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Chapter 281 - Throw Him Back to Wherever He Came From

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 281: Throw Him Back to Wherever He Came From

    “Jian Qi, let go!” The familiar voice commanded her.

    Jian Qi heard that voice and her eyes slightly shifted. Because her left arm was broken, she could not use any of its strength so she decided to head-butt Li Yibo!

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Big Sister Qi, are you serious?’

    When Li Yibo did not react to it, Jian Qi head-butted him again.

    Li Yibo suddenly stopped struggling and his eyes lost focus. He then let go of his hands and was soon passed out.

    Jian Qi only let go of his neck after he had passed out and she slowly stood up.

    Everyone was impressed by Jian Qi.

    In the meantime, they all clapped for her.

    The veterans smiled.

    “Big Sister Qi, bravo!”

    “Good job, good job!”

    “Big Sister Qi is awesome!”

    Jian Qi made a gesture with her right hand and smiled at everyone. “Do you see a halo above my head now?”

    They all held back their laughter and nodded. “Yes, there’s even a pair of wings!”

    Jian Qi laughed and she heard footsteps behind her. She turned to the back and smiled at the handsome young man walking toward her. “Instructor Tang…”

    That familiar hoarse and irritating voice was back again.

    The girl skipped toward him and reached out her hands for a hug. Tang Jinyu immediately reached out to her head and stopped her.

    “How dare you head-butt him when I asked you to stop,” Tang Jinyu sounded upset.

    Jian Qi was stunned for a while and looked at everyone. “I just realized something.”

    Everyone looked at Jian Qi, confused.

    Jian Qi continued, “I’ve never learned iron-head kung fu. I feel a bit dizzy. Please hold me, Instructor…”

    The moment she finished her sentence, she closed her eyes as she fainted.

    Tang Jinyu immediately grabbed onto her.

    Looking at the girl that had fainted, Tang Jinyu was even more upset. He was speechless as he sighed.

    Feng Yi looked at Jian Qi worriedly.

    Just when he was about to say something, Tang Jinyu lifted her up. “Everyone go back to the headquarters.”

    “Boss, how do we deal with Li Yibo?” One of the veterans asked.

    Tang Jinyu’s face was dark. “Throw him back to wherever he came from!”

    The word ‘throw’ was especially harsh.

    After saying so, he carried her and left.

    Feng Yi followed Tang Jinyu and left with him, worry written all over his face. Meanwhile, Lightning and Crocodile walked toward Li Yibo.

    They looked at Li Yibo’s face that had been beaten up badly and started laughing.

    Crocodile then teased him, “Looks like this person hasn’t been beaten up for quite some time!”

    Lightning squatted down beside him and poked the bruises on Li Yibo’s face. He was amazed, “Big Sister Qi is relentless!”

    After saying so, he poked Li Yibo’s face multiple times.

    “Are you done yet!” Li Yibo, who had supposedly fainted, opened his eyes once again and shouted at him.

    Lightning was not surprised that he was awake and teased him, “Why? I thought you were dead?”

    “I just fainted. When was I ever dead?” Li Yibo was pissed.

    “Hah. If it were not because my Big Sister Qi showed you mercy, you would have been dead!”

    Lightning smiled happily. “I thought you would go all the way but you decided to fake it by passing out!”

    Li Yibo got up and sat on the ground. He moved his mouth and his bruises started hurting him. He frowned.

    “That girl is insane. I already broke her arm and yet she did not let go of me. She even tried to make me admit that I lost. If I did not pass out she could have strangled me to death!”

    Lightning started laughing listening to Li Yibo, “Why do I feel like Big Sister Qi did not really pass out either!”

    Everyone looked at Lightning.

    Lightning continued, “If Li Yibo was faking it and she was so strong, she could have faked it too!”