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Chapter 253 - Boos

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 253: Boos

    In a residential area in Jiangcheng, Gu Qianxue, who was wearing snow-white pajamas, was sitting on the sofa watching television with her legs curled up. She paid Gu Qianlin, who was beside her, no heed. She was clearly upset.

    “Qianxue, can you stop behaving like a child?” Gu Qianlin earnestly asked. “I told you that Xiao Luo was a devil. If you become friends with him, you will lose your ability to determine right from wrong. You must stop all forms of contact with him and never see him again.”

    Gu Qianxue’s lively eyes looked toward her. There was a trace of blame in them. “I am already an adult. I can decide for myself regarding a lot of things. I know Xiao Luo well, and he is not the devil you say he is. There is justice in his heart. It’s just that the way he shows it can be rather extreme.”

    “Rather extreme?”

    Gu Qianlin slightly harrumphed and shook her head, saying, “He dares to fire at us cops from behind, yet he used us cops to kill more than 90 people, even though those 90 something people were all vicious criminals.”

    Gu Qianxue said nothing but looked at her without moving.

    As if she was naming Xiao Luo’s crimes one by one, Gu Qianlin said, “He directly used a knife to slit the throat of hospital director in front of me. His methods are extremely cruel. I still dream about that bloody scene almost every day. He is a cold-blooded creature. One should fear him from the bottom of one’s heart.

    “Plus, in the stormy night on the 25th, he massacred the people in Long Sankui’s villa alone. That night, more than 200 bodies were laying in the garden of the villa. Blood flowed like a river, and Long Sankui got his head chopped off. No matter what reason he had, it cannot change the fact that he is a murderous devil. Other people want to get as far away as possible from this monster, whose hands are covered in blood, so why do you still want to go near him?”

    Gu Qianxue was no match for Gu Qianlin verbally. Since she couldn’t say anything, she turned back and angrily watched television.

    “Qianxue, I am your sister. I will always act in your favor, and I will never harm you!”

    Being the eldest sister, Gu Qianlin was like a mother. When their parents were not with them, Gu Qianlin was strongly protective of Gu Qianxue like a mother. In her eyes, no matter how old Gu Qianxue was, she was just a kid that needed the correct guidance.

    Gu Qianxue covered her eyes in protest.

    Gu Qianlin shook her head in resignation and didn’t continue. She knew Gu Qianxue couldn’t take in whatever she was to say. She could only let time do the job.

    Out of habit, she took out her phone and opened the news hub. When she saw that the headlines were about Luo’s Workshop, she couldn’t resist. She held the phone in front of Gu Qianxue’s eyes and said, “Luo’s Workshop is Xiao Luo’s company. The person who posted a long essay denouncing Luo’s Workshop angrily is the original vice president of the company. This vice president had worked for the company for more than 10 years. Even if he didn’t make any worthwhile contributions, he at least put in a lot of effort, yet he has been fired just like that.

    “Xiao Luo even used lowly tactics to defame him for having an illicit affair with a female colleague in the company and for siphoning money from the company’s tax expenses. He used those excuses to justify his firing. Even the A-list host, Mr. Jia Zhengyi, has reposted it and caused a stir online. Everyone is denouncing Luo’s Workshop. We can clearly see from this that Xiao Luo’s character is totally not like what you think it is.”

    Gu Qianxue stared at the news in shock for a while. She shook her head and said in disbelief, “Xiao Luo is not such a person. the vice president must be twisting the truth.”

    “Why do you always take Xiao Luo’s side? In your eyes, is he really that good?”

    Gu Qianlin was incredibly frustrated. What the heck did Xiao Luo do to win over her sister, causing her sister to support him so loyally?

    Gu Qianxue thought for a moment and nodded. “He really is a very good person!”

    She remembered the scene in which Xiao Luo treated her to steamboat. The two of them even fought playfully with their chopsticks in the steamboat restaurant. Thinking back, it felt so fun and worthy of reminiscing about.

    “Time will tell everything. The boos now targeting him will soon disappear.” Gu Qianxue had incredible trust in Xiao Luo.

    “Alright, let time tell everything. If the vice president has wronged Xiao Luo, I will not stop you from finding him anymore.” Gu Qianlin took back her phone and made a bet with Gu Qianxue.


    Luo’s Workshop was at the center of public attention. It was a lie to say that Xiao Luo was in a good mood. Furthermore, he found that the host of the talk show seemed to have become addicted to posting on social media. After reposting Xu Guansong’s long essay, perhaps it was because he had experienced the netizens taking over the comments section, he posted a few statuses consecutively to angrily denounce Luo’s Workshop. One of them was enraging.