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Chapter 73 - Feas

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 73: Feast

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    The person on the phone was someone the Bluestar Entertainment executive had always wanted to meet, but was unable to. After finishing up the call, he suddenly turned to Yin Shaoyin with a look of admiration. “Young Master Yin, so you had actually already obtained the software from Nine Heavens Network. Mu Zong just called to let us know that they would provide us with the software and hardware with no charge!”

    Faced with the bright eyes of his executive, Yin Shaoyuan was a bit dumbfounded. “…”

    He then realized that his executives had not been joking with him. Slipping on a more serious expression, he raised an eyebrow. “The part where you said their software was great, that wasn’t trying to rile me up?”

    “The auction site personally evaluated it, it definitely wasn’t! Everyone in the circle knows that too!” The executives were laughing joyously, there were now only three software programs left from Nine Heavens, and you couldn’t imagine the joy they were feeling right now for having one in their hands. “Young Master Yin, don’t go first. The software will be here soon, and I can personally have a demonstration to show you.”

    Yin Shaoyuan said nothing as he took out his phone, waiting patiently for the first time ever.

    The two companies were located in the city center, and the distance was not that far. The software was quickly sent over, and the staff from the tech department were gathered around when it arrived. Yin Shaoyuan glanced at it.

    He didn’t understand the cryptic and difficult codes that he saw, but with the maneuvering of the engineer, the ordinary flat media immediately lit up with brilliant 3D colors from its dull flat state. The engineer was excited as he said, “I haven’t fully understood the software, and can only produce this effect at the moment. Everything inside here is amazing, give me a few days, I will definitely be able to make the coolest promotional image in the world with this!”

    Yin Shaoyuan didn’t understand the technical aspects of this, nor why this was such a great thing, but seeing the uncontrollable excitement of his technicians, he smothered his doubts.

    Nine Heavens had brought over the software, and the issue about this had been solved perfectly. The senior management no longer pestered Yin Shaoyuan about his presence, and so he left the company with a complicated feeling in his heart.

    In the beginning when he had befriended Gu Xiqiao, it wasn’t with any ulterior motive or anything. Firstly, it was because the girl was exquisite in appearance and her fiery temper was exactly up his alley. Secondly, it was because Jiang Shuxuan treated her very well, and so he just went with the flow and acknowledged her as his sister.

    In the eyes of others, it would seem like she had picked up a big bargain with him doing so, but now it would seem like it was the other way around, wasn’t it?

    Turning down a beauty politely, Yin Shaoyuan gave Gu Xiqiao a call, deciding to invite her for a meal.


    When Gu Xiqiao received the call, she was already at the door of an internet cafe, she had come here after the discussion with Mu Zong. Listening to the words from Yin Shaoyuan, she rubbed her temple gently as she replied, “I can’t make it today, I’m meeting with Xiao Yun for something. Next time, I’ll treat you to a meal instead.”

    Entering an internet cafe for the first time in her two lives, she felt that the place was very simple.

    She had initially planned on returning home directly, but Wu Hongwen had called her to come over to the internet cafe. What confused her was that Xiao Yun would come to a place like this.

    Presenting her ID card with mixed feelings, Gu Xiqiao paid the fee and glanced around, spotting Wu Hongwen who was with Xiao Yun quickly. The two of them were not in private seatings either, sitting in a corner of the lobby, wearing earphones. They didn’t even realize she was approaching.

    Finally seeing Gu Xiqiao making her way over, Wu Hongwen immediately cleared a seat for her. “Do you feel it’s too noisy? I thought since it’s an internet cafe, the best way to have the feel was to sit in the lobby area.”

    Seeing that Gu Xiqiao wasn’t showing any signs of disdain, Wu Hongwen grinned. “I brought you here today to play the Nine Heavens game that even Xiao Yun can’t stop playing!”

    Gu Xiqiao’s mixed feelings got even more complicated hearing that.

    Although the online game was distributed from her hands, she had never touched it before.

    “Click here to log in, then enter a nickname, which is similar to a user name.” Wu Hongwen walked Gu Xiqiao through the process step-by-step, because he was afraid she didn’t understand, and took the time to explain clearly.

    She gave some serious thought before entering the words: For A Millennium.

