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Chapter 254 - Surging Points

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 254: Surging Points

    No matter how calm Xiao Luo was, he was infuriated to some point. He sneered as he signed into his previous Weibo account with the ID name “San Qian Luo Shui.” He replied to his wall post, [Jia Zhengyi, have you come to Jiangcheng to investigate the matter yourself? What do you even know about Mr. Xu? Are you certain that Luo’s Workshop’s current boss is a nouveau riche? If you haven’t got anything investigated, as a public figure, you shouldn’t be misleading people!]

    If Jia Zhengyi wasn’t far away in Xiahai, with his temper, he would not be arguing with him online. Toward this talk show host, who split dirty water at Luo’s Workshop to maintain his popularity, he would’ve gone straight to his doorsteps to teach him a lesson.

    However, within five minutes after he posted his comment, he promptly received thousands of replies from the netizens.

    [Oh? Where did this lapdog come from? Has Luo’s Workshop paid you to talk in their defense?]

    [His ID was registered three years ago, and he hasn’t been posting nor commenting all the while. He was obviously hired by Luo’s Workshop to have come out at this point.]

    [Uncivilized swine. Are you even worthy of calling Mr. Jia by his full name? Has your mom not taught you to be courteous to your elders?]

    All of them were criticizing replies. Their profile pictures were nothing but the mainstream. Even their names were made up of a bunch of weird symbols. Xiao Luo faintly smiled. He had long heard that the internet was full of keyboard warriors. Now, he finally got a taste of it. They blindly followed the trend without getting to the bottom of things, and they amused themselves by insulting the others. This was truly pathetic.

    To be frank, this had instantly calmed him down. He even wanted to laugh. He didn’t know what was wrong with this society. Have their nine years of compulsory education all gone to waste?

    [Ding! Congratulations! You’ve earned 23,000 points!]

    The system prompt sounded in his mind.

    Xiao Luo was slightly startled. Initially, he only had a few thousand points left. Now, he was suddenly given 23,000 points. He quickly realized what was going on. He must have earned those points because he commented on Jia Zhengyi’s post and was attacked by the netizens.

    Is this even a thing?

    This was entirely out of his expectations. He carefully recalled what the system said about earning points. For any host-induced surprise, incitement, shock, anger, or other human emotional reactions, the system automatically absorbed and classified them and, according to their intensity, converted them into corresponding integral values.

    His phone suddenly buzzed from a message prompt. Someone replied to him again.

    When he tapped on the notification, he couldn’t help but be surprised. The person who replied to him was the talk show host, Jia Zhengyi.

    [As the netizens have asked, who are you? And, why have you stood up in defense of Luo’s Workshop? Didn’t you see that lengthy post made my Mr. Xu of Luo’s Workshop? He stated very clearly that to have a valid excuse to dismiss him, Luo’s Workshop’s boss, a nouveau riche, slandered him about having an affair with a female colleague and embezzling the company’s taxes. He is the company’s veteran, a person who dedicated more than 10 years of his life to the company. If it wasn’t that he had given up in despair, why would he post a thousand-word article to criticize his old company?]

    Xiao Luo instantly replied, [I’m still asking the same question. Have you personally been to Jiangcheng to investigate the topic?]

    With a bulged attitude, Jia Zhengyi replied, [Of course, my team has investigated and confirmed the authenticity of the lengthy article posted by Mr. Xu.]

    [Since you have investigated, you should know the name of Luo’s Workshop’s current boss, right? What is his name? From what background does he actually come from to deserve to be called a ‘nouveau riche’ by you?] Xiao Luo chillingly replied.

    However, Jia Zhengyi instantly shifted the conversation topic. [You must be Luo’s Workshop’s nouveau riche, am I right? Otherwise, why would you be supporting that garbage company?]

    [Garbage company? Do you actually feel that your talk show is really classy? In my knowledge, what your show likes the most is to gossip about the scandals of some celebrities. Your show even roasts about things such as a celebrity’s attire. Don’t you think that your show is extremely boring and a complete jerkoff?] Xiao Luo replied.

    Jia Zhengyi used the most contemptible and disdainful reply on the internet. [Huh huh…]

    “What the freak? Why the heck are you arguing with that bastard?”

    When Zhang Dashan discovered what Xiao Luo was doing, he was startled. He had just told Feng Wuhen and the rest of them to learn to be calm like Xiao Luo. No one expected that Xiao Luo would be the least calm person and had logged into his Weibo account to openly confront Jia Zhengyi. Amidst the swarm of hate comments, that comment was like a clear stream echoing within the comments section.