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Chapter 283 - The Traps are Too Deep to Avoid!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 283: The Traps are Too Deep to Avoid!

    Everyone in the surveillance room could see the fight between Jian Qi and Li Yibo clearly. Jian Qi was tough and strong in that close combat fight. That news spread like wildfire across the Special Fire Team.

    That would later cause her many unwanted attention and people would stare at her.

    Tang Jinyu carried her down from the helicopter and went straight to the infirmary.

    When the doctor saw Tang Jinyu carrying Jian Qi, the doctor was stunned.

    This was the second time that Boss has carried a girl here.

    When the doctor looked closer and realized that it was Jian Qi, he was even more surprised.

    It was the same girl!

    Before the doctor could ask any questions, Tang Jinyu put her on the bed.

    “Left arm fractured, and there are other injuries as well. Please look at her arm first and decide whether we need to bring her to the hospital,” Tang Jinyu slowly instructed the doctor.

    After saying so, he looked at the bruises near her lips and that dirty little face of hers. He sighed, “Be careful with that arm. I’ll come back in half an hour.”

    The doctor nodded while he watched Tang Jinyu walk out the room, “It’s rare that the boss would carefully instruct someone to take precautions.”

    Who would have such a privilege?

    Injuries were way too common in a training like this. If it were somebody else, the boss would say something like: Relocate the bones and resume training if you’re not dead.

    That would be what the boss would say.

    The doctor smiled when he thought about it. He then walked toward Jian Qi and lifted up her left arm to check.

    It was not too serious. Just a bone dislocation. She would be fine after resting for a while.

    The doctor held her arm and applied some pressure to move it back in place.

    Jian Qi opened her eyes instantly.

    “You’re awake,” The doctor was surprised. “Not that painful, right?”

    Jian Qi looked at the doctor grumpily. “My dear doctor, you’re really bad. Did you think about the patient’s feelings?”

    ‘It f*cking hurts!’

    “You shouldn’t have felt a thing since you were passed out.”

    Jian Qi’s lips were trembling as she said, “I was faking it, okay?”

    That weird smirk on her face and that hoarse voice combined gave off a kind of vibe.

    “…Sure,” The doctor smiled and he continued, “I’ll relocate your arm for now… I’ll be more gentle the next time you’re injured.”

    Jian Qi smiled perfunctorily and she sat up. “Are you cursing me?”

    The doctor looked at her innocently. “Girl, aren’t injuries normal at a place like this?”

    “But it’s not normal for me to get injured,” Jian Qi said.

    The doctor was speechless.

    This girl should speak less.

    “This is your second time here,” The doctor reminded her.

    Jian Qi was silent for three seconds. “Do you know the meaning of ‘be willing to sacrifice a child to catch the wolf’?”

    The doctor raised his eyebrow. “Nope, enlighten me, please.”

    Jian Qi leaned against the wall and smiled. “If I don’t get injured and pass out, how would my dear Instructor Tang carry me all the way back here?”

    “You wanted the boss to carry you, that’s why you injured yourself…?”

    “If not, why do you think my stone-cold Instructor Tang would carry me?”

    “Girl, you would really put in a lot to chase after someone, huh?”

    “Well, this is all for love…”

    Before Jian Qi could finish her sentence, a voice came from the door, “Seems like you’re fine, right?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Sh*t, it was a trap!’

    What an unpredictable trap!