body.

    Li Yibo’s facial expression changed and he immediately blocked her kick.

    “Where are you kicking at, you assh*le!”

    Jian Qi smiled at him. “Didn’t you block it?”

    After saying so, Jian Qi immediately punched his face again!

    That punch was so heavy and painful that it made Li Yibo stagger backward. His mouth was filled with blood. He moved to dodge Jian Qi’s attack again.

    When Jian Qi attacked once more, he grabbed her hand and pressed her onto the ground.

    Just when he was going to suppress her with his leg, Jian Qi struggled and flipped him over onto the ground.

    Jian Qi put her leg against his back and locked his neck with her hands.

    Li Yibo was pinned to the ground and he could only grab onto Jian Qi’s hands that were grabbing his neck.

    But Jian Qi’s hand was holding onto his neck as if they were latched together. He could not get rid of her hands.

    Li Yibo could only get a grip of her other hand. He then broke her arm.

    But Jian Qi still did not let go.

    Was she going to strangle him to death?

    Everyone could hear the sound of bones cracking when Jian Qi’s left arm was snapped by Li Yibo. But her right hand was still strangling his neck even when Li Yibo’s face was turning pale.

    The veteran at the side was worried, “Big Sister Qi, are you going to strangle him to death?”

    Jian Qi smirked, she looked at him with those bloodthirsty eyes and asked, “Feeling defeated yet?”

    Li Yibo held onto her hand as he struggled, “Don’t. Even. Think. About. It!”

    After saying so, Jian Qi exerted even more strength onto his neck.

    ‘Girl, aren’t you being too relentless and vicious?’


    A gunshot was fired loud and clear, and everyone looked toward the source of the sound.