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Chapter 257 - Don’t Be Foolish

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 257: Don’t Be Foolish

    Jiang Yao stood at the side and quietly gave Wen Xuehui some tissue. She knew that Wen Xuehui needed to cry it out and vent out her feelings.

    After having a crush on him for so long and realizing that he was a sanctimonious hypocrite, not a single person would feel happy about that.

    Wen Xuehui cried for a long time before she stopped. She looked at the rows of short wooden houses at the roadside. She did not know which town it was but it seemed very dreary.

    Although she knew that Li Ronghui was from a small place, she had never expected such a well-mannered man to have such a revolting idea brewing in him.

    “Jiang Yao, that girl Fangfang seems to love him dearly, how could he do something so ungrateful?” Wen Xuehui suddenly asked.

    “He is willing to deceive such a nice lady like you, there is nothing else he can’t do. Perhaps in his eyes, the foolish girl, Fangfang, is a fool that he can take advantage of.” Jiang Yao uttered softly. “Let’s go, it’s meaningless for us to stay here, let’s go back to Nanjiang City.”

    They had thought that it would take a lot of effort to find Li Ronghui’s house, that was why they chose to go back during the weekends. However, God was helping them now, therefore this journey was a very short one. They could leave without even giving the place a proper glance.

    Wen Xuehui nodded, but suddenly she shook her head. “Jiang Yao, I am different from the girl named Fangfang. Didn’t you hear that she and her family has sacrificed so much for Li Ronghui? It was Fangfang and her family who was taking care of Li Ronghui’s mother, and it was also Fangfang working hard to earn money for Li Ronghui’s course fees. Li Ronghui could never pay back that girl and her family even if he were to use his entire life. I have never expected him to be so ungrateful. He is enjoying that girl and her family’s sacrifice while wasting that girl’s youth.”

    Wen Xuehui clenched her teeth. “I heard Li Ronghui say that his aim is to obtain his PhD. How long more is he going to waste that girl’s youth? How much more is he going to leech from that girl and her family?”

    Wen Xuehui suddenly felt that her sorrow was no match for that girl’s. What she sacrificed was just her affection, but that girl sacrificed way more than that.

    “I know that you pity that girl. However, Xuehui, we can’t do anything about that.” Jiang Yao knew what Wen Xuehui meant, but the truth was they could not do much as bystanders.

    Jiang Yao looked at Wen Xuehui who was rather stubborn and sighed, “Think about it, that Fangfang and Li Ronghui were childhood friends, they have known each other for twenty years. If you tell Fangfang that Li Ronghui is a bastard and that he is deceiving and using her and her family, will she believe you, a stranger, or her childhood friend? What if Li Ronghui twist your words to make that girl assume that you are a city girl who messes up other people’s relationships? If that were to happen, you will only bring misfortune to yourself.”

    In the previous life, Li Ronghui did not marry the girl named Fangfang in the end. Jiang Yao did not know what happened to Fangfang either.

    However, did she have anything to do with Fangfang’s ending?

    She was not God, she was not able to take care of everyone. What she could do was to protect the people she cared about.

    Jiang Yao’s words made Wen Xuehui speechless. She understood that Jiang Yao’s words made sense and what she said was right. Since Li Ronghui could deceive someone for so many years, it was clear that he was very manipulative and he had his own ploys. Therefore, if she really were to create trouble, Li Ronghui might come up with a countermeasure against her.