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Chapter 334 – Disgraceful

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Qin Yu received the Demon Puppet Pill beneath the icy gaze of the grandmasters. This pill was one he refined himself, so once it entered his hand, he knew there weren’t any problems with it. He looked down. Indeed, it was just as the grandmasters said. It seemed ordinary with low medicinal efficacy, but in truth, this seemingly ordinary Demon Puppet Pill wasn’t ordinary at all.

    Let’s rewind time to two days ago.

    In the dark of night, Qin Yu took out the little blue lamp and bathed the Demon Puppet Pill in its light to promote it to the next level. The first night, everything proceeded normally. The textures on the surface of the pill that seemed like a summoning array formation became increasingly clear as time passed, and the pill also became soft and luminescent like jade. Its appearance was extraordinary.

    But an accident occurred just after midnight. As the Demon Puppet Pill was bathed in the deep blue light, it began to dim down without warning and countless tiny cracks appeared on its surface.

    Qin Yu was shocked. He had never encountered such a situation before. In just a short several breaths of time, the originally excellent-quality Demon Puppet Pill had been reduced to such a miserable state. He even suspected that as long as he touched it, it would disintegrate into powder.

    Tomorrow was the day when the pill needed to be handed over. Even if he wanted to refine a new one, there wasn’t enough time. Without the purification from the little blue lamp, there was no chance a Demon Puppet Pill he refined would be able to win the competition.

    As Qin Yu was frowning, Ninth Province sent out the second mental fluctuation since the contract had been signed.

    “Demon Puppet Pill…mutating…needs strength…eternal night demon mushroom…”

    The message wasn’t too difficult to understand, thus Qin Yu immediately began refining a second time. Indeed, after the thing refined by Ninth Province from mixing an eternal night demon mushroom and his blood approached the Demon Puppet Pill, it was directly absorbed and many of the cracks on the surface disappeared.

    Then came a second, a third, a fourth.

    Qin Yu had exchanged for seven eternal night demon mushrooms. Three had been used to refine the Demon Puppet Mushroom and the other four, after being fused with his blood, had been completely absorbed into the pill. By now, the cracks on the Demon Puppet Pill had all vanished. But the luminescence and the textures on the outside had all disappeared. On a purely superficial level, this Demon Puppet Pill seemed extraordinarily ordinary. Only Qin Yu could feel the incredible strength contained within.

    It could be said that the quality of this Demon Puppet Pill surpassed even Qin Yu’s own expectations. He was somewhat worried that he could stir up unnecessary troubles when he delivered the pill. After all, with his cultivation it was really difficult to explain how he managed to refine such a super pill.

    With doubts in his heart, he handed over the Demon Puppet Pill and left. By then, Qin Yu had already prepared himself to be the center of attention and even thought of all sorts of excuses and explanations to use for the various questions. But, the reality had made a joke of him. As soon as his name appeared on the 376th position in the jade peak, he nearly choked on his own spit. Even if the Land of Divinity and Demons had more geniuses than dogs, it was impossible for his Demon Puppet Pill to be pushed down into such a miserable position.

    It was obvious that there was a massive difference in the appraisal result, and thus this current situation occurred.

    Qin Yu held the Demon Puppet Pill, feeling the strength surging within. He instinctively felt that this was the reason for the variation, so as the person who had refined the pill, only he was able to sense the great strength within it. In the eyes of others, this was a low level pill that barely qualified as fourth-grade.

    He swept his eyes across the platform towards those sneering grandmasters with cold eyes, and he felt pity for them. They had no idea that they were about to be run through with a spear. After today, their reputations as grandmasters would be beaten to a pulp.

    He bit his finger and touched the Demon Puppet Pill. Then, with some effort, he threw it into the air. Countless eyes and cameras turned to see the Demon Puppet Pill tumbling in the skies. Then, in midair, a rich black and red mist erupted without warning, completely covering the surrounding 1000 feet of space in an instant.

    A rich smell of blood, overwhelming slaughter intent – the roiling black and red mist rapidly condensed, forming a massive array formation in the blink of an eye.

    Rumble rumble –

    Endless spiritual strength roared between the heavens and earth as it frantically broke into the array formation. There was so much and it was so fast that it appeared like a hundred rivers flowing back to the ocean. The array formation in the air seemed as if it were activated. It slowly lit up, erupting with a terrifying aura that exploded through the void.

    Space trembled and tiny cracks appeared. Then, without warning, space shattered from within. What pierced through that broken space was a pitch black fist, one covered with snake-like scales.

    The fist opened into a palm. It grabbed hold of the edges of the shattered space and violently ripped outwards. Then, that cracked space completely collapsed. A black form rushed out from the shattered space. The shape of its body was similar to that of a human, but it had no eyes, mouth or nose. Its black scales covered its entire body, making it appear like a shadow.

    Between the heavens and earth, the temperature began to drastically fall. Black shards of ice appeared and floated down to the ground. As they touched the earth, they fused together into a giant layer of black ice. In the blink of an eye, everything within sight was frozen over!

    A cultivator reached out in a daze, letting a shard of black ice fall onto his hand. In the next moment, an expression of incomparable fear rose on his face. But, it was already too late to regret. The black layer of ice instantly froze over him.


    “What is this bizarre thing!?”


    “Don’t let that ice touch you!”

    Panicked screams filled the air and cultivators rapidly drew backwards. Luckily, the ice only covered an area of a thousand feet, otherwise enormous casualties would have occurred.

