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Chapter 268 - Not For Much Longer (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 268: Not For Much Longer (2)

    "Is there a problem?"

    The Boss glanced over frostily, and a layer of cold sweat appeared on Assistant Lin's brow. He quickly changed his tone as he said, "Not at all! I'll see to it right away!"

    What an ostentatious show it was when the domineering CEO decided to woo his wife! The freedom to spend without any concern for money wasn't something that a lowly assistant such as himself couldn't comprehend. All he could do was to let the envy brew in his heart!

    When Gu Yu returned to the apartment, it was already past nine.

    The moment he changed his shoes and walked in, his eyes instinctively scanned the apartment for Xu Weilai's presence. This habit had somehow been cultivated without him realizing it.

    Xu Weilai was usually in the study or the bedroom at this hour, but today she was in the dining room having dinner.

    Why was she having dinner so late?

    Mrs. Lin hurried forward to welcome her Young Master home, but Gu Yu didn't reply; all of his attention was solely focused on Xu Weilai. Mrs. Lin followed his line of sight and guessed his thoughts correctly. With a smile, she said, "Young Mistress was working late into the night. She just finished her report. That's why she's having dinner this late."

    After a pause, Mrs. Lin opened her mouth again to ask, "Young Master, haven't you had dinner?"

    Gu Yu looked away from Xu Weilai and turned to Mrs. Lin as he replied, "No, I haven't."


    Just as Mrs. Lin was taken by surprise, Gu Yu strode into the dining room. It took Mrs. Lin a few seconds before she regained her wits and quickly hurried after him. "I'll prepare a few more dishes for you, Young Master," she said.

    Gu Yu pulled out the chair beside Xu Weilai and sat down. "That won't be necessary," he responded casually, "These are more than enough."

    Just these?

    Mrs. Lin glanced at the spread on the table. Thinking that Gu Yu wouldn't be coming home for dinner, she had only prepared three dishes and a soup. The portions weren't big, and Young Mistress had finished most of it. The remainder was barely enough to fill the Young Master! Didn't he mind eating Young Mistress' leftovers?

    Mrs. Lin kept her thoughts to herself as she brought out an extra table setting and laid it out in front of Gu Yu.

    The very next second, she saw her beloved Young Master picking up his chopsticks and finishing up all the remainders on the plates without any complaint.

    Was this the same Young Master that she had watched grow up? The same one who had been the pickiest of eaters?

    Was this someone else masquerading as him instead?

    Xu Weilai had spent the whole afternoon on her report and hadn't eaten until now. Her stomach had been growling the whole day. She had been enjoying her dinner alone when Gu Yu suddenly came back, sat down beside her, and proceeded to eat her food!

    Xu Weilai's eyes widened as she watched Gu Yu eat the food that had been prepared for her. Her heart cried out at how unfair it was!

    What a jerk! If he was hungry, why couldn't he get Mrs. Lin to cook something for him? Why did he have to steal her food? Was he unwilling to even allow her to eat her fill now?

    No way. With good food at stake, there was no way she was going to give in to Gu Yu!

    The early bird would catch the fattest worm, while the late one would have to go hungry! Xu Weilai saw that there was only one pork rib left on the plate. Her hand quickly shot out towards the target and she clamped her chopsticks firm on the piece of meat.

    Unexpectedly, Gu Yu's reached for the pork rib with his chopsticks at the same time.

    Xu Weilai narrowed her eyes and she tightened her grip on the chopsticks. "I caught it first!" she protested insistently.

    Gu Yu's dark eyes fell on her face. When he saw the yearning for that piece of pork in her eyes, he gave in to her. Subconsciously, his chopsticks released the piece of meat.

    Xu Weilai quickly picked it up and shoved it into her mouth. After swallowing, she looked up delightedly and bragged to Gu Yu, "That was delicious!"

    The look in Gu Yu's eyes deepened.