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Chapter 294 - Suddenly Felt Like Teasing Her

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 294: Suddenly Felt Like Teasing Her

    Lu Jiahao was completely stunned. What did this "illicit boyfriend" just say?

    Mis… Missus?

    If he called this little b*tch missus, that would mean that he was…

    Lu Jiahao could not believe his ears. It was almost as if there was a thunderstorm during springtime, and as though someone had just thrown a bucket of ice water at him, he was frozen stiff and his face turned pale in an instant.

    Huo Beichen gripped the chair in front of him, using it to leap over to the first row, and stood in front of Lu Jiahao. He rolled up his sleeves and quietly said to him, "Did Stephen not tell you last time?"

    Lu Jiahao drew in a cold breath and stammered, "Wh… What?"

    Huo Beichen patiently continued, "If you dared to insult my missus, I would make you unable to speak ever again."

    As soon as he finished saying this, he threw a hard punch at Lu Jiahao's mouth! The punch was of such great strength that it sent Lu Jiahao flying backward, and he landed on the ground, his head buzzing from the hit. He could taste blood from within his mouth and even spat out a few teeth.

    He looked at Huo Beichen in utter shock as the latter rotated his wrists and condescendingly looked down on him with icy cold eyes, almost as though he was looking at a dead person. Lu Jiahao felt the warmth of his body slowly seeping away and he suddenly remembered what his father had told him before he had headed to Jingdu.

    "Never ever offend Mr. Huo."

    Lu Jiahao burst into tears. Never in his wildest imagination had he ever thought that the almighty corporate boss Mr. Huo would really turn up in a place such as this or that he would display such affection publicly on the big screen as if he had just fallen in love. He had also never thought that such a frightening man would be so good-looking…

    He wanted to grovel on the ground and beg for forgiveness, but when he tried to move his mouth, the pain was so sharp that he could barely say a word. Meanwhile, two bodyguards were heading toward him to drag him away. Huo Beichen turned away, not bothered in the least about him.

    He was just an insignificant minion after all, why would Mr. Huo finish him off with his own hands? As he was dwelling on this thought, the bodyguards grabbed onto his legs and dragged him out.


    After they had left the sports center, Huo Beichen ordered one of the bodyguards to drive Ning Meng's sports car home. Ning Meng followed him and was sat at the back of his Cadillac.

    It was at this moment that Ning Meng asked, "Lord Chen… Brother, how do you plan to manage Lu Jiahao?"

    Surely he wouldn't kill him off?

    Huo Beichen threw a glance at her and saw that she was recoiling. He could barely contain his laughter. Did this brat really think that he was from the mafia?

    Aside from his business in Southeast Asia where he let Fei Bai run free to execute all the killings that he liked, he was actually a decent citizen. He rubbed her bangs, and wanting to tease her, he put a look of mock coldness on his face.

    "Should we dismember his body? Or should we let him die a quick death?"


    Lu Jiahao was indeed evil, but she had never imagined going to the extent of wanting him to die! Ning Meng gulped down her saliva and stammered, "There… There's no need for that, right?"

    "Mafia Boss" Huo Beichen put on a serious look on his face.

    "Whoever dares to insult my missus will need to pay the price for it!"


    She tried to suppress the anxiousness in her heart and asked, "Oh yeah, who's Stephen?"

    "Your bodyguard."

    Ning Meng thought about it for a while.

    "You said he was Step Hen!"

    ‘?? Okay, fine. If missus says he's called Step Hen, then he shall be called Step Hen.'

    Stephen, who had finally had his name called out correctly for once, was in the middle of threatening Lu Jiahao. If he dared to tell anyone about Mr. Huo hitting him, his whole family would be in trouble…