    The unlucky frozen cultivator was rescued by an official who broke the layer of ice covering his body. But, that peak Divine Soul powerhouse revealed a stunned expression. He glanced at Qin Yu, dread in his gaze. With his cultivation, when he broke apart the layer of ice, he actually felt a sense of fear and horror rise from the depths of his soul.

    That black form that was summoned fully emerged from the shattered space. Its figure twisted slightly and it immediately appeared before Qin Yu. Then, stepping atop the layer of black ice, it fell to a single knee.

    There was not a single word spoken, but everyone could feel its power…and submission.

    The entire competition field fell deathly silent. Even the innumerable cultivators watching through the live stream and separated by countless miles were also stunned silent.

    This…this was the Demon Puppet Pill…

    Qin Yu’s heart shook. Even though he knew the mutated Demon Puppet Pill possessed a formidable strength, this actually surpassed his expectations.

    What the Demon Puppet Pill summoned should be a puppet condensed from medicinal efficacy and heaven and earth spiritual strength. It would stay in the world for a brief period of time before dissipating.

    But now, he could clearly feel the breath of life emanating from this dark shadow before him.

    It was alive!

    The Demon Puppet Pill had actually summoned a formidable, living life form…just what kind of joke was this!? He sucked in a deep breath and suppressed his quaking mind. He just about maintained his composure and then turned and bowed. “Revered Yun, this is the Demon Puppet Pill that this junior refined.”

    Inside, he bitterly smiled again and again. Even an idiot would know that his limelight this time was too large…so large that it couldn’t be any larger…with things having come to this point, he could only hope that the Demon Puppet Pill wouldn’t cause too much trouble for him.

    It was clear that this was just a hopeless dream of his. The appearance of the heaven-defying Demon Puppet Pill brought not only trouble but life or death dangers. And, it was within this danger that Qin Yu would obtain an unexpected harvest.

    Of course, that was something for later.

    At this moment, as long as one wasn’t blind, then it was clear that those ten grandmasters had all been ruthlessly beaten up. This wasn’t a light beating, but a barrage of strikes that came from left, right, down, up, leaving them swollen black and blue, so much that it was impossible to determine who they were originally.

    After a pause, those people that looked towards the grandmasters began to show contempt within their pity. Was this a lower fourth-grade pill? Were there too many impurities? 376th place was inappropriate and it should be 408th place instead?

    If there was a hole in the ground, the grandmasters right now really did want to worm their way in and never show their heads again.

    It was disgraceful!

    Yuan Tiangang paled. This was a result he had never expected to occur. He had been chasing geese all year long, and after letting down his guard, he was finally pecked in the eye by one. Losing his bet with Ning Qin wasn’t a problem. At worst, he would just wait for a time when no one was around and finish him off. Right now, what he was thinking about was the bet between Zhao Jiutian and White Fengfeng…it was likely he had picked up a stone and smashed his own foot!

    Even with Yuan Tiangang’s ability to hide his emotions, he still couldn’t help but loudly curse out in his heart.

    White Fengfeng’s eyes widened and her face flushed red. She couldn’t contain the excitement that lit up her face. She muttered to herself, “The hopeless situation was reversed, the hopeless situation was reversed! Zhao Jiutian, you must have never thought that the beautiful me would have such luck! Little brother Ning Qin, you are too wonderful, I just love you to death!”

    Black Beibei was overjoyed, but a strange expression soon appeared on his face. He glanced at his cousin. His cousin was normally an intelligent girl, so could she have been scared so much just then that she didn’t think of the possibility? His gaze fell on Qin Yu and his dark and ordinary face. As Black Beibei thought of how he had treated him with disdain before, beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.

    Senior, if it really is you, I beg you to please be merciful and don’t haggle with this ignorant junior!

    Ming Siyuan revealed a deep look before he restrained himself. He deliberately laughed out loud with carefree delight. “Good! Good! Little friend Ning Qin is truly a young and handsome elite! When I was young, I was far from being able to compare with you!” He glanced towards Yuan Tiangang. “Revered Yuan, you said we hadn’t finished talking about our bet a moment ago, right? Then, I think we should clearly settle things here.”

    Blood energy surged in Yuan Tiangang’s chest and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. What a good Ming Siyuan! I always thought you were a modest and mannered gentleman, but who would have thought you would actually know to kick others when they are down! You really are playing things so smoothly too!

    However, the words he had spoken before this had really placed him in a dead end. There were no words he could use as an excuse.

    Having thick skin and not caring about face at all, there were inevitably differences between the two.

    Yun Yilan’s heart shook and acclaim filled his eyes. This was truly worthy of being the inherited treasure furnace that came from some unknown land; its potential was extraordinary. The ordinary Demon Puppet Pill could actually be refined to have such incredible effects. As a Blue Sea realm super powerhouse, he could clearly feel the great strength from the summoned black shadow. But, he actually never discovered that this shadow wasn’t a simple puppet, but was a mysterious type of living life form!

    That’s right, Revered Yun had already thought of the most perfect explanation for why Qin Yu was able to refine such an astonishing Demon Puppet Pill. In Yun Yilan’s eyes, Qin Yu might be hiding some amazing ability, but this Demon Puppet Pill that was refined was almost certainly because of the treasure furnace. Of this, he had no doubt.

    Since the treasure furnace could display such bewildering strength, then the Qin Yu whom it had approved was worth the Southshine Nation trying to win over no matter the cost.

    With his thoughts racing, Yun Yilan smiled. “Ning Qin, it was indeed the competition officials who didn’t fulfill their duties of appraising the pills correctly and wronged you. You can rest assured. Since I am here, I will make sure you receive justice.” He stood up, cold intent in his eyes. “Grandmasters, it’s time to announce the result.”