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Chapter 267 - Not For Much Longer (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 267: Not For Much Longer (1)

    Xiao Chun raised her chin and declared arrogantly, “…is me!”

    Her eyes met Gu Yu’s eyes with resolve as she repeated herself, “Xu Weilai likes me the most!”

    Assistant Lin was recording down her words on paper. When he heard her statement, his pen didn’t stop in time and left a long trail on the paper, accidentally tearing it as well.

    What? Was he supposed to record that last statement as well?

    He quietly glanced at the Boss, who maintained a stony expression. Even Assistant Lin could sense the turbulent waves beneath Gu Yu’s calm exterior.

    Even though Miss Xiao was a woman, Mr. Gu’s was so possessive of Xu Weilai that he couldn’t allow anyone else to hold Young Mistress’ heart, even if they were a woman!

    The next second, Assistant Lin decided to cancel that sentence out. It wasn’t going to be recorded!

    Gu Yu glared at Xiao Chun coldly and smiled. His voice was somber and his tone carried even more arrogance than Xiao Chun’s had before as he said, “Not for much longer.”

    With that, he didn’t look at her for a moment longer and turned to face Assistant Lin. “Did you get all of that down?” he asked.

    “Yes!” Assistant Lin replied, “Each and every word!”

    As Gu Yu nodded his head and got up, he casually said, “I’m off!”

    Was he leaving without eating taking a bite out of the meal?

    Assistant Lin kept his thoughts to himself. When he saw Mr. Gu leaving without a backward glance, he didn’t dare to stay on either. He quickly said goodbye to Xiao Chun and rushed out after his Boss.

    Xiao Chun remained motionlessly as she watched Gu Yu leave. She didn’t call out to him again because she knew it’d be useless…

    When the man finally disappeared from her view, she suddenly called out into thin air, “Don’t go, Gu Yu.”

    The private room grew quiet, and the silence was deafening. Xiao Chun looked at the spread laid out on the table that had yet to be touched and suddenly laughed.

    As she laughed, a tear fell from her eye.

    He wasn’t even willing to have a single meal with her.

    What a waste of time this was! If he wasn’t going to eat it, then she would! She’d eat it all until not a single grain of rice was left!

    Xiao Chun picked up her chopsticks and kept stuffing food into her mouth. She ate as if her life depended on it, eating until she couldn’t swallow anymore. When the food stayed stuck in her throat painfully, she tried to wash it down with wine.

    Because she ate so quickly, the food couldn’t go down. As nausea swelled within her, she rushed out of the private room and into the washroom. Leaning over the toilet, she threw up all the food she ate.

    She stood in front of the washstand to rinse her mouth and wash her hands. When she looked up and into the mirror, she witnessed how exhausted she looked. Her perfectly made-up face was in a mess. Her eyes were bloodshot and looked back at her comically. She looked like a joke.

    Gu Yu’s words replayed by her ear. He had said, “Not for much longer.”

    Everything she had said to Gu Yu tonight was true, except for one sentence.

    What Xu Weilai liked the most was not her, but rather Gu Yu! That had been true in the past, was true at present, and would likely still be true in the future…


    Assistant Lin drove the car back to the apartment.

    During the journey back, the Boss remained silent. Assistant Lin had no idea what was going through Gu Yu’s mind. Assistant Lin didn’t dare to make a sound, for fear of disturbing him, and quietly waited for his instructions.

    After about a minute, Gu Yu finally looked up and glanced at Assistant Lin. His lips parted as he said, “Buy everything that you recorded down. Make sure it’s of the highest quality.”

    Assistant Lin was stunned for a moment and asked to clarify, “Everything?”

    The list was three pages long!