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Chapter 333 – Angry Grandmasters

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Yuan Tiangang had a calm expression. A faint smile lifted his lips. The greatest weakness of Ming Siyuan and those people from the Great Desolate Lake was that they cared too much about face. If Zhao Jiutian was the one who lost today, he absolutely would not have allowed him to go. As for those words he said just now…what an idiot, since he had already won, it wasn’t a loss for him to drop a few condescending words and stimulate his opponent.

    Yuan Tiangang folded his arms together, feeling as if everything was within his control. As long as he could grasp White Fengfeng, then he could find a way to breach the impasse between Cleansing Temple and the Great Desolate Lake. Of course, in this breakthrough, Cleansing Temple would have the advantage, and there was even a chance that the Great Desolate Lake would be thrust into a hopeless position!

    Right now in Yuan Tiangang’s mind, hundreds of ideas were swimming around about how he could further humiliate the Great Desolate Lake. But before he could think of even better ideas, a voice suddenly resounded in his ears, breaking his train of thought. “I thank Revered Yuan for the high regards, but my strength is average and I fear I will taint Cleansing Temple’s reputation. So, I will have to refuse.”

    Ming Siyuan was startled for a moment before he laughed out loud. “Good! I appreciate juniors like you who have such breadth of spirit and such lofty ideals! As cultivators, we should walk down roads we pave ourselves. Only then can our steps be solid! I believe you will certainly have amazing achievements in the future!”

    His face was full of acclaim as if Qin Yu were a peerless proud son of heaven seen only once every century. His eyes were warm with admiration and encouragement.

    Young man, you are doing well! It’s like this, keep on insisting and your future will be bright!

    Yuan Tiangang’s complexion darkened. This junior Ning Qin actually dared to defy his will? It was simply inconceivable. And there was also that Ming Siyuan who he had just mocked. Cultivators from the Great Desolate Lake card about honor, so the words he spoke just now were like a slap in his face, making his heart feel even colder. “Ning Qin, do you know what you are doing? What mistake you are making? What you will be missing? What you can obtain?”

    Ming Siyuan said, “Revered Yuan, with your cultivation how can you blatantly threaten a junior. It is unbecoming of you.”

    Yuan Tiangang had no expression. “If he disobeys my will, that is the same as being disrespectful to me. Even if I punish him, it is natural.”

    This was an advantage of not caring about face. He could sound righteous no matter what he said.

    Qin Yu bitterly smiled. He knew it was unwise to offend a Blue Sea realm super powerhouse, but he couldn’t allow a threat to make him give up on all his plans. Only a powerhouse could truly control their own destiny. Qin Yu hardened his heart, becoming incomparably steadfast. He took a deep breath and slowly said, “Revered Yuan, this junior has his own reasons, so I ask you to forgive me!”

    Yuan Tiangang laughed in anger, “Good! Very good!”

    An invisible wave of pressure swept out in all directions.

    Yun Yilan’s figure appeared on the field. He was like a great rock, suppressing everything. “Revered Yuan, Ning Qin is a participant in the competition. Since he has doubts about his ranking, he has the right to request a reexamination.”

    These words were an expression of his dissatisfaction.

    Yuan Tiangang frowned, a little perplexed regarding what Yun Yilan’s thoughts were. If the Great Desolate Lake and Cleansing Temple fought each other, that served the interests of the Southshine Nation the most. Yet he wanted to intervene here? A trace of caution appeared in his heart. Before he could clarify the reason why, he decided to step back. He restrained his aura, “Haha, it was me who handled things rashly. I ask that Revered Yun excuse me if I did anything appropriate. Revered Ming, I hope that you and Miss White don’t plan on fleeing. Let’s wait until this is over before we continue discussing the bet.”

    “Humph!” Ming Siyuan coldly snorted and returned to the people from the Great Desolate Lake. White Fengfeng persisted in keeping up her prideful appearance, but a pitiable look flashed in her eyes.

