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Chapter 255 - Verbal Warfare

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 255: Verbal Warfare

    On Weibo, the hatred toward Xiao Luo continued.

    Jia Zhengyi had quite a number of fans. Via the reports of other media about the verbal warfare, many others learned about it and became involved. Some people were just following the trend blindly as they flamed Xiao Luo. Others criticized him as they felt sympathy for Xu Guansong. After reading his lengthy post, they believed he had been shunned and oppressed by Luo’s Workshop. Most certainly, there were some that remained on neutral grounds and were just there to watch the show.

    [Why are you not talking anymore? Are you out of words, perhaps?]

    [Garbage. Arguing with Mr. Jia? Are you seeking death?]

    [If Mr. Jia’s fans all spit on you, even our saliva can drown you to death.]

    Insults flew across the board. Even if some of them sided with Xiao Luo and expressed their views that people shouldn’t be judging Luo’s Workshop’s boss as being evil and malicious just because of a lengthy post made by Xu Guansong, and how people should be looking at the issue with a calm heart, they ended up being flamed just like Xiao Luo.

    [F*ck off bootlicker!]

    [I think Luo’s Workshop must’ve spent a lot of money to hire so many people.]

    [Get lost from Weibo, you idiots.]

    The outrage was intense, and the insults were harsh. Amidst the voices of condemnation, those who called out for people to look at the issue rationally and not blindly follow the trend were powerless and quickly annihilated by the billowing flames of reproach.

    Jia Zhengyi was very satisfied with the outcome. He didn’t need to verify if the contents of Xu Guansong’s post were real. He only wanted to make himself the topic of discussion. In that way, his popularity was maintained, and his talk show gained a larger audience. He imagined himself being a powerful influencer.

    [These are the people’s voice. No matter whether you are Luo’s Workshop’s boss himself or someone they specially hired, I would suggest you leave Weibo. We don’t welcome you here @San Qian Luo Shui.] Jia Zhengyi made an earnest post.

    Immediately after, many netizens echoed his words as they asked Xiao Luo to get out of Weibo.

    Although his points in the system were growing rapidly, Xiao Luo was still infuriated and had to reply. [Jia Zhengyi, you have all things but righteousness. Time will prove everything. By the time the post is proven to be a fraud and a deliberate action to tarnish the Luo’s Workshop’s reputation, I hope you can hold out against my anger. As a public figure, you have incited the public to condemn a company without any investigation. I bet the compensation you have to pay for defaming Luo’s Workshop’s reputation will more or less make you feel a little heartache.]

    The voices calling for people to look at the problem rationally re-emerged. Xiao Luo was evidently their leader since they supported him beneath his comment.

    [Retard, are you finally admitting that you’re Luo’s Workshop’s nouveau riche?] A netizen by the alias of “Legend of the Cloud” rebuked.

    Even saints have anger, not to mention Xiao Luo. Besides, this ID of “Legend of the Cloud” had appeared a plethora of times and was focused on reprimanding him.

    Xiao Luo faintly replied, [Life flourishes with your existence. With you beside me, nothing shall be feared. You are the sole reason I’m in glee. Without thee, where would the fine swills be?]

    After this reply was posted, the comments section immediately exploded.

    [What the heck? There are no bad words, but it does the job perfectly. Now that’s some serious damage!]

    [San Qian Luo Shui is such a cultured man. Gotta be his fan!]

    [Hahaha… Flaming someone without using a single bad word. I’m impressed.]

    There were still many people who viewed this issue rationally. They all appeared in support of Xiao Luo.

    Jia Zhengyi picked up the cudgels for his fans. [Arrogant just because you’re better in literacy? Who do you think you are? A poet? Do you know that you’re just a nouveau riche who can only cling on daddy and mommy forever?!]

    [I support Mr. Jia!]