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Chapter 273 - Teacher Luo is a Great Person

Pocket Hunting Dimension
     Chapter 273 Teacher Luo is a Great Person

    Lu Ze didn’t even know whether Qiuyue Hesha was still a teacher of Emperor Capital Academy.

    If the Emperor Capital Academy students knew that their teacher was teaching Federal University students, would they be furious?

    Two days later, news came from planet Jinyao, informing them that the dao enlightenment room was vacant.

    Nangong Jing took Qiuyue Hesha, Lin Ling, and Lu Ze, as well as Yingying, to planet Jinyao.

    Since the four people Yingying was most familiar with were going to the dao enlightenment room, they couldn’t leave Yingying alone. Who knew if she would eat the entire dorms out of hunger?

    And, perhaps old man Nangong would benefit from staying with Yingying.

    Before the shack, Nangong Jing’s flying ship stopped. The four brought Yingying down. She looked around curiously.

    Old man Nangong was already waiting outside the shack.

    Nangong Jing smiled at Yingying. “Little Yingying, this old man is sister’s great-grandpa. For this month, we will be cultivating in other places on this planet. Can you stay with the old grandpa?”

    Yingying’s body stiffened. She looked at the four and blinked. “Are you really going to stay here on this planet to cultivate? You guys won’t leave?”

    Lu Ze rubbed Yingying’s head. “Don’t worry, we won’t leave.”

    Old man Nangong squatted down and smiled amicably at Yingying. “You’re Yingying, right? You should be able to feel that the big brothers and sisters are on this planet. Don’t worry, you can play with me here, alright?”

    Yingying looked at the four hesitantly. After all, her friend had left once before. She didn’t want it to happen again. But since they said they were on this planet, she could still sense them.

    Thinking about this, Yingying nodded. “Come back early then!”

    Lin Ling rubbed Yingying’s face. “Don’t worry, we’ll come back in a month.”

    Qiuyue Hesha hugged Yingying. “Big sister won’t leave Yingying behind.”

    Nangong Jing thought of something and said to old man Nangong, “Old man, you can’t let Yingying drink!”

    After being brainwashed by Lu Ze and the rest, she finally realized that it was inappropriate for Yingying to drink.

    Lu Ze and the others: “…”

    Yingying was already a foodie. If she became an alcoholic too, all hell would break loose.

    Old man Nangong smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry, I know.”

    Even if he had the chance, he wouldn’t. Who knew if wine would affect Yingying? If something happened, then it would affect the entire human race.

    Lu Ze and the other three left the shack on the flying ship and came to a small city very far from the shack.

    This city only had a radius of 20 kilometers. It had ten-meter tall black walls surrounding it with all sorts of cannons and energy barrier devices.

    The houses inside weren’t tall. They were only two stories and were black too.

    This entire city seemed like black chocolate.

    Before the city was a large space station, but only a few flying ships came and went. Nangong Jing parked her ship there, and the four got out.

    Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “It’s your first time at Jinyao City. I’ll tell you the rules here, so you don’t break it the next time you come alone. It’s very serious to break rules here.”

    “Please speak, teacher.”

    “Jinyao City is the biggest treasure cove of Dawn System. The items, which required high academic credits on Dawn Network, are kept here. If a flying ship flies above the city, it will be struck down without hesitation. Flying ship must stop at the space station.”

    “You must register before you enter the city. After that, you can only go to where your reward is since it is forbidden to wander to other places.” “You can’t fly nor fight in the city, or your rewards will be confiscated. There will also be punishment based on the severity of the offense.”

    “There are some special rewards that require people to lead you there.”

    Lu Ze and Lin Ling remembered carefully.

    As they spoke with each other, they soon came to the city gates.

    The city gate was only three meters wide. There was an identity scanning device installed. An extremely handsome white-haired man was sitting on the chair with his eyes closed.

    Lu Ze looked at this man and became dazed. It was Luo Bingqing.

    He hadn’t seen him in the school for a while. Lu Ze did not expect to meet him here.

    Was he guarding the gates?