    This look caused Ming Siyuan’s anger to simmer. He had a cold expression as he thought furiously about how to break free from their current dilemma without losing face. At this time, the poor Revered Ming didn’t know that all his worries and anxieties would soon be completely resolved without any effort on his own part.

    Yun Yilan smiled and cupped his hands together. “I thank Revered Yuan for showing me some face.” He turned and instructed, “Men, bring up the pill that Ning Qin refined.”

    Besides White Fengfeng and Zhao Jiutian, everyone else had their pills completely sealed away for safety purposes and in case further examinations needed to be done. Once the competition ended, they would be disposed of.

    Soon, the pill of serial no. 9527 was delivered. The cultivator who was responsible for appraising it also arrived together with the pill. This person was a middle-aged man in blue robes. Although his complexion was a bit pale, he remained calm.

    The audiences watching from countless screens were unhappy that the showdown between the Great Desolate Lake and Cleansing Temple had been broken up, but once they learned that this reexamination involved Ning Qin, their interest was soon piqued once more.

    They were also curious. For what reason did Ning Qin brave the wrath of a Blue Sea realm super powerhouse to insist that his pill be reexamined? Did he really think there was a chance he could become champion? Besides this, no one else could really think of a reason for him to do all of this.

    Yes, they did hear that Ning Qin’s pill furnace was extremely sloppy and low quality, but alchemy didn’t depend on a pill furnace alone. Before that, they also heard that him entering the finals and successfully refining all the pills was a stroke of unexpected success. And, who didn’t know that Ning Qin was refining a weak pill like the Demon Puppet Pill? Not to mention the difficulty of it, even if he barely managed to refine it, how high could its grade be? Reexamination…they really couldn’t figure out the meaning behind it!

    Yun Yilan said, “You are the one who appraised the pill that Ning Qin refined?”

    The blue-clothed man quickly bowed. “Reporting to Exalted Yun, it was indeed this official.”

    “Explain your reasoning to me.”

    “Yes.” The blue-clothed man stood up straight and coldly glanced at Qin Yu. “Fellow daoist Ning Qin, what you refined was the Demon Puppet Pill, refined by fusing your own blood into an eternal night demon mushroom and then combining three together.” He opened the jade box and tipped the pill into his hands. “Everyone, please observe. The pill’s shape is only barely round, and it is dim, without any luster at al. The medicinal fragrance is also faint. At most it is an ordinary pill. Of course, to guarantee that the appraisal is fair, we scrape a minute amount of powder from each pill to analyze the inherent energy within. In the end, this Demon Puppet Pill was judged as a low fourth-grade pill. Thus, I arranged it in 376th place. May I ask where fellow daoist Ning Qin has doubts that you request a reexamination?”

    On the appraisal platform, an alchemy grandmaster stood up. He nodded and said, “I also examined this Demon Puppet Pill and the results I found were no different. 376th place is an appropriate judgment.”

    Yun Yilan glanced over at Qin Yu. Seeing his calm expression, his heart stirred. “Then today, I ask fellow grandmasters to make another appraisal.”

    If it were anyone else speaking, the grandmasters wouldn’t have cared at all. Just who were they? Every moment of their time was precious. Ordinarily, just a minute of their time might be worth thousands of spirit stones. In particular, Qin Yu’s request for reexamination meant that he questioned the entire panel of judges. It was a very great loss of face.

    Now, the grandmasters certainly wouldn’t argue back. They picked up the Demon Puppet Pill and pulled themselves together, all of them rising with 120% of their attentiveness. They would appraise this well! Appraise it so well that no one could say anything!

    You brat, you dare to question our specialty? Let me tell you something beforehand – you’re done for!

    Beneath the numerous live streaming cameras, the ten grandmasters performed a grand ‘professional’ visual feast. The entire appraisal process continued as smoothly as passing clouds and flowing water, but in truth it was a rigorous assessment process. Even laymen who had no experience with alchemy would be convinced after seeing the entire process. This procedure didn’t continue for too long, nor was it too short. After the assessment was completed, the grandmasters packed up their tools and volunteered someone to go up and read the results. “Exalted Yun, we have completed the reexamination.”

