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Chapter 213 - Life Or Fame, Which One Would You Choose?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 213: Life Or Fame, Which One Would You Choose?

    Su Cha glanced at the man behind them. His fat and ugly face was nauseating.

    Impatience flashed on her face. Then she looked at Yu Siqing and pointed to the man cutely, “But you have a nasty taste, Teacher Yu. How can you bear such a man? I know I won’t. How about you enjoying him all by yourself?”

    The girl spoke while she opened her eyes widely. Yu Siqing was aware that she meant for something else, so she kept trembling, “I beg you. It’s really my fault. I should never have aimed at you. I should never have taken your championship away. I can pay you back. I…I’m really sorry.”

    She said she was sorry but she did not feel sorry at all.

    She just said it because she was too scared. Su Cha was not that dumb to believe her.

    Su Cha just curled her lips and took out her phone which she had been filming with, “Alas, he’s so useless that he can’t last for two minutes. Teacher Yu is really kind to take him. Your acting is also very great. Look, how do you like my film? Didn’t I just capture your face?”

    To be honest, Su Cha did not want to look at such a nauseating video. She had just glanced at it to make sure that she had got Yu Siqing’s face.

    And it was not an unclear side image, but a high-definition clear front picture with no mosaic. Yu Siqing could not deny it was her.

    She fell down at the sight of the video.

    She was a hostess. Although there were rumors about her, no one had evidence.

    But if this video of hers went out, her career in the entertainment industry would be finished.

    She would never want to become infamous in this way.

    “How dare you!”

    She plucked up courage and said with full strength, “Don’t you know who he is? He’s the president of Wasteland Global in Yonggu Town. Once you offended him, you would never get away with it!”

    “Do you think that I didn’t know it before I came here, Teacher Yu?”

    Su Cha gave Yu Siqing a very scornful glance, “If I didn’t hear your words, maybe I would think about it. But Teacher Yu, you are such a vicious woman. Why do you hate me so much before I did anything to you? I have to have done something, or I would seem to be timid.”

    Then she moved to the trembling Yu Siqing and whispered like a devil, “I’m not a nice person either. Let me ask you one question. Life or fame, which one would you choose? Teacher Yu, you have only one choice.”

    Her words blew up in Yu Siqing’s ears. All of a sudden, coldness spread up her body. Su Cha’s intention to kill surrounded her. All her fears were exaggerated to the utmost. She became almost numb and could only manage to say one word, “Life…”

    Su Cha nodded happily and stood up. Her face still looked cute and kind, “It’s a good choice, Teacher Yu.”

    Then she went back to open the French window. She did not mind the fat man lying by her feet, and just jumped off the 17th floor.

    Yu Siqing could no longer take it and finally passed out.