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Chapter 293 - How Exactly Are You Planning to Make the Missus Follow Your Orders?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 293: How Exactly Are You Planning to Make the Missus Follow Your Orders?

    Illicit boyfriend? In public? Afraid that Mr. Huo would find out?

    When Ning Meng heard these words, she smiled widely and tilted her head. "What do you mean?"

    Lu Jiahao snapped at her, "Mrs. Huo, you can only afford to be this arrogant because you're clinging on to Mr. Huo's love for you. However, if Mr. Huo finds out that you're cheating on him, which man can tolerate that? By that time, you would have lost everything you ever had!"

    Ning Meng continued smiling. "Oh, I'm so scared~ Tell me, what should I do?"

    Lu Jiahao felt that her tone was rather strange and she did not seem to be afraid at all. For some odd reason, he felt a bit guilty. Nevertheless, he took another look at the "illicit boyfriend" standing next to Ning Meng. At this point, the lights had been turned on and he could see clearly.

    Huo Beichen was shrouded in an intimidating aura and wore a look of impatience on his face. Both his eyes were coldly glaring at him, making him panic. It reminded him of his school days whenever he saw his discipline teacher…

    Lu Jiahao gulped down his saliva and dared not look intensely at him anymore. He looked toward Ning Meng and controlled his voice. "You just have to sell God at a low price to our club and apologize to me. If you do this, I will let this matter go. You are, after all, a woman…"

    From the start, Lu Jiahao was well aware of the fact that Ning Meng was a glamorous person. However, she was the wife of Mr. Huo, so he did not dare act rashly toward her.

    Ning Meng held her chin and acted as though she was thinking hard. "If that's the case…"

    Before she could say anything else, God, who had just finished his interview with the reporters, came toward them. He was still elated and waved at them from afar. "Sis!"

    God ran toward them in big strides. The team shirt he was clad in swung as he ran, showcasing his youthful slender body and revealing the joints of his shoulders. When he arrived in front of Ning Meng, he wore a big smile on his exquisite face.

    "Sis, we won second place! Are you satisfied?"

    Ning Meng looked at him, barely able to contain her smile.

    "Of course I'm satisfied! We just accidentally kicked ET out of the top ranks, though. How embarrassing. Right, Boss Lu?"

    Only when "Boss Lu" was mentioned did God notice Lu Jiahao's presence among them. He paused slightly and stopped smiling.

    Lu Jiahao knew that Ning Meng was insulting him and his eyes darkened. "You b*tch, don't forget that you're still stuck within my grasp!"

    When the word "b*tch" was mentioned, God became angry and took a step forward. He was half a head taller than Lu Jiahao and his face was filled with indignation.

    "Why don't you try scolding sis again, huh?"

    Lu Jiahao could not win against God in a fight and retreated a step back, looking at Ning Meng in resentment. "Let God go. If he dares to even touch one of my fingers, all of you will pay dearly for this!"

    Ning Meng waved her hand. "God, don't bother about him. You just need to be a good little brother."

    If he were to start a fight, he would be disqualified from the nationals. God's head was clear about this and pulled his fists back.

    Lu Jiahao assumed they were scared and tried to taunt them gleefully. "B*tch, I'm telling you, I've taken pictures of your kiss with your illicit boyfriend! If you refuse to follow my orders, I will send them to Mr. Huo!"


    Huo Beichen, who had remained silent all this while, finally broke his silence. He loosened his tie and took a step forward toward Lu Jiahao, throwing him a death glare with darkened eyes.

    "And how exactly are you planning to make the missus follow your orders?"