    A grandmaster walked forwards, an eye flashing cold beneath a monocle. His voice was calm and stead, “The Demon Puppet Pill has reached ordinary standards for a pill. Its medicinal efficacy is average and it is a lower fourth-grade level. However, after careful examination, we have found that the impurities within this Demon Puppet Pill far exceed the normal allowed figure, which would inevitably result in the strength of the pill being affected. Although it is still considered a lower fourth-grade pill, we feel that the ranking of 376 may be improper, and after discussion, we recommend lowering to rank 408.”

    After requesting for a pill reexamination, not only did his position not improve but it fell instead. This result was beyond expectations. The competition field fell silent and everyone watching subconsciously dropped their jaws.

    Yun Yilan frowned. He had personally issued the order for reexamination, so even if these grandmasters were unhappy about it, they would never dare to tamper with the results. His eyes fell on Qin Yu and he revealed a bit of coldness. Although he was curious why the pill furnace had chosen this fellow, he would never allow a junior to behave recklessly in front of him.

    He would need an explanation for this.

    Yuan Tiangang faintly said, “I heard that before this, Ning Qin took many opportunities to show off on the network and attract attention to himself. The young these days are truly extraordinary. In order to grab more attention, there is nothing they cannot do.” This was clearly to place Qin Yu in a fatal position.

    Ming Siyuan also frowned inwardly. But in the end, Qin Yu had helped their Great Desolate Lake temporarily resolve their issue. He opened his mouth and said, “Perhaps that’s not what it is.”

    Yuan Tiangang glanced over. “Revered Ming, are you saying that there is a problem with the appraisal result? Perhaps my vision is faulty, but I really cannot see what is so special about this Demon Puppet Pill. How about making a bet with me? Let’s bet on the quality of the Demon Puppet Pill, and you can decide on the terms of the bet, okay?” His lips lifted up in a taunting smile.

    Ming Siyuan’s complexion sank. “Humph! I have no intent of questioning the result. Revered Yuan is too sensitive to words.” He could only pretend as if he didn’t hear about making a bet.

    Qin Yu suddenly spoke up, and what he said was completely unexpected. He cupped his hands together, “Revered Yuan, this junior would like to gather his courage and make a bet with you. If this Demon Puppet Pill’s quality is acceptable, I ask that you forgive me for my previous offense. Otherwise, I am willing to accept any punishment from Revered Yuan.”

    Yuan Tiangang fell silent for a moment before he chuckled. “How interesting. A mere Nascent Soul junior actually has the guts to make a bet with me. Haha, alright, I agree. If you lose then cut off your hands and don’t practice alchemy anymore in the future.”

    This was an extremely heavy punishment. However, a Nascent Soul junior was as weak as an ant in front of a Blue Sea realm master, and to dare to open their mouth and ask to make a bet was already a great insult. If so, then it was natural for the punishment to be equally great. No one would feel sympathy towards him.

    Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. He cupped his hands together and bowed, “Thank you, Revered Yuan.” He stood up and asked, “Revered Yun, is it possible for this junior to personally prove the effects of this Demon Puppet Pill?”

    Yun Yilan’s eyes flashed. “Alright.”

    On the platform, the ten grandmasters all had dark faces dripping with anger. Their hearts were boiling with rage. They glared at Qin Yu, as if they wanted to poke countless holes into his body.

    This junior was far too arrogant!

    The ten of them had gathered their strength and produced an assessment, yet this fellow still dared to question their judgment. It was no different from slapping them all in the face.

    This was unendurable!

    “Insolent junior, he has no idea of his own depths.”

    “Humph, he wants to show off for a moment but in the end he’ll regret this for the rest of his life.”

    “Give it to him, give it to him! I want to see just what proof he can pull out.”

    “At most he can try the pill and directly summon a puppet. What other games can he play?”

    The grandmasters all sneered repeatedly. They decided to sharpen their eyes and watch as this junior finally cut off his own hands!