    “You’re already in the starting village, click on the NPC to accept the task and wait a while for me, I’ll log in to bring you around.” Wu Hongwen proceeded to hijack the computer beside him, chasing away the young man who had been sitting on it. While guiding Gu Xiqiao around, he admired the game as they played. “I’m not sure who created the game, but the sound effects, graphics, speed, skills, and the complex controls are everything that I ever wanted. Sometimes it feels like I’m not playing a game, but it’s actually reality.”

    “I always thought that these kinds of games could only be developed by other foreign countries, and I never expected to see China setting a precedent for it instead. I can already imagine the day when Nine Heavens dominates the world of online games!” Wu Hongwen said excitedly, as though he had wanted to say it for a long time.

    Gu Xiqiao only smiled as she listened to his words, her features highlighting her youth, her face resembling a beautiful painting, and her earnest looks in her eyes were gentle.

    Wu Hongwen got more excited and animated the more he talked.

    Gu Xiqiao might be a genius in many other aspects, but in terms of online games, she was only average. She wasn’t a klutz by any means, but she wasn’t great either. She couldn’t even compare to Xiao Yun’s level, but it wasn’t like she was interested in online games anyway. It was the system that liked it, and Gu Xiqiao let it play.

    As the most powerful virtual network, the system had already produced its own intelligence. Even the most powerful firewall would be nothing in front of it, and playing an online game was just a walk in the park for it.

    “Ah, I almost forgot!” Xiao Yun said suddenly, turning away from the computer in front of her to face Gu Xiqiao. “The class monitor told me to invite you for the farewell banquet, what time is it now—oh no!”

    Wu Hongwen glanced at the digital display on the computer. “It’s 4:25 pm.”

    “He asked us to arrive before 5 o’clock, luckily it’s not over the agreed time yet.” Xiao Yun said, breathing a sigh of relief.

    Tomorrow was the day when the results of the national finals would be announced. Until then, a lot of families would be rejoicing and at the same time be worried. Most people chose to enjoy before the results came out, so their class monitoe decided to have a big feast the day before the announcement. However, he couldn’t contact Gu Xiqiao, so could only leave it to Xiao Yun to bring her.


    The venue of the party was set in a fairly good entertainment club. Xiao Yun looked in from the distance, and was slightly surprised, “I didn’t expect our class monitor to have so much money.”

    “Your focus on certain things are still weird, as usual.” Gu Xiqiao said, smiling lightly at the comment. She had already seen their class representative who was standing beside the door. “Aren’t you the richest in our class?”

    Xiao Yun glanced at Gu Xiqiao. “No, that’s you.”

    Gu Xiqiao scratched her nose, deciding not to retort. The class monitor had already seen the two of them. “You two beautiful women are finally here. If you were any later, I would probably be torn to pieces by those little bitches in there!”

    The two of them followed him into the private room, seeing that the rest of their class had already gathered here. Seeing the class monitor bringing the two over, one of the guys slapped the class monitor on his back enthusiastically. “You’re really something, here are three cups as your reward!”

    The class monitor couldn’t say anything as three cups were pushed into his face with those words.

    “Beauties!” The people greeted Gu Xiqiao one after another. They had been divided into two tables, and Gu Xiqiao was ushered into the main seat, while Xiao Yun followed closely, settling into a seat beside her.

    “Everyone knows that due to some family issues, I almost had to give up taking the national finals, and maths was my worst ever subject. At such a despairing time, I had Beauty Gu and you guys beside me. This time’s finals were easier than the previous mock exams that I had to take. Thank you, and also thank you everyone!” The girl sitting opposite Gu Xiqiao stood up and raised a glass in her direction, her eyes slightly red when she was finished.

    So many people had advised her to give up, and only the people in the Parallel Class had accompanied her through this period and encouraged her.

    “There isn’t much else to say, this toast is to you, Beauty Gu.” The people who were sitting at the next table also came over, one after another. All of them knew, in the last moments of their preparations, it was because Gu Xiqiao had led them every step of the way, that they were able to create the miracle that they did.

    Even in the last mock exam that they took, the average marks of their class had managed to catch up with those in the Rocket Class. It made the director who had always shunned their Parallel Class to be dumbstruck at the results.

    They believed that when the results of the national finals were announced, their Parallel Class results wouldn’t be that bad.

    This was faith, the confidence that had been given to them by Gu Xiqiao!