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Chapter 276 - What Was That??

Pocket Hunting Dimension
     Chapter 276 What Was That??

    There were pros and cons to the change in the pocket hunting dimension.

    Naturally, it could be considered a good thing that the orbs were of higher level and thus more useful to Lu Ze. Fighting beasts similar to his level also gave Lu Ze more combat experience.

    Previously, Lu Ze was in a very awkward situation.

    The bosses could kill him instantly while he could kill the low-level core martial state beasts instantly. Now due to the change, Lu Ze had this long-awaited hot-blooded battle.

    However, it wasn’t just that the beasts became stronger, but their density also increased.

    They liked to go around everywhere.

    Lu Ze encountered this situation right now. His battle with the sheep drew over three powerful beasts. One of them was a blue bird boss whose power had reached 400 to 500 apertures.

    This made Lu Ze sad.

    Why did things become like this?

    He turned around and found the middle position between the two weaker beasts and flew over.

    He felt he could run away. Ree!!

    Sensing Lu Ze’s movement, the blue bird boss shrieked.

    The shriek pierced the area within tens of kilometers.

    Lu Ze’s face changed.

    It was so fast!

    Although Lu Ze had wings of the wind, the blue bird was a boss after all. It was much stronger than Lu Ze.

    He could feel its violent chi coming over rapidly. It was twice as fast as he was.

    The beasts he chose to run to didn’t dare to come near and instead ran to the sides.

    Lu Ze: “…”


    Lu Ze had never seen beasts that were quite as timid as the ones near him.

    Lu Ze felt that if they teamed up, they should be able to fight!

    Even if they couldn’t beat the boss, he would be able to get away with his wings of the wind while the two beasts held the boss there.

    Yet, those two beasts were so cunning and immediately chose to run.

    That way, Lu Ze was clearly the closest to the boss.

    This distance was just a matter of half a minute.

    However, Lu Ze felt he could still save himself.

    He chose the direction of the slower beast and flew over.

    It didn’t matter how fast you ran, you just needed to run faster than other beasts.

    Immediately, the beast kept changing directions as though trying to get rid of Lu Ze.

    Lu Ze wasn’t going to be shaken off that easily. He even could see a grey-furred huge cat.

    Lu Ze smiled.

    Little boy, don’t run, let’s play together. It was your fault for trying to sneak up on me.


    The grey cat looked around, and its eyes flashed with violent light. This two-legged animal was too evil!

    Behind Lu Ze, the beautiful figure of the blue bird boss appeared. Four whirlpools were around it.

    Lu Ze sweated cold.

    The stronger he was, the more danger he could sense.

    The blue bird boss’ chi was much stronger than his at this moment.

    Lu Ze felt he could perhaps try to hunt it a month later, but now, it was hard for him to even run.


    The grey cat shivered, appearing to be a little frightened. Soon, the gray and black lights on its body surged, allowing it to fly even faster.

    Lu Ze grinned at this scene.

    You want to run?


    A purple and green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as wind blades and lightning struck at the grey cat non-stop.

    The grey cat’s chi was stronger than Lu Ze’s but far weaker than the boss. Otherwise, it would’ve clawed Lu Ze’s face already.

    Lu Ze’s attack couldn’t do much damage to it, but it slowed its movements.

    Meanwhile, Lu Ze rapidly flew over.

    After flying a few hundred more meters, Lu Ze felt relieved.

    It seemed he could survive.

    The grey cat was stronger than him and had strong defense god art. It should be able to hold the blue bird boss there.

    At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly stopped where he was. He looked ahead in the sky in disbelief.

    There stood a black-haired youth with a slender figure. His appearance could only be described as handsome.

    But the important thing was that he looked exactly like him?

    Was this another Lu Ze??

    How could there be someone looking exactly like him??

    He was so shocked that he forgot to run. The grey cat saw the person ahead and stopped too.

    His instincts told it that this two-legged animal was much stronger than the one before!

    The blue bird boss immediately fled.