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Chapter 261 - Huang Chenchen

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 261: Huang Chenchen

    Seeing how concerned Chen Zhibin was for her, Jiang Yao felt much better. “How is your mother doing now?” She asked.

    He broke into a smile. “No worries! She is feeling so much better, particularly since the past two days. Even the doctor was amazed at how fast she is recovering!”

    “That is great!” Jiang Yao nodded, and then continued, “You should consider buying yourself a house since you have some money now. Once your mother is out of the hospital, she does not have to worry about moving around anymore. Look for a neighborhood with a good environment, it helps with her recovery. Plus, Nanjiang City is growing at an amazing pace, and with so many people moving in, it makes good financial sense to buy a property now.”

    Chen Zhibin had been a great presence with Lu Xingzhi not by Jiang Yao’s side. He made sure she was always safe and kept her under good care. Her advice to him could be considered as a gift of gratitude.

    Chen Zhibin gave it some thought and nodded. “You have a good point. I will start looking around at some suitable houses for sale.”

    Understanding that Chen Zhibin had taken her advice to heart, Jiang Yao smiled.

    After thanking Chen Zhibin for his services, she arranged for him to return to his mother’s ward. Standing at the entrance, she called Huang Chengjing, inviting him to have dinner together.

    Having loaned such a big amount of money from Huang Chengjing, Jiang Yao wanted to formally thank him, particularly for his efforts in handling the hospital’s affair.

    She reserved a table at a nice restaurant. Initially, she wanted to have dinner at Riya Restaurant, but changed her mind after remembering that Zhang Xiqing worked there now.

    Upon arriving at the restaurant, Huang Chengjing was already waiting there with his three-year-old daughter.

    The little girl had her hair tied up into braids using two pretty butterfly hair clips. With soft, supple skin and rosy cheeks, her eyes glittered like obsidians under the sun. She locked gaze with Jiang Yao, and blurted, “Big Sis!” while extending her arms out, wanting to be hugged.

    What happened was too adorable for Jiang Yao to handle. She walked over and held the little girl up. “Gosh, I did not know you have such a cute little angel as your daughter, Mr. Huang!”

    What did she mean? Huang Chengjing was at a loss whether to take it as a compliment or not. He said, “So what now? Can’t I have an angel for a daughter?”

    Jiang Yao giggled and caressed the little girl’s cheeks. She had a soft spot for adorable children. Recalling her previous life, Lu Xingzhi longed to have a child together with her. Unfortunately, it did not happen.

    What about the future? Would they have a daughter together, just as cute as this little girl in her arms?

    “Big sis! Grandpa said that I look like mum, that is why I am pretty!” The little girl sat on Jiang Yao’s lap and said, “He also said when I grow up and am taller, Ultraman will bring me to see mum in space!”