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Chapter 519 - Sherwoods Fall 1

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 519: Sherwood's Fall 1

    "Commander, despite the counterattacks, the enemy is still trying to proceed!"

    After hearing the lieutenant's report, Count Darland nodded his head as if he guessed it.

    Just as he had expected, the enemy was on a massive scale siege tonight.

    "What about the situation?"

    "Although a few of the enemy Gigant's went close to the walls of the southern side, the ambush Gigants stepped in and took care of them."

    "And the shelling? Did we take in much damage?"

    "We haven't suffered much damage yet. It was all thanks to your advice to increase the defense of the turret."

    As a satisfactory report was given, Darland's mouth formed a smile.

    ‘Huuhu, it is going well. Those Symphonia men, I'll turn them into ghosts.'

    While Darland was down thinking like that, flames roared inside the walls and screams came along with the sound of things being smashed and destroyed.

    He was shocked to see the view outside the window when he saw the commotion.

    "What is with all that?"

    "I'm not sure. Maybe the enemy shells fell in…"

    At the response of his ignorant lieutenant, Darland raised his voice after hitting his desk with clenched fists.

    "Don't give me unsure answers. Check what is going on and give me a clear answer!"

    "Yes, Sire!"

    His lieutenant, who got scolded, hastily sent a messenger to bring him the cause of the situation outside.

    As they wait, the city was getting messier as time went on. Count Darland, who was still looking at the situation through his window, was turning anxious.

    ‘This isn't good. Something must have happened!'

    He was hoping that the uneasy gut feeling of his would turn false.

    By the time things were happening in the city, Viscount Bodley, the captain of the Gigant units, was supposed to fight along with his men and other riders.

    He only sent out his men and didn't go to the riverside himself.

    He didn't want to have a small fight with the enemy infantry, and he didn't want to follow the command of his commander.

    "Now now, drink! Drink!"

    "Captain, is this really okay?"

    When one of his members asked with a worried expression, Bodley frowned.

    "Is this okay? Do you see any problem here?"

    "It was clearly the commander's orders to organize a great deal of men to ambush the enemy. However, if it gets known that you drank during a mission…"

    "So what? I am only drinking to celebrate our victory in advance!"



    At the response of his men, Bodley smashed the glass that was in his hand and shouted as loud as he could.

    "So what, I ask?! Get lost, even if it's not us, the competent commander will defend the place and produce wonderful results with just his artillery units! In the end, we are just a burden! Ugh!"

    Bodley, who was already drunk, let out his pent up feelings and frustrations.

    Several members of the group, including the senior riders, nodded as if they agreed with the man.

    It wasn't comprehensible for them, a Gigant unit, which was considered as the flowers of a battle were being treated so lowly, even if the man was the commander himself.

    "Damn it, we are the last card to use if the gates are breached? In this situation, do you really think that the gates would be breached? Does the enemy even have a chance to enter the manor?!"

    Thud! Bang!