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Chapter 921 - The Real Show Has Begun

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 921: The Real Show Has Begun

    Even Wen Xinya could not help but gasp in awe and shock. “Turns out it’s one of the ten greatest ancient Chinese paintings, ‘A Thousand Miles Of Mountains And Rivers’.”

    Wen Xinya did not expect Duke Moville to be so generous. Seems like he had a great plan in mind! However, it’s unknown if she would waver.

    Si Yiyan raised his brows and said smilingly, “Duke Moville, you’re really very generous, eh? You’re giving away such a legendary painting just like that.” He then glanced at Wen Xinya and said, “Xinya, hurry and thank Duke Moville!”

    Although it was a token of apology, she still had to thank him for presenting her with such an ostentatious gift, so as to show her impeccable manners.

    Wen Xinya put the painting away carefully and stowed it back inside the box before closing it. She then thanked him smilingly. “Thank you, Duke Moville. I’m very honored to receive such an exorbitant gift from you.”

    She then handed the box to Liu Yanhua.

    “Haha! Great that you like it, Miss Bella,” said Duke Moville, who could tell that she genuinely fancied the painting and her expression that only those who truly knew about paintings would have. Although she was shocked and excited to receive the gift, she was still composed and clearheaded. Clearly… she had gotten used to seeing things of superior quality.

    It seems she came from an extraordinary family.

    Regardless of how extraordinary she may be, how could she compare to the true blue aristocrats of Russia?

    Si Yiyan said, “Duke Moville, you indeed have a splendid collection.”

    After some kind and formal exchanges, they dropped the subject.

    Wen Xinya was even warier of Duke Moville. His excessive expression of apology and his sincerity made her feel extremely uneasy.

    Tension filled the air in the room and the temperature became warmer.

    Wen Xinya knew that these were tactics that powerful figures often pulled before a negotiation. They would first create an amicable mood and, once the ambiance was right, the other party would give the proposed terms some consideration regardless of the situation. The consideration given would then be the key deciding factor of their victory.

    It was apparent that Duke Moville had an ulterior motive for presenting her with such an expensive gift. Hence, she had to deal with whatever happened next. She knew that Duke Moville was trying to curry Si Yiyan’s favor, and the fact that he had offered such a generous gift made her keep her guard up.

    However, he had yet to leak any clues of his hidden agenda.

    Just like she expected, Duke Moville laughed and said, “I heard that Rex cooperated with several nations in Yun Chuan to raise a ban on drugs. I didn’t expect you to have that bravery and drive, Rex.”

    Si Yiyan had an influential power and authority in Yun Chuan, and he was in control of the largest underground black market in the region. It was a land full of money trees, and everyone knew that drugs and firearms were the most lucrative industries in the world. Yet, Si Yiyan turned down the opportunity to earn money by announcing the ban. What is Rex trying to do? Duke Moville wondered.

    Si Yiyan smiled calmly and said, “Bella doesn’t like the idea of me doing business involving drugs.”

    He had indeed never touched the drugs industry and his abstinence also had something to do with Wen Xinya. He had also planned the ban for a long time.

    “Everyone says that a man can never escape the hands of a ravishing beauty. I didn’t expect you to be a devoted and loyal man, Rex.” Duke Moville then glanced at Wen Xinya, feeling apprehensive about Si Yiyan’s words.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “You must be joking, Duke Moville. Drugs are harmful to society. I just want to earn money from doing business. I don’t wish to become a sinner.”

    Duke Moville remained silent while smiling.

    The atmosphere became much tenser after Si Yiyan’s refusal.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Duke Moville, I’m sure you’re aware of how many drug dealers there are in this world who are on Interpol’s blacklist. However, due to the fact that they produce and peddle drugs, not a single nation is willing to take them in, regardless of how much money they offer. They will face only one outcome, and that is… ” She gently dipped her finger in some tea and wrote a word on the table with her wet finger—”Death”!

    Duke Moville stared at the Chinese character on the table, which he could read because he was rather proficient in Chinese since China had always had ties with Russia. He found the strokes of the character to be menacing and dominant. Clearly… they were reflective of her emotions!

    Wen Xinya continued, “Clearly, everyone detests the idea of drug peddling. Money may be important to Rex, but he still has his bottom line. There’s a Chinese saying that roughly translates to ‘Improve yourself when you’re poor and improve the world when you can afford to.’ Rex is just trying to use his resources to make the world a better place.”

    By bringing up the topic of drugs now, he was just trying to find another way to make money because of the Ivanov Family’s shrinking firearms business. However, the drug industry could not be managed by the Ivanov Family and Lucifer would be the most suitable candidate.

    Duke Moville chuckled all of a sudden and exclaimed, “Well said!”

    It was not his first time witnessing Wen Xinya’s sharp tongue. She also was this eloquent and shrewd when teaching Anatoli a lesson previously. Hence, he could not help but swallow his pride and suck it all up.

    “Baby, that was very well said.” Si Yiyan hugged Wen Xinya and they began behaving intimately.

    Avrora was fuming with anger, though she had no choice but to bear with it because of the circumstances.

    Duke Moville laughed and said, “Miss Bella, you truly said it extraordinarily. Drugs are indeed disastrous.”

    This Rex has brazenly turned me down and embarrassed me. Yet, this Miss Bella has made herself out to be so high sounding by bringing up morals and ethics to match Rex’s speech.

    However, the tension eased up.

    Wen Xinya fed Si Yiyan a grape, causing him to be in immense bliss. He said, “Duke Moville, you know how relentless those druglords are to the drug addicts within their community. They shoot all drug offenders to death.” He then glared at Duke Moville coldly and said, “If Europeans are so driven and ruthless to their fellow countrymen, why do they have to be afraid of the Golden Triangle?”

    Within just a short period of time, Si Yiyan managed to gain dominance and control of the conversation. He was indeed not to be belittled.

    While Si Yiyan spoke, Wen Xinya covered her mouth and laughed before saying, “You’re making yourself so high-sounding, but firearms and weapons are not that much better than drugs. Aren’t you posing a threat to everyone by owning the firearms raw materials market?”

    Those words of hers…