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Chapter 292 - Can You Help Us Solve It Then

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 292: Can You Help Us Solve It Then

    Huo Beichen's lips curved upwards slightly, his icy cold expression melting into a warm smile.

    Eight years ago, she was just like this, always filled with enthusiasm. She often used to say "Don't worry, I'm here!".

    She was like a roly-poly toy. No matter what came her way, she never failed to pick herself up the next day with as much vigor as before. He remembered that there was once when the Mathematics teacher was delaying their class with a difficult question although the school session was finished.

    The teacher had said, "If anyone of you can solve this question, all of you can go."

    He could not be bothered, and the rest of the class did not know how to answer the question. The teacher then continued to entice them with more rewards.

    "If you can answer this question, you won't need to do any homework today."

    The girl seated near the door suddenly raised her hand. "Can you help us solve it then?"

    The whole class which was dead silent just moments before erupted into a roar of laughter.

    The female teacher became angry. "I told you to solve this question, not ask me to do it instead!!"

    Ning Meng had nonchalantly replied, "Isn't it the same? Teacher, if you still don't let us go, I will starve to death~"

    She was bold and shameless at that time, unlike the Ning Meng now who was shy and easily embarrassed. When he thought about this, Huo Beichen closed his eyes halfway, his eyes falling upon her long, slender fingers. He paused for a while, and in the dark, held onto her hand.

    Ning Meng's eyes widened in disbelief and she looked at Huo Beichen. He remained calm and looked toward the front. Ning Meng was flushed red and she coughed, pretending not to realize his gesture. As she was about to pull her hand away, he exerted even more force and refused to let go.

    She tried to hold in her laughter and moved a bit more, but his strength only increased further. His slender fingers were good-looking, the joints of his fingers clearly seen. His palms were warm, almost as if he had transferred the heat from his palms all the way to her cheeks.

    Ning Meng did not move anymore and continued to watch the match.

    Lu Jiahao had returned and told Ning Meng, "Just you wait. We will crush you to smithereens today!"

    Ning Meng nonchalantly showed that she was unperturbed by his threats.

    Meanwhile, Han Feng's morale had really collapsed. As he had not chosen a good place to land, he lost one teammate the moment they parachuted. When they met God eventually, God still had three members remaining in his team whereas he only had two left. Han Feng was about to retreat but in the final moments, he remembered Lu Jiahao's orders and charged ahead!

    Using one of his teammates as bait, Han Feng managed to snipe dead two of God's teammates, and in the end, it became a sniping battle between both of them. At this point, there were still ten teams in the game. God had a quicker reaction and a stronger advantage, and finally, he won against Han Feng!

    Han Feng took tenth place, which meant that he had no points to gain for this round. God on the other hand had managed to grab the number four spot. After the second round, CM and IMO kicked ET from their top spot, putting IMO in the first place, CM in second place, and ET had dropped to fifth place.

    No matter, Han Feng was still a veteran and managed to quickly recompose himself. After five more rounds, Han Feng had caught up to the third place and CM had bagged the second place as well as the right to advance to the nationals! God had proven the strength of CM and had made his existence known in the world of PUBG.

    As the crowd cheered, Lu Jiahao's face turned gloomy especially when he saw the brother he had chased out of the house being interviewed by the reporters. He felt as though was about to explode! When he turned around, he saw that Ning Meng and Huo Beichen were about to leave, and he stopped them in their tracks.

    "Mrs. Huo, you have the nerve to bring your illicit boyfriend out into public to watch this competition! Are you not afraid that Mr. Huo would find out about this?!"