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Chapter 212 - Be Scared To Death

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 212: Be Scared To Death

    “No one is here. Why should you make a big fuss at midnight? Paparazzo can’t get here. What are you scared of…”

    The man turned around confidently. But Yu Siqing’s could no longer hold her shrek and her pupils dilated.


    The fat man felt something strike on his neck. The pain blinded him and he lost his senses.


    Yu Siqing had been choked before she could scream loudly. A slender figure had rushed to her and grasped her throat with both hands. Now Yu Siqing could not make any noise.

    Yu Siqing’s eyes were almost bloodshot. She was horrified at the sight of the person who she had just mentioned.

    The girl was like a china doll. She was tall and slender. Her face was refined and beautiful. She smiled like a ghost. Her long and white fingers pinched Yu Siqing’s throat, but she looked very indifferent, which was very striking.

    “Teacher Yu,” the girl said softly, “What a coincidence. We meet again.”


    Yu Siqing’s neck was clasped by Su Cha. She could still breathe, but could not say anything but moan.

    Yu Siqing has been scared to death.

    Her tears were all over her face. Although she was still half naked, her fear had gotten over her shame.

    She kept shivering violently with fright. Su Cha’s look became clearer to her. She was like an asura.

    How could such a beautiful face be so intimidating?

    Yu Siqing did not want to figure out how Su Cha got here. She recalled her words and felt deeply regretful.

    “Teacher Yu, didn’t I tell you that you’ve used all your luck?”

    The girl curled up her lips. Her high and noble appearance terrified Yu Siqing and also made it hard to breathe.

    She felt herself like an ant kneeling to Su Cha on her last legs and trembling with fear.

    “I’m…I’m sorry…”

    Yu Siqing wept and managed to speak unclearly after she recalled what she had done before. She had never expected that Su Cha would get back at her so soon.

    Yu Siqing was already scared to death as she saw her attacking the man.

    “Why do you apologize to me, Teacher Yu?”

    The girl suddenly let her go, which gave Yu Siqing a break. She tried to scream for help, but Su Cha’s cold and devilish look frightened her. Her legs kept shaking. Her scream was killed in her throat.

    “You’ve done nothing wrong. I find your words quite sensible. I was here to talk with you, but I didn’t know that Teacher Yu liked me so much that you wanted to share your sugar daddy with me.”

    Su Cha smiled gently. But her cold and ruthless words made Yu Siqing cry more violently.