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Chapter 282 - Do You Think the Special Fire Team Members are Easy Targets?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 282: Do You Think the Special Fire Team Members are Easy Targets?

    Li Yibo frowned. “She faked it?”

    Lightning smiled. “Of course. If not, why would she head-butt you twice, and in the end she was the one who fainted instead of you?”

    “Why wouldn’t that be possible!” Li Yibo touched his own head that was rammed by Jian Qi. “She didn’t know that I faked it!”

    Lightning smiled. He reached out his hand and poked the bruises on his face again.

    Li Yibo felt the pain and swiped off his hand.

    “I’ll kill you if you touch my face again!”

    Lightning smiled at him calmly. “My Big Sister Qi got you so badly. Do you think we don’t know how skilled you are?”

    Li Yibo was very upset. “What do you mean she got me badly. I broke her arm too, okay!”

    Lightning smiled and stood up. “Li Yibo, you really think anyone could easily bully our Big Sister Qi?”

    “Who bullied her? She was the one bullying me!”

    “But you broke her arm!” Lightning sounded unpleasant.

    “That is a common accident in close combat and that girl almost strangled me to death!” Li Yibo tried to explain himself, “What are you guys doing?”

    Lightning smiled. “Our boss said that we should throw him back to where he came from. Everyone, what are you waiting for? Knock him out and carry him away!”

    After he had said so, the four veterans walked toward him. They lifted him up by his limbs and carried him away.

    “Put me down. What the hell are you guys doing!” Li Yibo shouted.

    “Since you fainted, we shall carry you back,” Crocodile laughed at the side.

    “I can walk by myself, put me down.”

    Lightning smirked, “Li Yibo, do you think that the members of the Special Fire Team are easy targets? You even picked on our Big Sister Qi, the girl that might conquer Boss!”

    “And our boss told us to throw you back ourselves before he left. How can we not do it!”

    Li Yibo was not able to struggle. The rest that were watching joined in to carry him as well. They raised him high up in the air and started walking.

    Li Yibo was hanged in the middle of the air and he felt very uneasy!

    This bunch of idiots!

    Crocodile smiled at the side. “Li Yibo, look at how important you are to us. The members of the Special Fire Team are escorting you back!”

    Li Yibo took a deep breath. He did not want to talk to this bunch of bandits!

    “All I ask for is some dignity. Can we go back quietly?” Li Yibo was irritated.

    Lightning smirked, “There are so many of us escorting you. How can it be quiet?”

    Li Yibo. “…”

    They brought Li Yibo back to his own troop. The people that were training stopped when they saw him and they all gathered around him.

    Lightning smiled. “Alright, let’s put Li Yibo down!”

    After Lightning said so, everyone let go of their hands and Li Yibo was instantly dropped to the ground.

    “F*ck! Can’t you guys be more gentle!” Li Yibo shouted. He was in pain after being dropped to the ground!

    Lightning looked at Li Yibo who was lying on the ground, he was smiling happily. “Since we have brought him back, we’ll leave now!”

    Everyone left. Li Yibo’s comrades then walked toward him. They were terrified when they saw all the bruises on him.

    “What happened to you?”

    Li Yibo’s face turned black. “All of you turn around now!”

    Everyone. “…”

    Even if they did turn around, they had already seen everything!